What ideas for manicure and pedicure will be relevant in the summer of 2019


Nail design trends change almost every season. This summer was no exception. To the delight of fashionistas, a variety of ideas will be relevant during the holidays. For manicure and pedicure, you can choose any shape, length of nails. But what colors and designs will be indicated at the peak of popularity, it is easy to find out from the MedAboutMe selection. We offer you to get acquainted with the «hot» summer trends — with them you will become the star of any beach party or prom.

Geometry in action

Geometry in action Source: cuded.comGeometry in action Source: cuded.comGeometry in action Source: fashion-woman.comGeometry in action Source: cuded.com

The «queen» of the summer ball this year will be geometry. The simplest embodiment of geometric design is clear lines located at any angle. But various shapes will also be in trend — triangles, squares, rhombuses and more. In order not to make a mistake in choosing shades for manicure and pedicure, you can use black and white and other contrasting color combinations. The combination of matte and glossy coatings looks advantageous when drawing lines. According to the latest trends, the geometric pattern can be flat or voluminous. And the most luxurious design option is using negative space. It is popular to decorate strict drawings with sparkles, glitter, rubbing.


If you do not want to waste time manually creating geometric patterns, you can use metallized ribbons. They will also be mega-popular this summer. These materials will turn a laconic design into a festive one.

Nude for all time

Nude for all time Source: glaminati.comNude for all time Source: glaminati.com

Nude manicure and pedicure remains relevant this summer. It is suitable for any shape, length of nails and always looks advantageous. Pastel shades will effectively emphasize chocolate or bronze tan. And also beige, peach, pale pink, light lilac and other nude colors allow you to change outfits at least 3 times a day. Unsurprisingly, these feminine and neutral shades are easy to match with a wide variety of colors of clothes and shoes.


Nude goes well with various types of nail decor. You can decorate the plates with rhinestones, foil or sparkles, lace. Or highlight the tip with a different color, for example, gold, black. A great idea for the summer would be to use glossy and matte textures in nail design.

Ah, ombre

Ah, ombre. Source: fashion-woman.com

Gradient manicure will also be popular this summer. All kinds of transitions are welcome — using delicate shades or bright colors, sharp or smooth. Even ombre will be in fashion with coating the nails on the hand or foot in different shades of the same color. This effect is created if you paint the thumb with fuchsia varnish, the index and middle fingers with calm pink, and the ring and little fingers with pale pink, closer to nude. Such a gradient is ideal for those who cannot decide on one color in the master’s chair.

Long live yellow

Long live yellowLong live yellow Source: fashion-woman.com

Summer favorite in manicure and pedicure will be yellow. This cheerful color symbolizes the sun, and therefore, bright emotions, rich rest! It looks good both in a monochromatic solution and in combination with decor. For example, with delicate floral patterns, dot painting or geometric patterns, glitter. Neon yellow will be especially popular this summer. It can be safely combined with acid orange, mint or green. But a simple matte yellow finish also looks beautiful — there is nothing superfluous in this design.


In addition to all shades of yellow, you can choose other bright colors for manicure and pedicure for the summer of 2019. The color of the year — living coral — remains in trend. And also — fuchsia, all shades of red, some dark colors. For example, saturated green or blue.

Unbanal French

Unbanal french Source: glaminati.comUnbanal french Source: glaminati.com

For fashionistas who will be forced to do without a vacation in the summer, a colored jacket will be a good choice. The idea of ​​​​combining several colors at once on the edge of the nail is relevant. The very basis of a French manicure should be done in pastel colors or be completely transparent. The «smile» line can be of any shape — oval, pointed, with a beveled edge, etc. French with a «zest» is relevant in both manicure and pedicure. For toenails for the summer, it is also worth choosing classic pastel shades. The “smile” line itself for a pedicure should not be made wide. Small decor in the form of rhinestones or dot patterns, stripes and other geometric patterns for pedicure is only welcome.

More nail prints

More nail printsMore nail prints Source: fashion-woman.comMore nail prints Source: nenuno.co.ukMore nail prints Source: fashion-woman.com

A favorite summer theme is all kinds of prints. Fingernails and toenails can be decorated with drawings for every taste. Juicy fruits and berries, palm trees and sea waves, flowers and rainbow birds, leopard spots and zebra stripes, seagulls and a ship anchor, fish and starfish, an ice cream cone and a glass of cocktail, a simple zigzag and multi-colored dots — the choice of design depends only on the wishes of the client . To make a manicure or pedicure look harmonious, it is better to make drawings on only 1-2 nails, adhering to the same style and theme.


