Knitted sweaters with bat sleeves (35 photos): knitted, woolen and openwork


Today, the variety of women’s clothing is so great that it is often difficult to choose the perfect product. Practical products include a knitted sweater, distinguished by sophistication and elegance.

Elegant jumpers with batwing sleeves transform the look. They allow you to create original bows for everyday, work, street style, sports and walking outfits, as well as smart looks.

Product features

The peculiarity of this style lies in a one-piece sleeve without a shoulder seam. The jacket is visually similar in shape to a «bat». The historical path of the sweater begins in the countries of Europe, from the 18th century, where this pattern was used as an insulating part of clothing.

The bat style is perfect for both young audiences and mature ladies. Modern models differ in shades and features of style.

A perfect option for full ladies who want to hide some problem areas, in particular, not too expressive waist, full arms and shoulders.

The style is convenient because it does not restrict movement. In it, the girl feels cozy and comfortable.

Products of this style are a great option for ladies with an inverted triangle and triangle figure. Girls with a “rectangular” figure can hide an inexpressive waist under a wide sleeve.

Design options

Always in demand are universal things that are suitable for different occasions and harmoniously combined with any clothing. Due to the optimal composition and excellent quality indicators, blouses provide comfort in wearing and remain in excellent condition for a long time.

On the smell

A wrap sweater with a batwing sleeve is more similar in appearance to a cardigan. Sweatshirts with a smell are great for girls with excess weight on the stomach and waist.


A model of continuous cut, without accessories and decorations, is perfectly used as a dress, especially if we are dealing with an elongated model. Since there is no fear that the product can be unbuttoned, putting its owner in an uncomfortable position.

with fittings

Sweatshirts with wide sleeves in the form of a «bat» can be equipped with fasteners and buttons, buttons or a zipper. This element of the wardrobe is often used as an upper part in not very cool weather, making it easier to put on and take off clothes.

Long sleeves and ¾

Models with a full sleeve usually come elongated. This product is relevant in the cold season, especially if it is made of warm wool. Samples with a short sleeve are perfect for a warm period of time, especially if they are sewn from lightweight materials.

Various models are presented that can be used as a jacket in combination with leggings and jeans, as well as more dense products used as a dress.

What to wear?

You can combine a jacket of a similar shape with any clothes, with the right selection of things and accessories. Wear an elongated version with a tight bottom, whether it be skirts, shorts, leggings, jeggings.

Loose cropped models will go well with tight-fitting pants and skirts with a high waistline.

How to create a fashionable image and a stylish bow to look beautiful and harmonious? Consider your age and appearance, taste and fashion preferences, the desire to demonstrate your own exclusivity.

  • Composing an everyday look, use comfortable and ergonomic things with high functionality. Fit jeans, leggings, scarves, sneakers and comfortable shoes.
  • Creating street styles, pay attention to refined and elegant, at the same time slightly careless and democratic products. Suitable boyfriend jeans, leather pants, skirts with an interesting design.
  • For lovers of the classics it is better to wear restrained and concise things like a pencil skirt. and for those who are not afraid to look catchy and defiant, extravagant products of a non-trivial cut of an unusual format will do.

Image examples

  • Casual: gray knitted cropped sweater + gray or black hat + white elongated shorts + white sneakers or moccasins.
  • Business outlet: snow-white long tunic + black leggings or tight-fitting jeans + wristwatch + high-heeled shoes or boots.

Trendy colors

The youth audience is offered bright sweaters in the color of raspberries, ripe cherries, sea waves, turquoise, emeralds. Older women prefer products of olive, terracotta, brown, blue.

Creating festive images, exquisite sweaters made of fine yarn of vanilla, milk, coffee, cream, scarlet shades are widely used. They put on dark blue, chocolate, purple things of a laconic cut for work.

A black or white sweater is always in trend, harmoniously combined with things of different shades and styles.

Red, lemon, turquoise and burgundy products with decorative bright elements will allow you to emphasize individuality and focus on the best sides of your appearance.


To look presentable, to feel confident and comfortable, practical things made of reliable and high-quality materials allow. Knitted knitwear is popular in summer. Autumn models are made from mohair, cashmere and angora, and winter samples are knitted from mixed yarns based on wool, cashmere, acrylic and polyester.

Often, knitted sweaters are made of thick wool, the jacket has a long sleeve, so it is great for cool weather. In this product, any girl will feel good and comfortable.

Openwork products have a special knitting technique that gives the jacket a delicate shape. Knitwear in calm colors is worn for walks. For romantic meetings, additionally decorated items decorated with rhinestones, beads and stones will come in handy.


Appearance is largely determined by the style of clothing and shoes, the design of accessories and jewelry. If you want to create an elegant look, then the best choice would be a bracelet and a gold chain, a set of long earrings and a jade ring.

Clip-on earrings and necklaces, natural wood beads or a heart-shaped pendant will add cuteness and femininity to the appearance. Jewelry with original details will add a special zest to the image, emphasize originality and female individuality.

Business ladies prefer neckerchiefs and scarves, messengers, and romantic ladies use jewelry with small stones — garnet, pearl, cat’s eye or lace capes.

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