Autophagy and 3 more magic words, knowing which, you will delay your aging


You can grow old quickly and unaesthetically, but you can preserve youth and beauty as much as possible. To do this, it is enough to recall the course of school biology and the four basic concepts, one way or another connected with the aging process of the body, which we will tell you about. And please don’t be afraid of complex scientific terms, their meaning will be explained by experts.

What: autophagy

Once an infection enters the body, bacteria and viruses are mercilessly destroyed by autophagy. This is a complex natural regeneration process that occurs at the cellular level and reduces the likelihood of various diseases. Cells deftly sort components and deal with any potentially dangerous ones. Such a «cleansing» occurs in the body continuously, but extremely slowly. You can activate autophagy in your body with intermittent fasting, reduced protein intake on certain days, and intense exercise. We believe that autophagy is a good motivation for the lazy, it’s time to buy a subscription to a fitness club or sign up for yoga.

What: sirtuins

They take on the role of police officers who, at the right time, reject erroneously synthesized forms of protein molecules and force the body to work correctly. With age, the level of sirtuins decreases, which leads to the accumulation of «bad» forms of important protein molecules, such as neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, collagen, etc. Scientists agree that it is sirtuins that play a decisive role in combating age-related changes. So, interesting solutions are already appearing on the beauty market that can restore the age-related deficiency of sertuins. For example, the German pharmaceutical company DANDA Pharma, which recently introduced its anti-aging agent OYOX, is confident that the body’s self-regulation system can be easily restored by eliminating the deficiency of sirtuins. By the way, you yourself can manage this process now, for example, with the help of intermittent fasting and calorie restriction, dietary supplements that have proven their effectiveness and have passed clinical studies. We have some more good news for you: they say that turmeric and red wine can stimulate the production of sirtuins.

What: free radicals

We are sure that you are familiar with them firsthand. These are the very oxidizing pests that damage cells, causing the development of various diseases, and accelerate the extinction of the body. And they also “help” the appearance of black spots, destroy the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, provoking its dryness and all kinds of inflammation. Free radical theory is considered one of the main theories of aging. It is difficult to completely hide from free radicals, especially if you live in a big city, but you can minimize your exposure to them. Just know that they appear and become more active with poor ecology, excess ultraviolet radiation, radiation and smoking. Attention: with passive smoking including! Try to avoid stress, live in a clean environment, exercise regularly, eat right (must have your diet: oily sea fish, green tea). And if possible, protect yourself from excessive use of gadgets — active sources of electromagnetic radiation. And, of course, choose cosmetics enriched with antioxidants.

What: Antioxidants

These are magical super-helpers that fight the negative effects of free radicals on the skin and at the same time protect its cells and collagen molecules from damage. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is considered one of the most powerful and widespread antioxidants. In our body, it is not synthesized on its own, so try to get it from the outside: from food and cosmetics. We strongly advise you to pay attention to skin care cosmetics: if you are in the 35+ age group, choose serums and creams with a high concentration of vitamin C, as well as green tea extract, pomegranate extract or niacinamide. By the way, the aforementioned sirtuins are also involved in the proper functioning of the antioxidant defense mechanisms.

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