Women’s three-piece suit (43 photos): classic with a vest, strict for the office


One of the most popular things that, according to stylists, should be included in the basic wardrobe of a modern business woman, is a three-piece suit. At the same time, a stylish set is popular not only among business women. It is also worn with pleasure by ordinary girls who embody fashion trends in their images.

A bit of history

Women’s costume has a long history. The idea was brought to life by the famous British tailor John Redfern. The talented fashion designer became famous for creating outfits for the royal family. Especially for Princess Alexandra, he created an original outfit, consisting of a floor-length skirt and a jacket, which resembled both a coat and a man’s frock coat at the same time.

Appearing before society in such an extraordinary outfit, complemented by a strict blouse, reticule and tie, the princess made a splash. It was at this time that there was a surge in popularity for women’s suits, which became known as «tayler».

Subsequently, Gabriel Chanel, Andre Courrège (a student of the great Cristobal Balenciaga), Yves Saint Laurent worked with inspiration on women’s costumes. The latter legalized a suit with breeches made of velvet and a tuxedo in the ladies’ wardrobe. Moreover, the couturier suggested that fashionistas use such bold items as an alternative to an evening dress.

Speaking about the history of the costume, one cannot fail to note the contribution of Giorgio Armani, who rethought the idea itself, adapted women’s sets to modern trends, making them softer and more plastic.

It was with his light hand that the costume gained insane popularity, becoming an indispensable element of modern fashion and an unfading classic. Today in a stylish trio you can go:

  • to an important meeting
  • for business negotiations;
  • to a rendezvous;
  • in a restaurant;
  • other informal activities.

Variants of a women’s three-piece suit

Modern manufacturers of women’s clothing offer the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity a huge selection of models of business suits, consisting of three elements. This is not surprising, since today corporate culture dominates many areas of activity.

That is why women have at their disposal the whole variety of versions that have been created over decades. The complete set of costumes can vary, based on the wishes of the girl, who chooses the style, model, texture at their discretion.

The ensemble necessarily includes a jacket, but there can be several companions to it:

  • trousers + vest;
  • trousers + skirt;
  • shorts + skirt;
  • suits with dresses are popular.

Depending on the stylistic direction (business, romantic, sports), all things look accordingly. And despite the fact that in the minds of many, three-piece suits are intended exclusively for work in the office, they can be seen on students, and on women dressing in casual style, and on celebrities on the red carpet, and even on brides choosing this style. original outfit for your own wedding.

Advantages of a women’s three-piece suit

Unlike other wardrobe items, a women’s three-piece suit has several undeniable advantages.

  • Firstly, it allows the lady to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. For example, a loose jacket and a tight-fitting vest that acts as a corset will mask the tummy, full hips; flared trousers will hide not too beautiful legs; a yoke skirt will divert attention from the massive bottom. But the usual dress, especially fitted, on the contrary, focuses on the imperfections of the physique.
  • Secondly, the suit allows the girl to create many stylish images. By purchasing a 3 in 1 thing, she gets the opportunity to experiment with the image, create interesting non-banal bows. A skillful selection of jewelry and accessories for the costume allows her to look in the eyes of others as a special person with impeccable taste.

Sets can be combined with blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, tops, jumpers. Things from a suit are also worn separately, for example, a jacket looks great with jeans, a cardigan, sweater, jacket can be thrown over the dress, and suit trousers make a luxurious pair with an elegant blouse made of chiffon, silk, satin.

Shoes for a suit can also be different. Of course, the ideal option is classic closed shoes with steady heels, without decorative elements. It is these shoes that are prescribed in the dress code.

But many girls successfully mix costumes with oxfords, loafers, stiletto sandals and even sneakers, if, of course, the dress code allows and the set is used not for work, but for informal events.

A three-piece suit with a skirt or trousers is a versatile and extremely practical thing, thanks to which a woman always feels irresistible.

Colors, prints, decor elements

Shows of eminent designers clearly demonstrate to us that color in clothes plays a decisive role. The shape, cut, texture, of course, are also important, but it is the shade that makes the thing unique, exclusive.

The focus is on achromatic. Black, gray and white are always in trend. It will not be difficult to choose companion colors for them, and you can diversify the bow and add zest to it with the help of bright accents, for example, exquisite accessories.


A black suit is the perfect solution for a conservative woman who does not tolerate variability and style deviations. For her, the main thing is comfort and practicality.

A black three-piece trouser suit is the standard of elegant classics, the only drawback is that it does not allow the lady to demonstrate the beauty and harmony of her legs.


White things, and the three-piece suit is no exception, have always been associated with luxury and presentability.

Snow-white sets are not suitable for everyday use due to their impracticality, but for a solemn event there is no better option.


The blue color, which today is considered the basic and “new black”, is gaining immense popularity. Moreover, sophisticated sapphire is by no means the only color of stones actively used by eminent designers.

Many collections feature delightful three-piece trouser and skirt suits of amethyst, ruby, turquoise shades of precious nuggets.


Red suits are chosen by self-confident, bright women who love to attract attention. Almost all designers work with red, creating truly unique things.

Sets in a business style are not overloaded with decorative elements and have the most strict style. But as for evening costumes, there are no restrictions here.

Luxurious layered and asymmetrical models, palazzo trousers, mini skirts, daring shorts and stylish capris, slit dresses and more.

Calarblocks also look impressive, for example, combinations of red and black, red and white, red and orange. By the way, orange is a self-sufficient color that may well become dominant and bring the style to the background.


Khaki does not lose its position, which looks most impressive in satin and velvet. This shade, used in military-style clothes, in women’s suits does not carry elements of militancy, on the contrary, it emphasizes the style and grace of the model. A khaki three-piece skirt suit makes a woman extraordinarily seductive and stylish.

Fashionable women’s suits can be both plain and printed. The most fashionable drawings are flowers, abstraction, various futuristic fantasies, animalistics, geometry, peas. Checked and striped clothes are acceptable for business style, but suits intended for publication can be decorated with various patterns and ornaments.

Rules for choosing a three-piece suit

When choosing a suit for yourself, be guided not only by fashionable colors, but also by the features of your figure and, of course, the purpose of the set.

For office

For the office, you will need a suit of discreet colors and the most simple cut. For example, a gray ensemble consisting of a fitted jacket, flared trousers from the knee and a strict vest will look very stylish, without contradicting the rules of the dress code.

For winter

According to stylists, when choosing a suit, it is advisable to be guided by the weather outside. If you plan to wear a suit in the cold season, choose dark or neutral shades.

So, cold colors (purple, lilac, blue, blue, gray, steel) look good in cloudy, rainy weather.

For summer

For summer, light colors and pastel shades are ideal, so with the advent of spring, it makes sense to “brighten” your wardrobe by replenishing it with an appropriate suit. but for sunny days, warm shades (yellow, orange, pink, red) are suitable.


Pay special attention to fabrics. Wool, tweed, as well as mixed fabrics (wool and elastane, wool and lycra, etc.) are used for tailoring business suits.

For summer, cotton, linen, silk, knitwear are suitable. Evening models are usually made of velvet, satin, chiffon. Inspect the inside — the lines should be even, neatly processed, and the color of the threads should match the shade of the fabric.

When trying on a suit with a vest, make sure that it sits like a glove. Things should not wrinkle, gather into folds, hamper movements and be too tight on the body. Make a few simple movements: raise your arms up, to the sides, sit down, lean down. If you do not experience discomfort, then the suit suits you.

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