Evening, holiday dresses for women 50 years old (26 photos): with lace, velvet, models for obese and not tall women


Evening dresses for women 50 years old have different styles and colors. This allows modern fashionistas to choose a variety of outfits that will make them the queen of the evening. Such clothes differ in length, cut, decor. These criteria must be considered when purchasing a particular model.

Model Features

Mature women fit elegant styles that allow you to emphasize the taste. Stylists say that such women of fashion do not have to wear completely closed clothes. However, it should be fairly concise.

Fifty-year-old women will not fit deep necklines or bold cutouts. Do not use too bright colors or tight styles to create a bow. Youth trends are banned.

Selection rules

Older women of fashion are suitable for straight or semi-fitted silhouettes. They should not choose things that have explicit details. This category includes high slits, bare backs, bold necklines.

To select the appropriate model, consider the following features:

  • Women with a pear-shaped figure should wear dresses with a flared skirt. Models with puffy sleeves and a small neckline look good.
  • Fashionable women with narrow hips and broad shoulders will suit trapezoidal models. They help to flatten broad shoulders as well as accentuate hips and legs. If a woman boasts perfect skin, you can choose a dress with wide straps. A lowered waist line will help to give the hips the required volume.
  • Fashionistas with an apple-shaped figure are advised to take a closer look at straight outfits.

To hide the fullness, you can use flared skirts and long sleeves. Decor will also help divert attention from an imperfect figure. Many women choose a bandeau bodice, which allows you to look elegant.

Actual styles

For older women, designers have developed many trendy styles that allow you to look concise and elegant.


This is a classic silhouette that excels in versatility. It can be chosen by slender fashionistas and overweight women. Depending on the material used, the outfit can keep its shape or form beautiful folds on the body.


This dress has an A-line silhouette. It expands from the chest. Thanks to the trapezoidal cut, it is possible to hide excess volume in the hips and waist. In such clothes, every fashionista can look very elegant.


This is a classic model that is relevant for many women. Velvet has a luxurious texture. However, for young girls, the fabric is considered quite heavy. At the same time, velvet dresses are perfect for mature fashionistas. They allow you to make the silhouette more feminine.

The style of the case, complemented by a clasp at the back, is especially popular. Such a cut is concise. It goes well with expensive fabric.

The combined outfit looks no less successful. It may have a chiffon top and a velvet straight skirt. This model is suitable for owners of lush hips. Fashion trends include products with a smell or a triangular neckline. Actual look straight dresses, complemented by a slit.

With lace

Dresses with lace always look very elegant. The model can be completely lace or have inserts. The color scheme is different — dark or light. However, you should be careful when choosing a model.

An incorrectly chosen model looks too sexy, which is not suitable for mature women. The dress must have a tight cover. In length, it should reach the knee.


This fabric has an exquisite texture. She looks very festive. The indisputable advantage of the material is its ability to adjust the proportions of the figure. For women over 50, tight guipure models are suitable, which fit well on the figure and make the bow more elegant.

An outfit made of openwork fabric, complemented by a satin lining, looks beautiful. In this case, the cover can match the color of the clothes or contrast with it.

Owners of full hips fit trapezoidal products. Models with a low waist line are suitable for slender women. The skirt can have a satin or leather décor to help draw attention away from broad shoulders.


For the cold season, products with sleeves are suitable. They can be long or three quarters. For summer, you should choose models with winged sleeves. Lanterns look very feminine.

For full

Designers have developed many original styles for obese women. To visually lengthen the silhouette, you can use the following models:

  • Triangular neckline. A V-neck helps you look slimmer and draws attention to your beautiful breasts. This neckline looks concise and serves as a decoration for the outfit.
  • Greek style. Such a dress usually has a high waistline and a flared cut. Thanks to this, it helps to hide the problem areas of the figure.

For low

Neutral colors are suitable for petite girls. It is best to choose a solid color outfit slightly below the knee. For short ones, a triangular neckline is well suited. The following styles also look good:

  • with vertical elements. The presence of stripes and decorative details will help to visually lengthen the silhouette. Thanks to this, the girl will appear taller.
  • High Waist. This cut is also suitable for low fashionistas. It makes the proportions balanced, and also visually increases growth.

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