It is hard to imagine what could be more dynamic and diverse than the beauty industry. We see new proposals every day, and each of them is presented almost like a magic wand. And you yourself, probably, could see more than once that marketing in these proposals is often more than effect. Of course, it cannot be said that there are completely useless procedures: if, for example, you have done make-up removal and applied cream, it is no longer completely useless. But if you do not have unlimited financial and time opportunities for trial and error, we recommend that you bypass the following 5, in our opinion, useless cosmetic procedures.

Facial massage

Let’s make a reservation right away that a facial massage to solve the problem of puffiness, as an “exit” procedure, as an SOS procedure in the morning after a noisy party, is an excellent procedure that will remove pastosity in a moment (it’s a little swelling. — Approx. ed.), will remove excess fluid, and the face will look thinner and rested. But massage courses as an alternative to Botox, fillers, plastic surgery are quite useless. When noticeable age-related changes in the skin have already appeared (“flews”, a floating oval of the face, deep wrinkles on the face and neck), massage will not help. Alas, at this time the skin has already lost its fatty layer, which by itself will not recover from the massage.

The missing volumes can be replenished only with the help of injections. Only injections or plastic surgery can also achieve a lifting effect in cases of severe sagging skin. If you think that cosmetologists are against facial massage, because it is a competitor to injection techniques and, as it were, “takes bread” from doctors, then I must say that financially the doctor receives the same money from Botox injections (due to the high cost of the drug) , as for a massage session, they have no material interest.

Steaming the skin

Although in Russia, according to the standards of material support for a cosmetologist’s office, a skin steamer is mandatory, steaming the face before cleaning is considered not only undesirable, but also a harmful procedure. Steaming can aggravate rosacea (vascular network close to the surface of the skin) and increase rashes. Now, before cleansing the face, she uses cold hydrogenation — a mask that is usually applied under the film, opens the pores and softens their contents.

Non-injection mesotherapy and biorevitalization

It is important to remember that the main function of our skin is a barrier. The fact that after taking a bath we do not draw water into ourselves suggests that even the smallest molecules cannot easily penetrate the dermis like that. Until a technology that could bring active substances deep into the skin without injection has been invented, for deep hydration and delivery of such large molecules as, for example, hyaluronic acid into the deep layers, only classical biorevitalization and mesotherapy remain — with anesthesia, pain, bruises and rehabilitation, but with proven effectiveness and visible long-term results.

Cavitation, pressotherapy, ultrasonic liposuction and other slimming machines

To reduce fat deposits with the help of surface treatments is currently possible only with the help of very few devices with proven effectiveness. For example, cryolipolysis (FDA-approved Coolsculpting Zeltiq) can indeed lead to apoptosis (death. — Approx. ed.) fat cells and reduce the percentage of fat in the treated area by 40% within three months. As for the whole array of slimming machines, the decrease in volumes is mainly due to fluid loss due to drainage. This does not in the least detract from the power of technologies such as LPG and Endospheres to stimulate tone, tighten and smooth the skin, and reduce the severity of cellulite, but, unfortunately, these technologies cannot reduce fat and weight. Also, various wraps and spa treatments can give a short-term effect of a thinner body, but everything will come back as you drink fluids.

bb glow

The procedure for introducing serum with tonal pigment into the upper layers of the skin using a device with needles. Advertising promises an even skin tone, the absence of age spots and acne marks. But in fact, the serum introduced deep into the dermis by negligence can rather cause inflammation and flaking, and the serum introduced into the upper layers of the skin will not last more than a month, because the cells with the dye will simply die during this time. But most importantly, the pigment often lies unevenly and mutates. The face is covered with uneven spots of an earthy color, which must be removed, like a failed tattoo.

We wrote more about this procedure here.

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