Bra-top (47 photos): sports, for pregnant women, seamless


If the outerwear is visible to others, then the underwear remains hidden from the public eye. But this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to this wardrobe item. Moreover, for each occasion there is a special linen.

A bra top will help out during sports, when you need to support your breasts and create additional protection during intense workouts.


The model has several undeniable advantages. First, it is the most comfortable product. Often it does not have seams and is characterized by increased elasticity. Secondly, the pitted top allows you to improve the shape of the chest without squeezing or restricting movement.

Convenient and practical model fell in love not only with athletes. A bra-top is chosen by ladies with curvaceous forms, who find it difficult to find a regular bodice that provides secure fixation of the bust. Since this underwear model has soft cups and high elasticity, expectant and nursing mothers accept it with particular enthusiasm.

Such products are worn with pleasure by girls leading an active lifestyle. If you like to travel around the city by bike, are fond of jogging or horseback riding, then you can’t do without an elastic and dense bra with a minimum of details and extra decoration.

The classic top has wide straps and fits the body well. Its main task is to make a woman’s life as comfortable as possible and prevent sagging breasts.

Suggested range

A bra top is also known as a bra. Synthetic fibers are always present in these models, which provide elasticity and a snug fit. The range of models is diverse. Underwear manufacturers produce functional bras for expectant mothers, directly models for sports and seductive products with lace elements.

For pregnant

Models for expectant mothers are traditionally made of hypoallergenic and body-friendly material, which is characterized by increased softness. A seamless bra will help out at any stage of pregnancy.

Special models for feeding are also offered. Their design is not too diverse, because the main purpose of such underwear is to simplify the life of a pregnant and lactating woman. This does not mean that products of this kind are devoid of grace, but designers do not use decorative elements in the manufacture of sconces, and the model itself is always equipped with wide straps that securely hold the chest.

Underwear for pregnant women is made of dense jersey. Usually these are plain sconces of practical colors. But major manufacturers of lingerie for women, in particular Milavitsa, delight women in position and nursing mothers with products with geometric and floral prints, retro-style models and even elastic lace bras.

in the form of a T-shirt

Practical and comfortable in the form of a cropped T-shirt that supports the bust, ideal for sports. Such products go without fasteners and fit snugly to the body. They can be considered not only as underwear, but also as part of a sporty look. Fitness or yoga classes will be much more comfortable if you put on not a regular bra, but a sports top with or without soft cups.

Such underwear does not rub the skin during classes, securely fixes the chest, does not hinder movements. Young fashionistas are happy to wear such models in everyday life. Products for a teenager may be more striking in terms of design, but first of all they must meet the requirements of functionality. Bra in the form of a mini-t-shirt perfectly protects the developing mammary glands of the girl and gives the young fashionista psychological comfort.


A spectacular model that is suitable for a basic wardrobe and the image of a femme fatale. A lace bra-top is often decorated with decorative elements, and its length can reach the waist. The bustier fastens with hooks or ribbons, fits snugly on the figure and hides imperfections, emphasizing the dignity. They wear a bra of a similar style with stockings, garters and panties, designed in the same style.

An openwork bra is more suitable for girls of a graceful physique. Ladies with curvy shapes are not forbidden to wear bras with openwork elements, but the main part of the product should be made of dense fabric that holds the chest well.


A model without straps will help out if you need to expose the shoulder area. Such outfits, as a rule, appear in evening ensembles. For brides, lingerie designers have developed stylish and incredibly beautiful strapless models. White lace and decorative embroidery are appropriate in a festive look, even when it comes to underwear.

The product with cups will support the bust and give it a seductive shape. If you have a full chest, you will have to abandon models without straps — such a product will not withstand excessive load and will crawl down.

No seams

Products without seams are good for girls leading an active lifestyle. Such models do not emphasize the dignity of the figure too much, but they differ in functionality. If you are picking up underwear for going out, then you should look for a suitable model with bones and fasteners. The former should not rest against the chest, while the latter should be as flat as possible.

