Women’s silk dressing gown will make you look seductive even at home


A woman in any setting should always look attractive and spectacular. This axiom has long been known to all. Keeping this in mind, ladies of different ages strive to decorate themselves in every possible way, going to work, meetings, shopping, walks. But at home, many allow themselves to relax and not bother choosing clothes, which is an unacceptable mistake. Women’s silk dressing gown will help to correct the situation. In it you will always look young and seductive.

What are silk robes?

Women who value their health and beauty should immediately stop buying products made from synthetic fabrics. Only a dressing gown made of natural threads can give an unforgettable feeling of comfort and pleasure. Silk has a soft texture and extraordinary lightness, bordering on weightlessness. It gently flows over the body without restricting movements. This allows the woman to move smoothly while maintaining natural grace.

Silk perfectly passes air, well absorbs moisture, interferes with penetration of various bacteria. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and does not cause allergic manifestations.

Alas, silk bathrobes for girls are very capricious in their care. They require increased attention and delicate maintenance. Too hot water or low-quality washing powder can ruin a beautiful thing forever. In addition, silk is quickly wrinkled, forming ugly creases on the dressing gown. To avoid negative manifestations, a small percentage of artificial fibers is sometimes added to the composition of the material.

What to look for when buying?

The ability to correctly evaluate silk clothes helps to protect yourself from fakes and insure yourself against low-quality items.

  • To the touch, the gown should have a smooth sliding surface. Touching it creates a feeling of light coolness.
  • Reputable manufacturers always indicate the presence of impurities in the canvas.

  • It is recommended to carefully examine the silk fabric probe. You can pull the thread and set it on fire. The smell of melting plastic or burning paper indicates a clear fake.
  • Well-executed seams speak about the quality of tailoring. They must be evenly stitched and carefully processed with an overlock. Such seams do not press, do not rub and are practically not felt on the body.

  • Silk robes for women cannot be sold at a cheap price. High-quality clothing from well-known brands is rarely sold at a big discount. Therefore, a low price is a confirmation of dubious quality.

How to choose the right style? A photo

Having passed a long historical path, silk robes have undergone many changes. They acquired a homely look and became an affordable wardrobe item. Silk things rightfully belong to the category of sexy lingerie.

To look seductive, you can choose a short robe that reveals beautiful legs. This model is ideal for low slender girls. On sale, there is often a model in the style of a baby doll — a miniature black peignoir and translucent panties.

The long robe flows beautifully over the figure, gently flowing around the graceful silhouette. It looks especially impressive on tall, slender women. A floor-length silk robe is hardly suitable for household chores. This is the perfect leisure outfit. It is convenient to throw it over your shoulders, getting out of bed in the morning. They wear such a dressing gown in the evening, getting ready for bed. He makes the perfect combination with a silk elongated shirt with thin straps.

To hide a disproportionate build or too large breasts, it is better to choose a Japanese-style silk kimono robe. It has a loose fit and smooth silhouette lines. The kimono perfectly models the figure, unobtrusively emphasizing the prominent bust.

A worthy choice for overweight women is a silk robe with a dragon. Usually the largest embroidery is located on the back. Two other smaller designs are located in front on the right and left side of the chest. Magnificent images of fairy-tale characters successfully shift the focus on themselves, shifting attention away from curvaceous forms. Chinese silk robes with embroidery came to us from the East, where they have been popular for many hundreds of years.

Another good option for women who want to disguise their figure is a «leopard» or «snake» robe. A bright print, consisting of densely spaced elements of blurred shapes, perfectly smooths out the angularity and disproportions of the body.

The choice of fasteners is justified by the purpose of the dressing gown. A light short cape is fixed with thin ties at the neck. The long model is worn tied with a narrow belt. A silk robe with buttons is chosen as home wear. It is convenient to make beds in it, bend over to the child, and do cosmetic care.

A white silk dressing gown with lace, rhinestones, satin braid or high slits on the sides is only suitable for a romantic evening. A variety of design solutions set you up for a playful mood and a sexy mood with your loved one.

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