What to wear with a knitted skirt (47 photos): Top 10 styles, what length to choose, dressed in stripes, polka dots, plaid, tips for overweight girls, women over 50


The popularity of knitwear is undeniable. This is one of the most sought-after materials in the world of big fashion. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, cardigans and even skirts are sewn from knitwear. What to wear with a knitted skirt depends on the cut and design of the product. There are laconic business-style skirts and bold models for youth wardrobe. Before we discuss the rules for combining, let’s decide which skirt to buy.

What skirt length to choose

Knitwear has a comfortable fit, so it is suitable for women with various body types. Mature and young fashionistas are happy to dress in elongated models of a flowing style, as well as straight skirts made of thick knitwear. Expectant mothers also favor knitwear, and prefer cotton variations.

Shortened models are inappropriate in the office, and floor-length skirts are not very practical in everyday wardrobe. The midi length will help out an aged lady, but if there is a stocky figure, it will “eat up” growth.


A mini-format product is suitable for owners of a slim figure and age up to 30 years. You should not wear a tight-fitting mini to the office or to study, even if you have impeccable proportions. A short skirt in a dark palette goes well with white and nude things.

Knee-length flared knitted skirts will help out in spring and summer. Fashionistas often choose pastel colors, and they prefer blouses, tops or longsleeves in light colors upstairs. A denim shirt will be a good addition to a cropped straight or tapered skirt.


Stylists unanimously call the midi length trendy, but remind that it is not for everyone. Only owners of a slender figure can afford various midi options: from a pencil to the sun. Girls of short stature are more suitable for narrowed and straight knitted models of midi length.

Designers complement these skirts with high vents or side slits. Mature women of average height and above can afford midi-length wedge skirts, as well as A-line products made of soft flowing jersey.


In everyday fashion, dresses and maxi length skirts are increasingly common. The disadvantage of a long knitted skirt is that the fabric stretches significantly, and if the product is on the floor, then over time it can stretch beyond measure. Stylists recommend giving preference to light models with a length slightly higher than desired.

You can combine knitted maxi skirts with leather and fur items, as well as denim and footer items. Shoes are selected according to the season — boots and ankle boots are suitable for autumn and winter, sandals, ballet flats, slip-ons are suitable for summer.

Trendy colors and prints

If we talk about the knitwear palette, then various shades of brown and beige are considered fashionable. Black skirts and gray models with a melange effect do not lose popularity. Designers delight women with knitwear with trendy colors and prints. Take, for example, retro plaid models or provocative leopard-print tapered skirts.

Often, fashion designers combine knitted texture with natural or artificial leather, and combine not only fabrics, but also contrasting colors. Gray skirts with black leather inserts on the sides have a modeling property. Printed knitwear with plain vertical inserts made of smooth leather or suede looks no less uninteresting.


Black color is rightfully considered a classic. Stylists are sure that a black knitted skirt is a mandatory attribute of a basic wardrobe. It can be a straight product to the knee or a stylish midi pencil.

Excessively long black skirts can make the image gloomy, but if a woman knows how to combine clothes correctly, then even on the basis of a strict and conservative skirt, you can get a stylish and contrasting outfit.

Owners of magnificent forms should pay attention to the model of tight jersey with an oversized fit. For fragile girls, pleated or pleated skirts are suitable, which can be combined with fitted blouses or voluminous sweaters that are worn with a slouch.


Gray is also considered practical, and it is preferable to black because it does not look gloomy. They wear gray skirts to the office and to the street, and you can combine them with things of pastel colors and a rich palette. Under a melange skirt, it is better to choose a plain top, and for knitwear in the shade of asphalt, you can choose a printed product, for example, a leopard pattern in smoky colors, a zebra or snakeskin pattern.

In a summer look, there is a place for a flared skirt in a light gray shade. A powdery or fawn blouse, a top in a shade of mint or a summer sky will be able to complement the bow. Gray is good because it serves as a perfect background for the most daring palette.


