In the same place: who and why used to wear intimate wigs


You will be surprised, but the intimate wig even had its own name — Merkin. Pubic hair extensions were considered one of the most popular beauty products and were most often made for women.

Alas, the reasons for such a high popularity of the Merkins were extremely sad. In the 19th century, there was a terrible outbreak of syphilis in the world. And naturally, the most infected were among girls working in the field of intimate services.

At that time, the only cure for a sexually transmitted infection was considered a remedy based on mercury. But from him, the “moths” lost hair in the bikini zone — so soon this detail became the main reason due to which ladies of easy virtue lost their usual form of earnings.

By the way, “merkins” were also bought by ordinary women — for example, if they did not like the color and density of their own intimate haircut.

By the way, today bikini wigs still exist: however, only on movie theaters. Among modern actresses, it is difficult to find a fan of «retro hairstyles» in intimate places. So if, according to the plot, the heroine needs dense vegetation “there”, the actress simply puts on the “merkin”. According to rumors, such wigs were worn by Kate Winslet during the filming of the scandalous drama The Reader and Dakota Johnson in the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy.


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