Toenail care


Beautiful healthy nails are not only a pedicure, but also regular care, proper nutrition. What does toenail care include?

Nutrition and hydration

Nails need to be nourished, moisturized, strengthened. These procedures remove brittleness, dryness, slow down aging. These procedures are especially important in dry, windy, frosty weather.

What can be used to moisturize and nourish nails? Regularly do baths with salt (it is better to take Himalayan or sea), essential oils (for example, tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties). Keep your feet in the bath should be at least fifteen minutes. The water should be warm, but not too hot.

Another option is to combine salt and olive oil. In this case, the oil must be heated in a water bath. This procedure should be performed no more than five minutes.

Cosmetic oils should be used to nourish nails. They contain many useful substances and are able to nourish and restore damaged nails. For example, jojoba oil perfectly nourishes and moisturizes at the same time. You can rub warm oil on your nails, put on socks and leave the oil on overnight.

To strengthen, you should regularly massage your fingertips and nails. In this case, use a moisturizer or oil.

It is useful to make baths from infusions of various herbs. You can take the plants to your taste. But calendula, burdock, yarrow, chamomile are best suited. The grass should be poured with hot water and left to brew, then immersed in the infusion of the foot for half an hour.

A gelatin mask will also help strengthen. Gelatin gives shine to nails, restores them. A tablespoon of gelatin should be poured with hot water, but not boiling water, and left for ten minutes. After slightly warm up. A gelatin bath should be done for about fifteen minutes.

And do not forget about proper nutrition. The diet should contain foods rich in calcium, sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, vitamins E and group B. Therefore, it is worth eating more greens, nuts, fish, cereals, cabbage, apples, liver, beans, dairy products. Be sure to include in the diet of vegetable oils, avocados.

Pedicure at home

Pedicure at home

Ready to do your own pedicure? Follow all the rules:

  • First you need to steam your legs for fifteen minutes. You can add a decoction of herbs or salt to the bath.
  • Treat the feet with a pumice stone.
  • Rinse your feet with cool water, dry with a soft towel. Apply a light cream and wait until it is slightly absorbed.
  • Process the nail with nippers, adjust its shape, cut the nail in a straight line. You can use plastic nail files to shape.
  • Move the cuticles with an orange stick.
  • Remove burrs.
  • Degrease the nail, cover with a base that will prevent yellowing.
  • Apply nail polish, cover with a protective top coat.
  • Lubricate nails and cuticles with almond or olive oil.

It is necessary to perform a pedicure very carefully, otherwise you can get injured and it will take a long time to correct the problem that has arisen.


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