Enlarges the chest and removes the double chin: try this miracle exercise for the back


Plump lips, big eyes, chiseled cheekbones… All this, of course, is fine, but much more we all dream of a clear oval face. One where there is not a single hint of the appearance of a double chin — and which looks great from any angle.

Let’s focus on the health of the spine. Unfortunately, we all pay very little attention to it. And we don’t even think about how it affects our beauty.

It is generally accepted that a double chin can be removed by doing exercises for the cervical spine. In fact, the state of the thoracic region affects the appearance of the oval of the face no less. The tightness of the pectoral muscles «pulls» the face down — which means it erases the clear oval of the face.

Even the simplest exercises to relax this part of the back can significantly improve the situation. Thanks to them, you will get rid of tightness, improve the outflow of lymph and notice how your chest has expanded, and with it the lower part of your face has changed!

Here is the easiest way to work on the chest muscles:

Perhaps during the exercise you will hear a slight crunch. This is absolutely normal: spasmodic muscles make such a sound with movements unusual for them. But if you have persistent pain, it is better to consult a specialist.


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