Nude tones rule the ball for more than a season. Beige knitwear is suitable for the office, the street, a romantic date and even an evening ensemble. A pleated skirt with lurex or metallic thread will decorate a festive look. Matte beige is preferred in a business wardrobe. They combine a beige bottom with milky and white blouses.

A good addition to a light beige shade will be pastel colors. And if you need to focus on the upper part of the silhouette, then use rich and deep colors.


Among the fadeless prints is a contrasting stripe. The vertical pattern is worn with pleasure by curvaceous women who want to appear slimmer. Well-proportioned young fashionistas opt for bolder combinations, such as colorful diagonal stripes or zigzag patterns. A plain top will complement the patterned skirt. Also, stylists do not exclude the appearance of similar patterns in the upper part.

For example, a long-sleeve or vest with a horizontal pattern will suit a vertical striped skirt. This technique allows you to visually lengthen the legs and add volume to the upper part of the silhouette.

In a cage

Checkered year-round and midi-length skirts are associated with a retro style in clothing. Women prefer to wear similar products with blouses with a bow collar and loose sleeves gathered at the cuff. Skirts in a diagonal checkered direction with plain turtlenecks under a vest made of suit fabric look good.

A bright Scottish plaid requires a laconic neighborhood, for example, T-shirts and blouses in white or milky color. Pencil-cut models with a checkered pattern are in harmony with fitted blouses and blouses, the color of which is repeated in the skirt pattern.


The pattern «in peas» with enviable regularity appears in the women’s wardrobe. Fashionistas prefer to wear monochrome variations that are practical and easy to combine. Combine such a knitted skirt with a white or black chiffon blouse. For summer, a cropped skirt with pleats or an A-line in bright polka dots is suitable. You can wear it with a T-shirt, top, light cotton blouse.

TOP 8 popular styles

Women have access to a variety of models in cut and design. The top popular styles include skinny and flared skirts, floor-length products and a seductive mini. Pleated skirts are especially in demand, as well as slimming products made of thick knitwear.


The tapered fit and solid colors make the knitted pencil an indispensable model in a business wardrobe. Women of fashion combine such skirts with fitted blouses, turn-down collar shirts, chiffon blouses under a blazer or jacket.

Pencil skirts are recognized as versatile and very comfortable to combine. They successfully coexist both with office clothes and with informal things: leather jackets, oversized sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts of sports design. In accordance with the chosen style of clothing, tractor-soled boots, sneakers and sneakers, pumps may appear next to a knitted pencil skirt.


A small fold on knitwear looks soft and sophisticated. There are no rigid ribs, the fabric flows beautifully and envelops the figure. For this reason, pleated skirts are combined with delicate items made of soft and thin fabrics. Chiffon, batiste, satin are suitable for a blouse. Also, a pleated skirt can be worn with rough designs — leather and denim jackets. A white T-shirt or top without a pattern is put on underneath.

In an office bow, pleating is not forbidden. A free-cut midi skirt should be complemented with a cropped jacket or blazer. The outfit will be complemented by a shirt-cut blouse with a turn-down collar.

Sun skirt

Under the sun skirt, you can wear a cropped sweater or crop top. For conservative bows, blouses and shirts with a fitted or straight cut are recommended. In the second case, the product is worn tucked in with an overlap. Cropped knitted sun patterns are combined with sportswear — T-shirts, T-shirts, longsleeves. Sneakers or sneakers are suitable as shoes, in summer — slip-ons.


The sun, half sun and bell can be called options for a flared skirt. Elongated models with a flare are combined with a fitted or fitted top. Layering in the upper part will overload the image, although if you have a slender figure, you can wear a fur vest or a voluminous sweater with a knitted skirt. However, the waist line must be emphasized with a belt — leather or metal.

High waisted skirt

For short or plump women, a high-waisted skirt will be a salvation. It visually improves proportions and makes the figure slimmer. They wear the product with blouses and shirts tucked into the belt. It is advisable to leave a slouch to emphasize the lightness and femininity of the outfit.