For a big bust

The main rule when choosing underwear is that it should be comfortable. No matter how beautiful a bra is, it will have to be discarded if it cuts into the skin or causes discomfort. Even if we are talking about underwear at a time, it is still worth thinking about convenience first of all.

Products for girls with large breasts meet the following requirements:

  • evenly distribute the load on the spine shoulders;
  • equipped with wide straps;
  • have a flat decor or do not have it at all;
  • made of fabric with a high content of natural fibers;
  • provide a high level of air exchange.

Despite the high elasticity, bras should be replaced with new ones in case of a change in breast size. Too loose a bra is not able to support the bust, too small — it will be too tight, causing discomfort and preventing blood circulation.

Combination rules

It remains to find out what to wear with such an interesting element of women’s wardrobe. If we are talking directly about underwear, then a bottom suitable for design is selected for it and worn with closed-style outerwear. Those bra-tops that are allowed to be worn for show can be combined with fashionable casual and festive clothes, depending on the style of the outfit.

Spectacular lace bras from Intimissimi, advertised by Irina Shayk, should be considered exclusively as an underwear option. In such a product, you can appear on a romantic date in front of your lover, but not at a party.

Most often, tops for going out are chosen by young women of fashion. Ladies over 40 and curvaceous girls should not wear such things for all to see.

Sports tops may well be in the neighborhood of knitted leggings, tight-fitting breeches or stylish shorts. The decoration of the youth wardrobe will be tops with an American armhole or a bustier made of thick fabric, reminiscent of bandeau tops. They are worn under blazers, jackets or shirts, leaving outerwear unbuttoned. A short top with wide straps will complement the pencil skirt. But if we limit ourselves to this duet, then it may turn out to be too provocative. A cardigan or fitted jacket will be able to correct the situation.

Young girls wear practical tops with puffy skirts or wide shorts. Tops under denim look spectacular. They are the least reminiscent of underwear and are in perfect harmony with casual-format things. A similar thing can be worn under a trouser or skirt overalls with straps. The image will come out moderately hooligan, but closed.

A floor-length skirt made of flowing fabric will be able to complement the elongated corset. If you choose the right top and bottom, you get a spectacular evening bow.

What to wear

Stylists emphasize that tops are a rather complicated and provocative thing, and therefore you need to wear them for show with caution and only if you have a slender figure. Such things should not appear in the office bow. But they will be able to refresh the image for every day. In this case, wedge shoes and a compact bag will complement the outfit. In a youth look, there is a place for slip-ons or sneakers, ballet flats or sneakers, which are especially good in combination with puffy short skirts.

In a sports bow, a textile bag with short handles or a roomy backpack will come in handy. It can be worn behind the shoulders, but then it will not be possible to demonstrate the beauty of the top. It is more correct to carry a backpack in your hands, especially since it meets fashion requirements.

Popular brands

We have already mentioned a couple of well-known manufacturers of underwear for women. They create fashionable bras for all occasions, but there are other popular manufacturers. Let’s talk about the benefits of each:

  • Milavitsa — the Belarusian brand is the leader in sales, probably because it offers affordable prices and a large assortment. In the brand’s collection, you can find suitable products for overweight and lingerie for expectant mothers;
  • Marc&Andre — French brand, which is especially popular among women with curvaceous. This is a truly high-quality underwear with a variable design. A collection of lace bustiers like Marc&Andre’s is hard to find anywhere else;
  • Rago — an American brand that offers comfortable bras with a modeling effect;
  • Moremio – sells beautiful Russian-made tops, pays special attention to finishing;
  • Intimissimi is an iconic lingerie brand with a collection of sleek and lace bras, push-ups and strapless bras.

Price should not be the main criterion when choosing such a delicate element of the wardrobe. Models from leading manufacturers cannot be cheap, although the brands presented above provide an opportunity for all women to dress in luxurious lingerie at minimal cost.

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