How to behave in the gym: 3 golden laws of harmonious weight loss


Even going to the gym regularly is no guarantee that you will magically get the body of your dreams. Due to seemingly minor errors, volumes can go slower than you expected, and centimeters can melt in the wrong places. In order for the process of losing weight to be effective and harmonious, remember these 3 elementary laws of training in the gym and put them into practice as soon as possible.

Actively burning centimeters from the hips and waist, do not forget about the exercises for the upper half of the body. It is the correct proportions of the figure that make a good impression.

You should not turn into the Hulk in the gym in the hope of getting even with those extra pounds as quickly as possible. Approach your workouts wisely and be sure to take breaks between sets to different machines. This does not apply to the regularity of visiting the hall as a whole. Choose a couple of days a week on which you will definitely go to sports. Otherwise, every time will be like the first.

It’s also not worth getting into fanaticism. If on the eve of training you went on an unplanned spree or felt unwell, without remorse, reschedule classes the next day.

Law #3: Load followed by relaxation

After an intense workout, you should definitely reward your body. The swimming pool is ideal for relaxing. If you have worked hard in the gym, then do not spend more than 10-15 minutes in the water. But the sauna and the bath is better to bypass. An alternative option may be a Turkish steam bath: 7-10 minutes will be enough for an easy reboot of the body.

Photo credit: bruce mars/Unsplash


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