Under a high skirt, you can pick up a cardigan or jacket, but the product is left open. It is advisable to find a cardigan of a similar tone, and take a blouse or top from a contrasting fabric.

Models with a high waist and a tapering cut are in harmony with long raincoats and coats, but again, the outerwear is not buttoned up, otherwise the meaning of a high waist will be lost. Stylists do not prohibit wearing knitted sweaters or jumpers with an expressive texture with smooth knitted skirts, but it is advisable to tuck the top into the belt at least in front.

With smell

For owners of a wide waist or extra pounds on the stomach, wrap skirts are perceived with a bang. Such a product is not only comfortable to wear, it also visually improves the proportions, especially if the insole element is asymmetrical or with a curly edge. It is worth combining the skirts with loose-fitting blouses, sweatshirts with a batwing sleeve, and fitted shirts. In a business ensemble, blazers or jackets with a fitted cut and above average length are appropriate.

With lace

Knitwear and light lace are designed to create a delicate and romantic ensemble. Skirts with lace bottoms should be worn with guipure blouses, but excessive lace can play a cruel joke. It is better to complement the skirt with lace with a smooth blouse or blouse made of translucent chiffon. A white, milky or bright top is suitable for a black knitted-lace skirt — red, saffron, emerald, Marsala colors.


Basque has a modeling property. It adorns straight narrowed or very long skirts with a flowing cut. Peplum models draw the eye to the hips and make the silhouette more proportional. Peplum skirts are recommended to be worn with fitted sweaters. The top is always tucked into the belt, with the exception of cropped tops and T-shirts, which is more often chosen by young fashionistas.

Examples of fashionable images with a knitted skirt

How successful the ensemble will be is determined not only by the cut of the skirt, but also by the ability to choose the right clothes and accessories. Consider examples of fashionable images with a knitted skirt for different categories of women: young, full and old.

Youth image

Young women of fashion choose either mini or maxi. The midi length fits into the youth look when it comes to a pencil skirt. Moreover, the narrowed product of the fashionista is combined with things of aggressive design — made of rough leather, shabby denim or footer with inscriptions, characteristic of the sports style of clothing. As shoes, girls prefer cozy sports pairs or boots with tractor soles.

For a short skirt, a thin blouse without a pattern or with a floral print will be the best neighbor. Shoes with heels are undesirable, but a platform or a low wedge will be in place. For maxi skirts fashionistas pick up:

  • thin T-shirts with straps or T-shirts, and a blazer, jacket or denim shirt is put on top, which is tied in a knot without fastening;
  • shortened products like a fitness sweater or crop top with long sleeves, shoes are chosen at low speed;
  • a masculine-style shirt, perhaps with a checkered or striped pattern, is complemented by a saddle bag over the shoulder and practical shoes.

For fat girls

For girls in the body, elongated straight or slightly flared skirts are suitable. Pleated midi skirts look good. For overweight girls, high-waisted models with a wrap and a vertical pattern are also recommended. Fullness in itself is not a problem, but the disproportion of the silhouette needs to be corrected. In any case, it is worth emphasizing the waistline. To do this, the top is tucked into the belt or a contrasting, but not too wide strap is used.

Under the knitted model of an elongated cut, you can wear a loose or fitted blouse, a turtleneck in combination with a vest or jacket open, given a trench coat, which is left unbuttoned.

For women 50 years old

If the passport gives out age, then clothes should mask it. For women 50 years old, stylists recommend a pencil skirt, a year and a full-length model. It is worth wearing them with cropped jackets and blazers, and if the figure does not allow you to wear a short jacket, then an elongated asymmetrical cardigan will help out.

The texture of the fabric of the skirt and cardigan should not match. If the skirt is knitted, then the top should be matte, smooth and non-stretchy.

An elongated cut, an A-shape and a yoke will hide silhouette errors, and a blouse with a lantern sleeve or a batwing blouse will complete the outfit.

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