Yes, it does contain substances that can break down fats. And vitamins — directly into the blood! Have you thought about sugar? Ate a pineapple — got a surge of insulin, and he instantly converted all the sugar into fat. Opa.

«I’m just a salad!» — your words in a cafe, restaurant or at a birthday party? Yes. Caesar — with fat sauce and white bread toasts, Greek — with olive oil (THUSHAND calories!), Sprinkle cheese here, add salt there, and you can also have a little sauce … As a result, your diet dinner is a fat bomb.

One cup contains about 3 tablespoons of sugar. Didn’t you know? Yes, in natural, without additives — less. But you put pieces of fruit and berries in it, right?

One big benefit. Antioxidants, vitamins, proper fats… And 350 calories per 100 grams. It’s more than pork!!!

Wail, hipsters. Fruit (sugar), syrup (sugar!), ice cream (sugar!!), yogurt (sugar!!!)… In general, if you are losing weight, your smoothie should be made with ground celery, cucumber and pure ice. ALL.

We ourselves do not believe our eyes, but recent studies have proven that regular consumption of cottage cheese leads to swelling and cellulite! All because of the simple carbohydrate lactose. So be careful!

Dark chocolate

You know that milk chocolate is fu and bad, but dark chocolate is literally an aristocratic and certainly not a harmful product. Haha. 546 calories per 100 grams. If anything, in butter — 600. Cool?

Well, if you have enough willpower to drink only black, without a gram of sugar and a drop of milk, you are our hero and well done. The average serving of coffee «weighs» 400 calories — like a plate of macaroni and cheese! Syrup, sugar, cream, it’s all you!

A glass of orange juice is made from 4-5 oranges. Apple — from 6 apples. You don’t want to know how much sugar they have, trust me.

Egg white is the basis for building muscle mass, your trainer tells you. He is right! But when you make an omelet, you put ham, cheese in it… And you get a cholesterol bomb. Oily! Remember: 1 egg a day is the maximum, and if you can’t live without an omelet, make it without “fillers”.

The younger brother of cottage cheese, only unlike a relative, contains as much as 40% fat for every 100 grams. And fat-free — no less high-calorie, do not amuse yourself with illusions! If you are a raw foodist in this sense, and do not eat green grass, try to limit yourself to 100 grams of cheese per week and give preference to a goat milk product.

Even dry. One glass has over 100 calories! Did you drink a bottle for two with a friend? Each got about 250 kcal. And if with a dessert or cheese, but for fruits … And it seems that they didn’t eat anything, but the scales show something terrible …

Japanese and Chinese women are so graceful! All because they eat fish, rice and seaweed salads. So it is written in a thousand articles about East Asian diets. Forget. In our sushi and rolls, the fish is not raw, but salted or smoked — that’s one thing. Salted fish and rice retain water in the body — up to an extra liter comes! And you probably also dip them in soy sauce. This is two. And what you think is a low-calorie sauce or light cheese is actually mayonnaise and wildly high-calorie Philadelphia.

Worse than fruit 6 times. Because they are high-calorie, but they are eaten like seeds — piece by piece — and now you have already gobbled up the daily allowance! And yet it’s only noon…

Tofu contains only 60 calories per 100 grams, but it has a secret property: tofu absorbs ALL the fat from everything you eat. And it is digested slowly and solemnly, so that everything is well absorbed and distributed over your thighs. And my stomach. And sides.

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