Short knitted sweaters (37 photos): with long sleeves, with a hood or with buttons


Short knitted sweaters allow you to always be on top and look impeccable. An exquisite product with great potential, it serves to create harmonious ensembles for a wide range of purposes and allows you to emphasize the most beautiful parts of the body and your own individuality.

They put on fashionable clothes for parties, social events, youth parties, walks and romantic dates. The brightest and most expressive female images are created with the help of an original cropped jacket, which gives freshness and youthful appearance, accentuates a thin waist and slender hips.

Model Features

Cropped knitted sweaters look bright and expressive, add spice and sexuality to the image. Young fashionistas wear products on their naked bodies, which allows them to stand out and focus on natural beauty and their own exclusivity.

Things are widely used to create everyday, street bow, sports outfit and walking ensemble.

For every taste and color today you can buy soft, delicate, luxurious and functional designs that perfectly fit the silhouette and harmoniously fit into the style.


The female audience is offered eccentric models of different formats, differing in shape, length and design method. Chic products with long sleeves look especially bright and expressive, balance the silhouette and give a special luxury to the look.

To create avant-garde images, one-shoulder sweaters or with an asymmetrical edge, a mass of decorative elements and unusual patterns are used. The most practical and popular are samples with detachable sleeves up to the wrist or ¾. Ribbed cuffs add a finished look and feel comfortable to wear.


You can choose fashionable designs with a round or V-neck, with buttons or zippers, with or without pockets. Each model is unique and able to radically change the style and effectively adjust the silhouette.

Depending on age, interests, status and build, a certain variant with special properties and functions is selected.

  • For everyday wear, a button-down model is useful, and for walking, a jacket with a hood will be the best choice.
  • For a holiday, you can wear an openwork pattern with a mesh or lace on the back, and for work you will need a two-button sweater made of knitwear.
  • Romantic girls use translucent sweaters with long openwork sleeves and asymmetric shoulders, while conservative ladies prefer models with a round collar and detachable sleeves.

Trendy colors

Modern women include bright and expressive things of non-traditional performance in their ensembles. To emphasize individuality and embody bold design ideas, things of raspberry, coral, turquoise, terracotta, and iris shades are used.

Demonstrate delicate taste and sense of style allows the black model, which suits absolutely everyone, regardless of the appearance. Elegant and festive ensembles allow you to create a white product that ennobles the female image. Multi-colored things are always in fashion, giving lightness, playfulness and charm to the appearance.

Red, green, mint, yellow, blue products are in demand among the youth. Classic models with cappuccino, chocolate, aqua, vanilla or azure blue buttons never go out of fashion. They bring special luxury and nobility to the image of exquisite products of burgundy, terracotta, emerald hue.

To create everyday ensembles, dark brown, blue, gray, purple, black things without frills are widely used.

Materials and decor

For sewing fashionable blouses, good-quality materials with high quality indicators are used. An excellent choice for making winter outfits — wool, cashmere, alpaca, combined with lace, guipure, satin or genuine leather.

  • Everyday spring models are made of knitwear, cotton viscose, supplex.
  • For the production of summer clothes, cotton, silk, mohair with the addition of acrylic or polyester are used.
  • Autumn samples are made of wool, angora, cashmere with the addition of elastane. Such practical things are worn in cold and damp weather to feel comfortable and confident.

To decorate women’s clothing, different methods of decorating and the best modern materials are used. Woolen models look luxurious, knitted with satin stitch and decorated with beautiful patterns — braids, roses, leaves, rhombuses, bumps.

They bring a special chic and sophistication to the style of the product, including rhinestones, beads, leather fragments, small details from lace, organza or chiffon. Emphasize the individuality of the model with embroidery, suede or satin applications.

Festiveness is given by sequins, silk bows, linen flowers or transparent leaves.

Each model is unique, deserves special attention and allows you to create luxurious and original female images.

Fashionable bows

How and with what to wear a cropped knitted sweater to look stylish and elegant? The best way to stand out and attract the attention of others is to use things of a non-trivial cut with an unusual design and decoration.

You can safely wear leggings with leather inserts on the hips or jeggings with scuffs. Street fashion welcomes stylish and slightly casual pieces, so it’s perfectly acceptable to wear ripped jeans, skinny pants, high-rise chinos, or raw-edge cuts.


  • Denim mini skirt + gray melange sweater with long sleeves.
  • White blouse + black straight-cut trousers + yellow cropped jacket.
  • Blue jeans + blue jacket «grass» + openwork white cardigan.
  • Red pencil skirt with floral abstractions + white T-shirt + scarlet jacket with ¾ sleeves.
  • The dress is yellow tight-fitting + a black jacket with buttons.
  • Above-the-knee tiered mouse-colored skirt + orange asymmetric buttonless blouse.

To emphasize the style and your own originality, you need to use expressive things that are distinguished by sophistication and luxury. You can safely combine light acrylic or crimplene dresses, cotton trousers, crepe de chine skirts or denim suits with wool sweaters.

The choice of elements of the ensemble is determined by the purpose of the bow and the feminine mood.

  • If you’re looking for a sporty look, a hoodie and skinny jeans are the best choice.
  • For walks, a button-down pattern + slices or a midi skirt is suitable.
  • At the disco, you can wear a loose sweater with lurex, combined with a long tight-fitting skirt.
  • For study, a button-down jacket is suitable in combination with a laconic dress, moderately fitting the silhouette.


Exquisite accessories and beautiful jewelry are used to accentuate the style. A pendant with a pendant or original design jewelry, sunglasses or a stylish hairpin are in demand among young people.

Business women prefer practical products that allow them to look more elegant and emphasize external merits. Thin leather straps are used that slim the silhouette, wide-brimmed hats that add femininity to the image or kid gloves that protect from the cold.

Festive styles are created with an exquisite choker or necklace, brooch and clutch on a gold chain. Watches, bracelets, square bags made of suede or eco-leather are useful for everyday wear.

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