How to properly care for your teeth: the secrets of the beauty of a smile


The beauty of teeth is an expression of individuality. Teeth influence not only the harmonious development of a person’s face, but also his speech abilities and personal charm. The beauty and health of teeth are always of great importance in shaping the appearance of their owner. The absence of part of the teeth, as well as crooked and incorrectly positioned teeth, distort the facial expressions of a person and do not look aesthetically pleasing.

The beauty of a smile is formed from childhood

The beauty of a smile is formed from childhood

The beauty secrets of a beautiful smile in adult life is to ensure proper dental care from early childhood.

The first teeth in children appear at 6-8 months. They grow in turn, cutting through swollen gums. For a child, this is usually a painful process: he is naughty and often cries. The period of eruption of all twenty milk teeth lasts about two years, and all this time each tooth of the baby requires constant and careful care.

We usually underestimate milk teeth, but they are of great importance in the formation of a child: with these teeth, the baby bites and chews food. With their proper arrangement, the food is well crushed and becomes ready for further digestion.

The presence of the right number of milk teeth can affect the quality of the baby’s speech.

The secrets of the beauty of children’s teeth are to follow simple recommendations for daily care. You need to start brushing your baby’s teeth with children’s toothpaste from the time when he can rinse his mouth himself. However, until that time, literally from the day the first tooth appears, it is necessary to take care of them. For this, use a sterile napkin dipped in a weak soda solution or chamomile infusion.

You are obliged to form useful hygiene habits in your baby and instill in him that a serious attitude towards your teeth is an indicator of a person’s culture and the correct way of life. Moreover, this is the prevention of diseases that can further watch for a little man who categorically does not want to brush his teeth.

Caring for the beauty and health of a child’s teeth: causes of dental diseases

Caring for the beauty and health of a child's teeth: causes of dental diseases

Even at a tender age, children have problems with the beauty and health of their teeth. This can be the appearance of various kinds of stains, darkening of the enamel, and sometimes the destruction of the teeth themselves. Parents are at a loss — where does the child have such childish troubles with teeth? Especially if he doesn’t eat a lot of sweets? The primary factor in the occurrence of these problems is caries, which can appear after the child is one year old. Doctors explain the causes of caries by the fact that children, trying to wean them from night feeding, are given juice in a bottle. This is not recommended, in addition, during the period of eruption of the first teeth, limit the number of feedings of the child at night. The bottom line is that saliva is considered the main cleaner of the oral cavity: washing away acids from the surface of the tooth, it supplies them with calcium ions. At night, the child produces significantly less saliva. In this regard, after eating, a characteristic acidic environment is formed in his oral cavity, which contributes to the active reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, juice or milk formula containing sugar is quite capable of causing tooth decay, tooth decay and the appearance of dark spots on them.

Another unacceptable habit of «caring» parents is to lick the baby’s nipple or his spoon. Thus, you can easily pass on your pathogenic bacteria to your baby.

Give your child a separate spoon and fork and never try food with the baby’s utensils during feeding. Use your fork or spoon for this.

From a very tender age, do not allow the child to eat a lot of sweets. Forbid him sweets before bed and don’t finish dinner with sweets. Teach your child to brush their teeth or eat an apple after every pastry eaten at an odd hour.

Of course, other factors can also influence the beauty of the teeth. For example, the appearance of dark spots on them can be caused by a lack or excess of fluorine. Sometimes the beauty of the teeth is spoiled by a dark coating. It looks unpleasant, but this plaque will not harm the health of the baby.

Dental beauty secrets in prevention and treatment: dentist help

Dental beauty secrets in prevention and treatment: dentist help

The secrets of dental beauty lie not only in quality nutrition and proper care, but also in the timely prevention and treatment of dental diseases.

The beauty of teeth will never fade if sufficient attention is paid to disease prevention. The main and mandatory preventive measures are regular visits to the doctor. The first visit to the dentist should coincide with the child’s first anniversary and should be done twice a year thereafter.

The beauty of children’s teeth also depends on the nutrition of the child. The main element so important for maintaining healthy teeth is calcium. A sufficient amount of calcium is found in milk and dairy products. For this reason, from six months it is already recommended to give kefir to children, and a little later — cottage cheese and cheese. Until the age of three, the development of the rudiments of the main teeth occurs in the child’s body. All this time, it is necessary to include a sufficient amount of foods containing calcium in the baby’s diet.

Many parents ask themselves the question: “Is it worth treating baby teeth?” Of course, yes, because they are very fragile and easily destroyed. In addition, as a result of some pathologies of the teeth, children experience pain when they come into contact with cold or hot food. If the child is very young, dentists may be able to maintain the condition of the child’s teeth until a full therapy can be carried out. Sometimes silvering of teeth is used for this purpose. This method, which allows you to save children’s teeth from caries, has become widespread in our time. Silvering is a simple and painless process: the baby’s teeth are covered with a silver solution, which creates a protective film and blocks the access to bacteria.

Remember that the beauty and health of your baby’s teeth is in your hands. Careful care and prevention will help preserve the beauty of your baby’s snow-white smile for a long time.


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