Forewarned — forearmed: this form of female nails is most disliked by men


Do you want him to like absolutely everything about you: from the tips of your hair to the tips of your fingers? Then, before the next trip to the manicure, think about how to decorate your nails, so as not to scare away, but, on the contrary, to attract his attention. We will give a couple of tips, and listen to them or not, it’s up to you.

So, what form do men consider the most unattractive on women’s fingers? These are too long and sharp nails like stilettos or ballerinas. Many girls think that such cat claws look very sexy and arouse passion in men, but this opinion is wrong.

Most men still prefer the classics: medium-length nails filed under almonds or a soft square. Such nails are associated in men with security, and their owners with tenderness, softness and calmness.

Our companions do not like bright design either, so they are unlikely to appreciate rhinestones, animal prints and catchy drawings. In women’s manicure, they generally adhere to rather conservative views: they love the classic jacket and nude shades. From the bright palette, men will always choose red instead of the same trendy fuchsia or electric blue.


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