Models of knitted sweaters (40 photos): with a hood, with buttons or zippers


Knitted sweaters can rightly be called the most spectacular and respectable items of women’s wardrobe. Unique things can radically change the style, add nobility and femininity to the image. Modern fashion designers have taken care of the image and beauty of women and offer a variety of models of knitted sweaters that differ in design and decoration.

You can choose original products in two trends — everyday style, gravitating towards luxury and respectability, and classic design. The classic includes not only strict and concise models, but also romantic and avant-garde examples of creative design.


Depending on the purpose of the bow and external features, products of a certain format are selected.

For any complexion, you can pick up a stylish knitted item with great potential and high aesthetics.

  • Exquisite long sweaters with an English collar without pockets are the best choice for overweight women. Such products will smooth out the shapes, visually hide extra pounds and add elegance to the silhouette.
  • Short textured models are suitable for thin girls, transforming angular figures and adding femininity to the image.

Owners of high growth fit products of medium length with a smell or a pin. Short women can use cropped products with three-quarter or one-shoulder sleeves.

Knitting methods

Needlewomen present chic items with high functionality and original appearance to the public. Sweatshirts with floral motifs and figured elements, knitted or crocheted according to special patterns, are in great demand.

You can purchase multi-color sweaters with squares or rhombuses, tied with a satin ribbon. Smooth designs with expressive winter ornaments — Christmas trees, deer and snowflakes are always in fashion. Unusual voluminous things with bumps or leaves, waves or paths do not lose their relevance.

The masters use the brioche technique, which allows them to create amazing things of indescribable beauty. The Italian set of loops or the «Bulgarian beginning» is a success. Attention is drawn to things associated with the “cloquet” effect, with loops removed and stretched out.

Extravagant sweaters with roses and leaves on the edge cause amazement and admiration of the public and effectively transform the image. Models with embossed, openwork patterns, crossed loops, plaits and braids are put on display for fashionistas.

Large-knitted products made of thick yarn or elegant elegant samples made with openwork patterns look elegant.

Materials and colors

A wide range of warm knitted products based on angora, alpaca, wool or light samples made of thin bamboo, cotton and viscose are offered to the female audience.

In spring, mohair or cashmere products with the addition of natural silk are popular, and in autumn knitted sweaters are in demand.

Summer openwork items are made of thin yarn based on cotton and acrylic, and in winter they will ideally warm products made of merino — dense sheep’s wool, which reliably protects against cold and moisture.

The composition of materials significantly affects the properties of products, their appearance, the ability to retain heat and provide comfort in wear.

The fashionable public is offered a large selection of exquisite items of various formats. These can be monophonic laconic sweaters or bright multi-color designs with appliqués and embroidery. Young women of fashion are happy to wear things in red, yellow, lemon, pink, blue.

Older women prefer clothes in warm or muted colors and widely use terracotta, olive, brown, chocolate, purple or burgundy products.

Freshness and youthful appearance are given by sweaters in the color of aquamarine, marsala, emerald, ivory, cappuccino or lime. Eccentricity is brought into the style by black things with ornaments or prints.

White, beige, vanilla, cream, milk samples with exquisite decorative elements (beads, sequins, rhinestones, chiffon ribbons) add elegance to the image. For everyday wear, gray, blue, emerald, swamp or green things of a laconic cut are used.

Criterias of choice

When choosing styles of knitted sweaters, one should take into account not only internal urges, fashionable and taste claims, but also other factors — seasonality, functionality, ergonomics of things, compliance with the chosen style and image.

  • If you lead an active lifestylethe best choice would be a jacket with a hood, fastened with buttons or a zipper.
  • Classic lovers they can use long products with a collar or collar, and for a romantic date, an open sweater with a lowered shoulder is suitable. In winter, dense woolen products are in demand, and in summer, actual light openwork patterns based on bamboo and silk are in demand.
  • Vanguard Youth prefers products of a creative format — with asymmetry, a large neckline and a scarf, with short sleeves and fur edging.

A-line sweatshirts made with different knitting techniques will allow you to demonstrate female individuality. A cropped model with a zipper and a hood will allow you to create sports bows, and a button-down jacket with a wide long collar or stand-up collar is suitable for everyday life.

Benefits of knitwear

Products of this format give luxury and nobility to the appearance, significantly influence the formation of style and make their own adjustments to the modeling of the silhouette. Spectacular, ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful knitted sweaters decorate and transform the image, emphasize individuality and the best aspects of appearance.

You can safely combine fashionable products with elements of an ensemble of business and casual style, sports direction and youth format. Sweatshirts knitted in innovative ways are widely used in various areas of life, reliably protect against negative factors and provide freedom of movement and comfort to wear.

fashion images

What to wear with knitted sweaters to look stylish and inimitable? The choice of elements of the ensemble depends on the style, weather and features of appearance.

  • youth fashion involves the use of bright and elegant things, simple and practical, restrained and extravagant. You can combine jeans with holes at the knees and a cropped sweater with a deep neckline. Leggings with nylon or leather inserts on the hips and a long sweater on the belt will come in handy.
  • Women of conservative views they prefer medium-length button-downs with a turn-down collar in combination with straight long skirts or trousers in a classic style.

You can attract the attention of others with unusual combinations of things of different styles and external content.

  • Washed jeans and a one-shoulder jacket in glossy yarn will add originality to the look and add a special zest to style.
  • Stunning summer ensembles include high-waisted skinny trousers and short-sleeve luxe fishnet sweatshirts to the waistline.
  • To create street looks, you can use three-color capes with pockets and ripped jeans, and for visiting cultural events, slices and a embossed jacket to the middle of the thighs with a peplum will come in handy.
  • Business bows will allow you to create a combination: midi skirt + turtleneck + jacket with a stand-up collar.

Do not be afraid to experiment, use original and unusual things and you will create bright and expressive images.

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