In addition, you save a lot of time by informing others about your priorities and mood with your own nails. We have collected for you a lot of manicure ideas for long and short nails with inscriptions. Choose what suits you and express yourself to your health!

You can choose any color of nail art. A nude manicure with inscriptions looks gentle and unobtrusive, and a black manicure with inscriptions is suitable for decisive and persistent ones.

This trend pleases with its diversity. If you want, you can choose a manicure with daring youth inscriptions, or if you want something more conservative. In any case, when choosing inscriptions for manicure in Russian, keep in mind that everyone can read them — an old grandmother, a strict teacher, and a potential lover.

If you do nail art on your own and are not sure about the hardness of your hand, manicure stickers with inscriptions will come to the rescue. With their help, you will quickly create a design that is dear to your heart.

Choosing a manicure — 2022 with inscriptions

Manicure with inscriptions on the nails for those who have a fighting mood

Sometimes you want to explain nothing to anyone and just show the whole world the middle finger. Well, or nameless — depending on which nail you «stuffed» the corresponding inscription. An excellent base for such nail experiments will be both a classic jacket and a plain coating. For example, a red or white manicure with inscriptions looks spectacular.

A manicure design with inscriptions in the appropriate style will also look good on dark nails. By the way, almonds will be a suitable form for a daring manicure with inscriptions: this combination looks interesting.

Photo of a manicure with inscriptions for those who lack motivation

When the vocabulary runs out and there is no strength left, an unusual manicure will come to the rescue, which will remind you of what you need most. For example, that you are able to move mountains; that there is happiness, or that a long-awaited vacation is coming soon. You can choose a manicure with short inscriptions or long ones, whichever inspires you more.

The applied meaning of such a fashionable manicure with inscriptions is clear: we constantly look at our fingers, which means we have a chance to return our thoughts to a positive mood.

A little tip: now is the time to do a manicure with inscriptions in honor of spring, which has finally arrived!

Beautiful manicure with inscriptions for those who want to fall in love (or are already in love)

Getting ready for the next date — why not express your emotions and desires with the help of a manicure with the inscription love? Do not limit yourself to banal hearts, choose a manicure with words.

For an original declaration of love, both nude and juicy, and even acid shades are suitable — it depends on your range of feelings. Pink manicure with inscriptions — for romantic ones, black — for fatal ones.

Manicure ideas with inscriptions for those who are looking for inspiration

If you can’t live without new ideas, remember what inspires you — and ask your nail master to reproduce it in a manicure. Someone draws inspiration from new travels, someone from a cup of their favorite coffee, and some from a slice of their favorite pizza. The main thing is to fix everything verbatim on your nails! And whether it will be a square manicure with inscriptions or long stiletto-like nails, depends on your preferences.

By the way, it is not necessary to limit yourself only to the inscriptions in the manicure: the pictures will perfectly complement the words that are important to you. Manicure with inspiring phrases goes well with matching images.

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