How to get rid of excess fat in the thighs and forever forget about the hated effect of «orange peel»


The hips are a part of the body that is quite difficult to correct. The fair sex is well aware of this, because the fight against cellulite takes them a lot of time and effort. To give the legs a more perfect shape, get rid of excess fat in the thighs and forever forget about the hated effect of the «orange peel», you need to approach the task in a complex way. A harmonious combination of some dietary restrictions, massage and special physical exercises will help solve this problem.

To this end, it is recommended to include in the fitness training program a block of special elements designed to work with the muscles of the back of the thighs.

Tips for organizing fitness training at home

Tips for organizing fitness training at home

A well-thought-out system of fitness classes at home contributes to their effectiveness. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to organize training in accordance with the provisions set out below.

  • Choose a convenient time for training and strictly follow the schedule.
  • Perform the program in full at least 3 times a week.
  • Get comfortable sportswear and shoes.
  • If necessary, compensate for the lack of sports equipment with improvised means. So, instead of weights and dumbbells, plastic water bottles or sand bags can be temporarily used.
  • Follow the recommendations of trainers regarding the technique of performing fitness exercises.
  • Get a video course of such training. The last requirement is especially true for beginners.

Fitness classes at home: recommendations from trainers

Fitness classes at home: recommendations from trainers

In order for independent fitness classes to bring maximum benefit, you must adhere to the following rules.

  • Before starting the main set of exercises, it is imperative to warm up for 5-10 minutes. This can be running in place, jumping, or other simple moves designed to warm up major muscle groups. Preheated muscles and ligaments become more elastic, as a result of which the risk of injury is significantly reduced when moving to more serious loads.
  • Throughout the fitness training, it is necessary to control the breathing mode, following a simple rule: any movement that requires muscle tension is performed on the exhale, relaxation on the inhale.
  • All exercises must be repeated the recommended number of times in the description. Each stage of training sessions for the back half of the thigh should contain at least 15-20 repetitions, after which a minute break is required. Next, the following approach is taken.
  • The increase in load should be gradual. At each training session, if possible, increase the number of repetitions, add approaches, complicate the movements.
  • Completing physical exercises, it is necessary to perform stretching. This will relieve the pain syndrome after power loads, increase the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles.

Exercises for the back of the thighs

Exercises for the back of the thighs

Organizing fitness classes at home, you need to perform exercises designed to work out different muscle groups. To strengthen the back of the thigh, the following techniques are relevant.

  • Lying leg raise. Initial position: lie on the floor on your stomach, placing your chin on clasped hands. With the effort of the gluteal muscles, you need to raise your right leg and slowly lower it without lowering it to the floor. After performing the required number of repetitions, you should change the limbs and repeat the same number of lifts for the left leg. You can increase the complexity of this element during fitness training with the help of an additional load on the working leg. Also, to increase the load, it is recommended to use a rubber band that wraps around both legs and creates additional resistance.
  • A more complex version of the above technique. The original position remains the same. At the same time, you need to raise the straight right leg and upper body, stretching your arms in front of you. Next, you need to slowly return to the starting position, keeping the leg overhang and repeat the body lifts the required number of times. You can diversify this exercise by raising both legs together.
  • Another variation of leg raises. In the same position, bend your legs, placing your shins perpendicular to the floor surface. It is required to raise the legs up, smoothly lower and fix, without touching the floor surface.
  • Raising the hip. Starting position: kneel down, tilting the torso parallel to the floor surface and leaning on your hands. Straining the press, you should raise the right leg bent at the knee to the maximum allowable height. The foot should be parallel to the floor. Next, you need to return to the starting position and perform a similar movement with your left foot.
  • Taking the leg to the side. The original position remains the same. It is necessary to raise a straight leg and place it parallel to the floor surface. Keeping the leg at the same level relative to the floor, you need to slowly take it to the side and return it back. Then you need to take the other leg to the side. During the execution of the described element, it is recommended to keep the torso and pelvis immobile.
  • Squats with extra weight. Such exercises are recognized as the most effective for working out the back of the thighs and gluteal muscles. Starting position: take dumbbells in your hands and stand up, keeping the body straight and slightly bending your legs. It is necessary to stretch your arms with dumbbells in front of you and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then you should return to the original position. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to use dumbbells weighing from 1.5 kg. Beginners who are just mastering fitness classes need to start with a small weight, increasing the load gradually. In a more complex version, squats can be performed by stretching your arms with dumbbells up. Such movements create an additional load and involve the muscles of the back and arms.
  • Stretching after a fitness workout for the back of the thigh. You need to sit down, resting your bent left leg on the inside of the outstretched right leg. As you exhale, holding on to the ankle of your right leg, you need to bend forward, stretching the muscles of the back of the thigh. Carrying out the maximum allowable tilt, it is advisable to hold out in this position for at least 20 seconds. Then the stretch must be performed for the other leg.

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