An important question: can epilation reduce sensitivity in intimate areas


Epilation and sex. These two concepts are closely related. At least in modern culture, which still dictates the standards of beauty and the rules of how we should look.

Many girls like the absence of body hair and without immersing themselves in the cultural agenda. Just as others are not at all embarrassed (and sometimes even turned on!) by the presence of «vegetation» on the body.

Razor, wax, sugaring, photo, laser — all methods of hair removal have their pros and cons. However, almost all of them do not imply instant readiness for intimacy. The only exception is the good old razor. But all the other more long-term methods of dealing with hair injure the skin, and sometimes even leave burns on the body.

For at least a day (on average, two or three days), you will have to be very chaste: otherwise, firstly, you will be a little hurt, and secondly, you risk infecting yourself. In a couple of days, the pores will “close”, the skin will calm down, and the irritation will pass.

But as for the long term … There is an opinion that painful methods of hair removal desensitize erogenous zones. That is why some women still struggle with shaving. But in fact, none of the methods, including photo and laser hair removal, affects the «female» nature. After all, the device does not damage the nerve endings: the waves act pointwise on the hair follicle and do not penetrate deeper. Of course, the skin after such procedures really hurts for some time — because of which it may seem that your sensitivity below the belt has changed. But soon it will pass!


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