Pants in pajama style (28 photos): what to wear, who suits


Fashion sometimes offers unusual and unexpected solutions. Pajama pants are one of them. When such models appeared on the fashion catwalk, the conservatives were horrified — after all, these are beautiful, cozy, but still home clothes.

How can people wear pajama pants! But by the next season, flowy pajama-style trousers had found their way into everyday wear, and some daring fashionistas tried on pajama suits for the office.

Business ladies gravitate toward the classics, but elegant pajama pants without patterns and in a restrained range may well appear in a business wardrobe.

In a summer ensemble, pajama pants are indispensable. If you choose strict and elegant companion clothes for them, you get a very interesting, outstanding and discreet business bow. Pajama pants made of chiffon or satin can make even a strict office look unusual and feminine.

Who suits

Pajama pants have a loose fit and maxi length. This means that women in the body and thin fashionistas can wear them. The flowing fabric wraps around the legs and hides possible imperfections: fullness of the calves and ankles, curvature of the legs, cellulite.

Rarely, but still there are narrowed and shortened models, but not all fashionistas put them on — they are afraid not to cope with a complex element of the wardrobe and spoil a successful image.

Not to mention the convenience of pajama pants. They fit perfectly on the figure, do not hinder movements and help to look one hundred percent hot in the summer. Who these trousers are suitable for is ladies who value comfort and prefer to stay in trend. If you need to visually improve the proportions. Help out pants with prints. A vertical stripe will lengthen the legs, and large flowers will divert attention from the voluminous top.

The product can be on an elastic band or with ribbons instead of a belt. There are also standard trousers with a zipper. Women love pajama pants for increased comfort. And it’s not just about convenience. The fabrics used for sewing pants are distinguished by comfort and a pleasant texture.

Pajama pants are made from silk, viscose and blended fabrics. A prerequisite for pajama pants is lightness.

Products are often made in pastel colors or have a catchy print: vertical stripes, paisley, floral patterns.

Provence color pants are suitable for age fashionistas. These are trousers of a gentle palette that are refreshing and harmonize with plain and printed clothes. For an everyday look, pajama pants with stripes are suitable. This is a mixture of sporty and home style, resulting in an original street look. In addition, stripes stretch the silhouette and hide figure flaws.

How to wear trousers in pajama style: 5 fashionable looks

What clothes will best set off the style of pajama pants? There is no definite answer to this question. Stylists will tell you what to wear with loose pants made of glossy fabrics. Recommended for everyday wardrobe:

  • rugged cotton shirt — it is worn tied at the waist with a knot and with rolled up sleeves. If pajama pants have a wide stripe, then a brutal shirt with thin lines will fit perfectly into the image and balance the feminine bottom. Women of fashion willingly wear denim shirts tucked in at the front and loose at the back. A classic shirt with a turn-down collar and small buttons looks good. It can be worn on its own or under a jacket;
  • off-the-shoulder sweater — smoky chiffon models are extremely popular. To tie a flowing bottom and a loose top, use a belt or tuck the sweater into the waistband of the trousers. If you do not mark the waist line, the silhouette will turn out to be shapeless and blurry;
  • cropped jacket — it is worn wide open under a tight-fitting top or a fitted blouse. The jacket must be contrasting, especially if the trousers have a colorful print. When it comes to pants in a muted range, it is quite possible to go to work in such clothes. The suit will turn out to be incredibly cozy, fashionable and moderately strict — what you need for a summer look in the office;
  • white t-shirt and denim jacket — A youthful and daring top combined with feminine and flowing trousers looks provocative. Mixing styles is welcome, but you need to be able to correctly combine diverse things and remember that they are not appropriate in every exit. However, street style is loyal to such combinations;
  • a maxi cardigan over a fitted blouse or turtlenecks — quite an interesting option for a warm autumn. A cardigan and pajama pants make for an informal and relaxed look. Loose clothing perfectly hides figure flaws, but you can’t do without an emphasis on the waist. If the figure is balanced and slender, it is enough to tuck the blouse into the trousers and leave the cardigan open. A thin belt or textile belt will be able to enhance the contrast between the hips and chest. They intercept an unbuttoned cardigan, leaving part of the blouse in plain sight.

It is worth experimenting in front of a mirror to find your successful image. So, loose pajama-style trousers can be next to a leather jacket, a cropped knitted sweater or a crop top.

Shoes and accessories

In a summer look, platform or wedge sandals will be the best shoe pair for wide maxi trousers. 7/8 length pants can be worn with heels and leather ankle straps. Sandals or mules are recommended for a beach look. Owners of high growth can afford slip-ons, sneakers, ballet flats.

In an office bow, you can’t do with a buzz of pumps. On hot days, sandals with an open toe will help out. The platform is undesirable, but the wedge heel can help out the owner of a short stature.

If the trousers come with a pattern, then the shoes should be plain. Black or nude — both options are appropriate. In the cruise bow there is a place for a bulky bag, a hat with a wide brim, large sunglasses.

Under a denim or leather jacket, metal jewelry, glasses with mirrored glasses, a saddle bag or a backpack are selected. In a business image, clutches and envelopes, bags with short handles are appropriate. Stylists pay special attention to jewelry and accessories. The trend is massive earrings — rings, chains, with large stones.

It is believed that such jewelry is best in harmony with pajama style. But don’t go overboard with accessories. One spectacular detail is enough to make the image elegant and memorable.

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