A recipe for a drink that will transform you from the inside


Proper metabolism is the key to good health, good mood and a flourishing appearance. However, today not everyone can boast of this. Fast food, an abundance of sweets and irregular meals greatly change the course of our digestive tract. The intestines can become «sluggish» — that is, prone to frequent constipation, which means a slow metabolism.

Of course, the best solution is to switch to a healthy diet — with plenty of fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber. But if you are not yet ready for such a PP feat, start changing your eating habits gradually. For example, drink a healthy cocktail at night that improves intestinal motility.

The recipe for a drink for a sluggish bowel is frankly simple. Pour a tablespoon of flaxseeds with two tablespoons of hot water, and after 20 minutes, when the seeds swell, with a glass of yogurt or kefir. If desired, add berries or fruits and drink a cocktail.

Flaxseeds are a well-known superfood for gastrointestinal health. In a wet brewed state, they secrete a sticky substance that delicately envelops the intestines. As a result, the cleansing cocktail will act gently and will not cause pain when going to the toilet. The main thing is to drink it regularly, trying to improve your eating habits along the way.


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