Scientists explained why it is dangerous to sleep with a smartphone, and at what distance it should be


The California Department of Health has issued a warning: scientists insist that smartphones should be held at least an arm’s length away from you before going to bed to reduce radiation dose.

Their studies also confirmed that smartphone use can affect the occurrence of oncology, cause problems with concentration, mental health and the reproductive system.

So far, studies cannot prove a clear relationship, but we think everyone understands that a mobile phone is not a harmless device at all. The tests carried out show that there is a danger. Especially for children.

So, scientists recommend keeping smartphones at a distance of 1-2 meters from the bed. “Most people are not even aware that there is a clear warning to keep the phone away from the body. And this is worrying, because parents who do not know about it, quietly leave their children near gadgets, ”complains Dr. Davis from the Foundation for Human Health and the Environment.

Scientists at the California Department of Health emphasize that low-frequency radio signals penetrate the brains of children much more easily than adults, which can lead to damage or other negative consequences in the development of the brain.


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