What pedicure to do in the fall: 5 most appropriate shades of varnish for the transitional season


The first weeks of autumn are a traditional time to review standard summer procedures. For example, many women stop doing bright manicures and switch to nudes that are more in harmony with warm clothes. No less number of the fair sex is thinking about abandoning the aesthetic salon pedicure: no one can appreciate it behind closed shoes anyway!

And yet, abandoning a colored pedicure for this reason alone is not the most logical decision. At a minimum, because all beauty procedures should first of all be done for yourself, and on a year-round basis.

In addition, a sharp rejection of gel polish is not suitable for everyone: if you have a rather fragile nail plate, nails without polish can look painful and make you feel complex about this.

As you understand, we still recommend not to refuse an aesthetic pedicure just because the season of open shoes is over. It is better to give preference to shades that you did not pay attention to in the summer. Well, or switch to classic nail polish if you feel like your nails need a break from a thicker coat.

Delicate shimmer

Translucent glitter nail polish is the best choice for any season. In addition, this shade is easy to paint your own nails. Too precise and precise movements with a brush will not be needed, because it lies on the nails easily and without the appearance of streaks.

neat nude

Pink gamma is a win-win option for a neutral pedicure. In addition, the pink color is in harmony with both tanned and pale skin. So, with such a shade, the legs will look beautiful, even when your vacation tan finally disappears.

milk foam

Milky is perhaps the most harmless shade of the color scheme that suits everyone. In addition, it looks advantageous in combination with other tones: in case you want to do a pedicure with a design.

Wine range

Burgundy is the main color in the autumn palette, without which it is difficult to survive the cold season. The combined manicure and pedicure in wine tones looks especially stylish. Well, how not to please yourself with such beauty?

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Classics of the genre

Red pedicure can be treated differently. But one way or another, we all, at least occasionally, but still love to do it. And the cold season is the most suitable moment for this. Still, red nails harmonize very rarely with open shoes!

Now a red pedicure can become a piquant highlight of your image, which only the elite deserve to see;)


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