How to dye eyelashes so that they look twice as thick: 6 makeup artist tips


1. Use powder

Make up your eyelashes and immediately, without letting the mascara dry, apply powder to the eyelashes with a fluffy brush. Now apply the second layer of mascara. This life hack helps to achieve the effect of thick eyelashes, but is only suitable for those who have long enough lashes, otherwise you risk getting plump «stumps».

2. Play two colors

But this trick will work for everyone: apply a layer of black mascara to your eyelashes, then colored (or brown if you are a brunette) and black again. The color pigment will show through the black and create the effect of more voluminous lashes.

3. Circle the space between the eyelashes

It’s not the most pleasant procedure, but it works: draw gel eyeliner on a dense brush or take a resistant pencil and shade the roots of the eyelashes tightly. Unaccustomed eyes can watery, so it is better that the eyeliner is waterproof. Try to paint over a strip of mucous, then the effect will be clearer. Then apply mascara to your lashes as usual.

4. Start from the end

Apply mascara first to the tips of the eyelashes, let dry, and then paint over the entire length. Thickening at the tips optically creates the effect of thicker eyelashes.

5. Zigzag

When painting over eyelashes, do not just brush the mascara from the roots to the tips, but make small oscillatory movements left and right. So each eyelash will have more coloring pigments.

6. Draw an arrow

Without summing the lash line, draw an arrow in the outer corner of the eye, bringing it a millimeter or two beyond the corner. Surprisingly, this maneuver visually lengthens the eyelashes!

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