Jacket-mantle (27 photos): black, white or with a hood


Jacket mantle with confidence can be considered one of the trendiest wardrobe items. These clothes are ideal for stylish people without complexes. It promotes self-expression, emphasizes individuality and provides complete freedom of action.

This jacket has a free cut, which is a real personification of independence and lightness. That is why it is chosen by people who do not obey the rules. In addition, this model is very comfortable, because it is so popular among young people.

Model Features

Women’s jacket-mantle is one of the key elements of street style. It is also often referred to as a nomadic mantle. In fact, this piece of clothing is a loose jacket with a hood. It helps to express individuality and is very popular with independent and self-sufficient people.

This model has a very original cut. It has a fairly deep hood. Its size is significantly larger than that of ordinary sweatshirts. There are two pockets on the sides of this item.

The front lower part has an elongated cut. As for the length, it directly depends on the features of the product. However, in most cases, the jacket does not go below the hips.

The main color of this jacket is black. However, robes can sometimes be seen complemented by a white hood. However, such products are quite rare.

The jacket is usually made in a unisex style. This means that both girls and boys can wear it. To look harmonious, it is very important to choose the right size of the product.

Mantles can be regular or insulated. Regular blouses protect from the cold on summer evenings. Insulated models are designed for spring and autumn.

When choosing a product, it is very important to pay special attention to the quality of the material. The best option would be models made of 100% cotton.

Products that contain synthetic components are less hygroscopic. This leads to more sweating, which can cause some discomfort.

Who suits

In fact, the jacket-mantle resembles a loose sweatshirt or sweatshirt. It suits the owners of various body types. Since the mantle has a fairly loose cut, it can be worn by both slender girls and owners of magnificent forms. It is very important to choose the right size and length of the product.

Depending on the length, this product can be combined with leggings, trousers or skirts. In some cases, such a jacket can be supplemented with tight tights. Rough boots or sneakers would be ideal.

The jacket-mantle fits perfectly into street or sports style.

Therefore, this product is suitable for girls who are fans of these particular fashion trends. This model is ideal for walking around the city or jogging.

fashion images

Black color is considered one of the most practical and versatile solutions. Therefore, the mantle can be safely worn with clothes and accessories in white and gray. It can also be combined with black things, which will allow you to get a strict bow.

Today, fashion designers are advised to combine such sweaters with monochrome things. These include:

Girls who want to look more bright should pay attention to striped prints. Geometric colors will look no less successful. You can also afford an abstract pattern or letter print.

Under the mantle, you can wear a contrasting white blouse. It should be tucked into black trousers with a high waistline. This will help you look very stylish and elegant.

In addition to black trousers, white and dark gray models will look great. An equally good solution would be jeans, complemented by scuffs or holes.

Owners of ideal proportions can afford leather or latex leggings. A good option would be colored jeans or a bright T-shirt. Today, bright pure shades are very relevant — blue, red, green.

Choosing shoes and accessories

Picking up shoes for such clothes is quite simple. The mantle is combined with almost any model. The only exception would be stilettos.

It is best to give preference to comfortable and practical shoes, made in black and white color palette. An excellent solution would be moccasins, sneakers or slip-ons. Shoes with rough soles will look no less successful.

To make the image look complete, it should be supplemented with fashion accessories. An excellent solution would be a hat with a print, bracelets, rings. You can also pick up a backpack-bag, made in dark colors. An equally good option would be a shopper or hobo bag.

Jacket-mantle is an unusually fashionable and stylish piece of clothing. To look attractive in it, it is very important to learn how to choose stylish additions to this thing. To do this, follow the basic recommendations of stylists.

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