Tulle skirt (50 photos): who suits, how to choose, stylish styles and colors, do it yourself


It is not for nothing that a tulle skirt is considered the standard of femininity and grace. It can be lush and flowing, multi-layered and holding its shape. The product is lightweight, despite the multi-layered. With a successful combination, it will be able to emphasize the fragility of the silhouette and visually improve the proportions.

Who will suit the tulle skirt

To understand who the tulle skirt is suitable for, let’s pay attention to the cut of the product. It has an enviable splendor. Even flowing models have an impressive volume. This means that fashionistas with a massive figure, such products will not work. But let’s not disregard the proportions. If you need to balance a lush bust or broad shoulders, a tulle skirt will do the job.

Before buying, you need to remember the basic rules:

  • if the volume in the hip area exceeds the norm, a tulle skirt is not forbidden, but preference is given to products cut by the sun in one layer. The dark palette is a priority;
  • if you have wide shoulders, you should choose a puffy skirt like a tutu or cascade;
  • owners of a pear figure are more suitable for flowing French-length or maxi skirts;
  • short curvy models are contraindicated for mature women, however, a maxi shop that is not too voluminous is acceptable.

popular length

A fluffy skirt always looks provocative, and if the length is chosen incorrectly, then the product can visually shorten the figure or make it bulky. A skirt with an uneven edge or an asymmetric model looks spectacular — where the front is shorter than the back. But such products usually appear in the wardrobe on occasion and rarely become the basis of a street bow.

When choosing the length, they are guided not only by fashion trends, but also by the parameters of the figure. The short length suits slender girls of average height. Midi will help out tall fashionistas, and floor-length models should be chosen especially carefully.

Lush mini is a provocative option for the most daring fashionistas. The longer the product, the more elegant it looks, it does not bulge, but wraps around the figure.


Tulle mini is the choice of young girls who are confident in their irresistibility and are not afraid of close attention. Short models keep their shape and resemble ballet tutus. Such products often appear in children’s ensembles and fit into the image in the style of baby dolls.

Bright models are created for theme parties and retro exits. Wearing such products is not worth it for girls over 25 years old, owners of a stocky figure or not too slender legs.


Below the knee length is considered optimal for many women. But the classic midi can visually reduce height. Fashionable in recent years, the French length is recommended for women of average height and above, and in the first case it is combined with high heels. Tall women of fashion can afford a tulle midi with flat shoes or with a slight rise.

Not the last thing is the volume of the product. The more magnificent the skirt, the more difficult it is to find the right neighborhood for it. Lush midi, and even in a bright design, should be worn only by slender fashionistas of medium height and above up to 30 years old.

Long tulle skirt

The maximum length is also considered difficult. A long tulle skirt can shorten the height if the figure is stocky and the waist line is poorly defined. The falling model of the smoky scale is considered universal and suits the owners of various types of figures. More often, floor-length tulle products appear in evening and elegant bows.

Skirt styles

It seems that lush tulle products are similar to each other and differ only in length. But the styles of skirts are diverse. The trend is variations with a wide belt and an oversized fit, multi-layered and multi-colored products.

With train

An interesting option for a festive look is a fluffy tulle skirt with a train. Models in white are suitable for a wedding ensemble. Fashionistas combine them with a lace or tight-fitting top. The train is often removable, which allows you to transform the product at your own discretion. It is usually made of a softer fabric that falls and flows beautifully.

Chopin skirt

A more familiar version of a curvy model is a chopin skirt, also known as a tutu. It is characterized by an enviable splendor, often has a midi or mini length. If the product is sheathed along the edge with tape, then a more rigid and shape-holding model is obtained. A similar option will decorate the image of a graduate or a baby at a matinee in kindergarten.

There are also modest variations of smoky multi-layered tulle shorts. This is one of the favorite models among young people, which often appears in street bows.

Half skirt

For those women who do not accept puffy or extravagant skirts, a more modest option is suitable — a half-sun skirt in 2 layers or with a tight petticoat. Such a product of moderate length is consistent with everyday and romantic outfit. Usually discreet half-sun cut models are sewn from softer tulle in muted tones. The priority is pastel colors with haze.


Additional tiers will be able to increase the volume of the model. At the same time, the skirt does not bulge to the sides, following the example of a pack, but more like a “herringbone”. For owners of high growth and a massive upper part of the figure, such a product is indispensable. The cascade can be 2-3 tiers or more, and each tier is complemented with frills for greater splendor. Cascading skirts are often sewn from combined materials — tulle, organza, tulle, veils, etc.

To the floor

A floor-length product is associated with an evening wardrobe, but in an informal summer look there is a place for a two-layer maxi model. Such products, along with floor-length pleated skirts, are fantastically popular and appear next to romantic blouses, crop tops and denim shirts. In the evening look, tulle skirts of dark colors are good.

