Forgot to wash your hair? The best hairstyles to hide messy hair


Previously, the stars would say that they applied gel or mousse to their hair, but now they honestly admit that they did not wash their hair. Personally, we see only pluses in this: strands really fit easier, and smooth hairstyles on dirty hair really look spectacular.

At one of the shows, the star said that she sees no point in washing her hair before the shows, as tons of styling will be poured on them anyway. And oily hair fits perfectly, looks glossy and does not require so much hairspray!

“I understood that I would not have time to do my hair, and I decided that I would just collect the dirty hair in a smooth styling and make a bun. Then it turned out that my image was called one of the most stylish!”

At the after-party after the Oscars, Kate let her hair down, not at all straining due to the fact that they looked frankly dirty. It turned out cute!

Kim shared her hair care routine with fans, “Wash it and wear it loose on the first day. On the second — wind the curls, stale hair holds the styling better. On the third — collect in a smooth tail or bun. On the fourth day, braid in tight braids. On the fifth — wash if you don’t come up with new styling.

Photo: Rexfeatures, Getty Images


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