One of the fashionable novelties of the season in nail design is the inscriptions on the nails. It can be either just one word (Love, Summer, Hello), or a whole slogan, phrase. To tell about yourself as much as possible with the help of this trend, it is worth putting inscriptions on a light coating. The ideal background for drawing words will be any pastel shades, light pink, lavender, white or transparent.

Rhinestones and foil

Rhinestones and foil Source: topinspired.com

A brilliant manicure and pedicure in the summer will be in demand more than ever. You can decorate your nails with a scattering of rhinestones of any shape, color and size. But to embody such an original design, you will need to choose a neutral color for the base. In addition to rhinestones, foil should also be used to create a bright manicure. The material in gold, silver and bronze colors is combined with rich colors of lacquer, and with neutral shades. It is not necessary to decorate all nails with metallic paint. It is enough to highlight 1-2 nails on one hand or foot to shine like a star!

watercolor technique

Connoisseurs of delicate nail design can choose a watercolor manicure this summer. With this technique, you can decorate all the nails on the hands and feet, or select only a part of them as an accent. Watercolor painting looks advantageous on its own, so you should not overload the design with any decor. To create airy streaks or draw translucent colors, the trend colors of the season are most suitable. The base must be matte. A watercolor pedicure or manicure will look like summer if you choose blue or blue, mint, pink colors.

«Cow» manicure

Abroad, an original trend in nail design is gaining popularity — decorating nails with dark spots, like a cow. Animal print is a combination of white and black. Best of all, such patterns look on nails of medium and small length. In the technique of «cow» manicure, you can decorate all the plates or select 1-2 nails. Then the rest of the nails should be covered with neutral colors. A design using a matte, velor texture will turn out to be edgy.

Expert comment

Kristina Piterskaya, nail service master

Finally, the sun pleases us with its warm rays, a floral aroma hovers in the air and the mood goes off scale along with the thermometer mark. Summer! A wonderful time for vacations, vacations, relaxing in the country, translating your ideas into reality.
I want bright colors in clothes and on nails. And here comes the logical question — what is fashionable this season?

What is abundant in summer? Of course, fruits. And nails are a chic canvas for embodying the freshest and most colorful still lifes. Juicy oranges, lemons, strawberries, cherries, watermelons — you can draw everything. A separate option for how the fruit will look interesting is an image under a matte top, covered with glossy drops on top. Be careful, they will try to bite off your manicure!

For a bright image and a cheerful mood, neon colors are perfect: pink, orange, light green, yellow, green — it will be difficult to take your eyes off such a nail art.
Floral prints, compositions from single branches and insects are also fashionable. No, you should not shock the master and ask him to depict the Kazakh locust. A ladybug made in the style of a flat design and covered with a drop of thick gel will look pretty cute. Such a manicure looks voluminous and very impressive.

The gradient design will not leave anyone indifferent. It can be a light pastel or bold bright color transitions. Here the choice is simply huge!

For those with a sweet tooth, summer is the time to bring ideas to life. Ice cream, cake, donut, cupcake, piece of cake looks original. You can draw berries on top — and, goodbye, diet, you will definitely want to try a real delicacy!

Holders of booked trips to the azure shores can be offered a marine style. Draw palm trees against the background of the setting sun, a swimsuit and sunglasses on neighboring nails. There will also be seagulls, a boat, a steering wheel, a wind rose — everything that is associated with relaxation and water.

But we should not forget about office workers. If, according to the charter, only a jacket is allowed, make it colored. A neat stripe of a bright shade on the tip of the nail will look both formal and playful at the same time.

Everyone knows that the new is the well-forgotten old. And now stamping is back in fashion. With the help of simple devices, you can make an original design on all nails in a short time.

And don’t forget about rubbing — it’s already a classic for all time! Its diversity wins hearts. Maybug, pearl rub, holography — each color plays in its own way.

The main thing in our business is to find the right design for the client. Individual approach to creative expression is the key to excellent work!


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