Elixir of youth: why cornmeal and starch must be included in beauty recipes: experts answer


Natural ingredients, which have long been used by women in the care of skin and hair, are not inferior in their effectiveness to expensive industrial preparations. Combining different ingredients, changing the components of recipes, creating their own masterpieces, taking into account the type and condition of the skin, women turn care from the usual everyday procedure into an exciting and exciting process.

The variety of natural ingredients that can be included in the compositions of home-made masks pleases with the breadth of the range. You can experiment with vegetable oils, berries and fruits, vegetable and fruit juices, herbal extracts and decoctions. This list can be continued indefinitely.

But today we want to draw your attention to cereals. A place of honor among them is occupied by corn. Flour and starch are produced from it, which are successfully used for cosmetic purposes.

Cornmeal contains vitamins B2, B1, E, PP. It is rich in minerals: magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc. It also contains beta-carotene (provitamin A), which is rightfully called the “elixir of youth”, which means it must be included in beauty recipes.

You can buy flour and starch at any grocery store. In addition, their price pleases with availability, and a large number of masks can be prepared from one package. But since the shelf life of products is often short, it is better to use them not only for beauty, but also for culinary purposes.

Corn flour in skin care: what to combine with?

Corn flour in skin care: what to combine with?

In order to prepare a healing composition from flour, it must be diluted with a liquid. Ideally, you should get a mixture that resembles thick sour cream in its consistency. As for the liquid, it is selected taking into account the characteristics of your dermis.

Oily skin, the beauty of which directly depends on the regular use of matting and drying preparations, will respond with “gratitude” to plain water. If desired, you can add lemon juice (freshly squeezed) to it: 5-6 drops per tablespoon. For greater efficiency, yogurt, kefir, whey are used instead of water. Dairy products are ideal for skin that is prone to oily sheen, blackheads and pimples. Natural juices (grapefruit, strawberry, potato, kombucha) cope no worse with all the problems of oily and mixed cover.

If you are the owner of aging skin and try to include nourishing and tightening products in your care as often as possible, then use full-fat milk, cream or sour cream.

These components are also suitable for nourishing and saturating normal and dry skin with useful substances. With overdried skin, prone to peeling, cornmeal is successfully diluted with vegetable and fruit juices: carrot, cabbage, squash, grape, apricot, orange.

Oily skin care: beauty recipes with starch and flour

Oily skin care: beauty recipes with starch and flour

In order for the oily dermis to look well-groomed, it must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned, as well as pampered with masks, which include tightening and matting components. One of these is egg white. Combine it with cornmeal gruel (for dilution, use whey or plain water with a few drops of lemon juice). Mix the components thoroughly and cover the face with the resulting mixture. Wash off the mask with water after 18-20 minutes. Regular implementation of a simple procedure guarantees a lasting result. A mixture of natural ingredients has a degreasing effect, dries and mattifies the skin, and soothes inflammation.

Instead of cornmeal, beauty recipes for oily coverage may include starch. For its cultivation, water, juices or sour-milk products are used. Everything is exactly the same as with flour: the liquid is selected taking into account the condition and type of cover. The starch mixture has a viscous consistency.

To prepare a composition for oily skin, to starch diluted with water (1 tablespoon), add a teaspoon of sour cream (non-greasy), one egg white and 3-5 drops of aloe juice. The mixture is applied to the skin of the face and left for 20-25 minutes. When washing off, use cool water: soap is not required in this case. The mask will make the cover matte and smooth, eliminate shine, reduce inflammation and irritation, provided that you use it regularly in your care.

For deep cleansing of any type of skin, a scrub is prepared from cornmeal. A tablespoon of the product is diluted with plain water, and a couple of teaspoons of oatmeal are added to the resulting mixture. The previously cleansed face is massaged with the resulting pasty mixture for 2-3 minutes. Then leave the composition on the skin for another 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, and rinse with cold.

Folk beauty recipes please with simplicity and accessibility, and most importantly, efficiency and naturalness.

The beauty of dry, normal and combination skin

The beauty of dry, normal and combination skin

Vegetable oils can be added to masks for dry dermis: apricot, olive, almond, peach, corn, jojoba. The mixture with oils has a nourishing and softening effect, under their influence the cover is smoothed out, and its color becomes uniform.

When the first wrinkles appear, include a mask in your skin care, which includes as many as 2 products from corn: oil and starch. Combine liquid honey (a teaspoon), corn oil (a tablespoon), starch diluted with ordinary water (a tablespoon), the yolk of one chicken egg. Mix the components thoroughly. Spread the product on the face, wait 15-20 minutes, and rinse with water. The mask will give the skin elasticity, increase turgor, smooth out wrinkles.

Our cover, in addition to nutrition and hydration, needs tonic and refreshing products. For toning normal or combination skin, a mask based on cornstarch or flour is ideal. Dilute the product with kefir or yogurt (natural, without any additives) in the amount of 2 tablespoons. Combine the resulting slurry with a tablespoon of strawberry puree. Strawberries can be replaced with currants, raspberries or cherries. The exposure time is 20 minutes. Complete the procedure by washing with cool water without the use of cleansers.

The beauty and health of the cover lifts the mood and increases self-esteem. Pamper your skin with natural remedies and enjoy the result of your labors!


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