Stylish colors

The favorites of recent seasons are nude and powdery tones. Stylish colors are made not only by the shade, but also by the haze effect. Smoky pink, blue, beige shades look great. For an evening look, a rich blue skirt is suitable.

For a youth party, you can choose a product in bright red. The black model attracts the eye and is associated with the Gothic style. Also, similar options may appear in an ensemble in the spirit of steampunk.

Interesting! Various shades of beige are suitable for everyday wardrobe. Soft light colors fit into the summer look. Darker shades are recommended for the off-season.

Bright tulle is good in children’s bows. Multi-colored tiers with a bright ribbon around the edge are an interesting option for a graduate look.

Where to wear a tulle skirt

There are many reasons to wear a tulle skirt. For parties, bachelorette parties, celebrations. A snow-white product will decorate the image of the bride. Pastel models of moderate length fit into the street and everyday bow.

What to wear with a tulle skirt

Now let’s pick up companion clothes for a magnificent model. With what it is better to wear a tulle skirt, it is with a fitted or tight-fitting top. A blouse or turtleneck must be tucked into the belt — it is not customary to wear clothes over a choppenka or sun skirt.

Everyday look

It is extremely interesting to make an image for every day with a tutu skirt at the base. For cool weather, knitted turtlenecks, turtleneck sweaters, long sleeves with stripes or with inscriptions are selected for a lush model. Cropped jackets and jackets, thin cashmere cardigans or button-down blouses will fit into a casual look.

Retro blouses and classic fitted cuts perfectly harmonize with mid-length skirts. A blouse with a floral print, where the pattern echoes in color with the fabric of the skirt, will be a good addition to the smoky nude skirt.

evening bow

A woman can dress up for the evening if she complements a plain maxi skirt with a bustier top made of lace or metallic fabric. A more modest option is a loose-fitting top with thin straps. A fabric with a sheen will emphasize the elegance of an evening bow. If you add a skirt with a cropped top, you get a spectacular youth outfit for the evening.

Youth style

Lush chopenkos often appear in youth style. Wear them with T-shirts, tops, shirts. Combinations of pastel tulle and blue denim look especially stylish. A denim shirt with rolled up sleeves and a knot at the waist will be an original solution for the image of a young fashionista. Women over 25 should forgo knots and simply tuck their shirt into the waistband of their skirt.

Another fashionable youth option would be a leather biker jacket over a white T-shirt or striped longsleeve. The mixture of rough leather and light smoky fabric makes the look interesting, contrasting and bold.

Shoes and accessories

If the skirt is short, then heels are undesirable. You can choose ballet shoes, low platform shoes or wedges. Often, sports accessories and shoes appear in a casual look: sneakers, slip-ons, sneakers, as well as backpacks, headbands, wristbands, etc.

For a romantic bow, patent leather boats are shown. In the evening look, metallic sandals, velvet shoes, patent leather shoes are good. Courageous women of fashion can combine a cropped fluffy skirt with sandals in a gladiator style. If you need to visually lengthen your legs, then there is nothing better than a concise nude pair.

Do-it-yourself tulle skirt (video required)

Even a needlewoman without experience will be able to sew a tulle skirt with her own hands. Often, craftswomen make skirts with torn edges, frills, like the sun or half sun. You can combine different colors of tulle and use decorative ribbons.

tutu skirt

A model like a ballerina’s outfit is unrivaled. Usually these are not too long products with an enviable splendor. It will take 5 — 7 m of fabric, which is sewn into a pipe and collected with an accordion along the waist line. Where the belt will be, make a lapel and insert a wide elastic band. The tutu skirt is ready. If desired, the bottom is treated with a contrasting or rigid tape.

Tutu skirt

A tutu and a chopin is still the same tutu, but in the classic version, the American tutu skirt is sewn as follows:

  • take tulle, the width of which is the circumference of the waist X 4;
  • fabric for a cover about 2 m;
  • zipper and satin belt.

Folds are laid from tulle, with each layer they work separately. Sew the tiers onto the lining fabric. They carry out a cover, insert a zipper, sew on tulle tiers, having previously fixed them on a satin belt. The belt is tucked up and stitched out. A hook loop is used as a fastener for the skirt belt.

Rectangle skirt

We take 8 rectangular cuts. We sew in pairs to make a square, in the middle we cut out a circle with a diameter slightly larger than the circumference of the hips. We round off the edges. The result is a skirt not from rectangles, but from circles. We sew 4 circles and collect on an elastic band. For greater rigidity, the edge of each tier is treated with tape. The skirt looks spectacular, where each tier has its own color.

For a girl without sewing

We cut the tulle into strips for a widow more than the desired length. Fold in half and fasten each strip with a loose knot on the tape. We impose so many stripes to make a fluffy skirt. This is how a product is made without sewing for girls and not only. The knots are covered with a cloth, and the skirt is tied to the figure like an apron.

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