A large amount of visceral fat spoils not only the appearance, but is not at all good for health. The fat that forms around the abdomen puts pressure on the organs and prevents them from functioning normally. To remove fat from the abdomen effectively and quickly, follow just five simple rules. With them, you can lose at least five kilograms in two weeks.

Why does belly fat appear

Extra centimeters on our waist appear for a number of reasons. This problem area is considered one of the most difficult in the process of expelling hated fat. Sometimes a woman loses weight, but this area continues to bulge and violate the whole aesthetics. It is also there (and on the hips too) that the last treacherous five kilograms most often «settle» and do not want to leave. Before moving on to the question of how a woman can quickly remove belly fat, let’s see where it comes from.


Representatives of Uppsala University (the oldest in Sweden) conducted a large-scale study and found that there are hundreds of genes that determine where fat accumulates first. Scientists have found serious differences between these patterns in women and men. Previously, it was believed that sex hormones (estrogens) are responsible for this. It has always been more difficult for a man to quickly remove fat from the abdomen, and for a woman — on the hips and legs. But this has not been fully studied from a scientific point of view.

For the study, the subjects donated blood for genotyping. They also measured the distribution of adipose tissue. Millions of genetic variants of the genome have been tested for association with the distribution of fat on the arms, legs or body. Specialists were struck by the huge number of genetic effects that were stronger or were present only in women. It turned out that fat stored in the body is associated with an increased risk of disease. Men have more abdominal fat than women and the incidence of cardiovascular disease is much higher. And for women, the ability to store fat around the hips and legs offers some protection against these types of diseases.

Despite such an important factor as genetics, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume too many calories are more common. Even if the influence of genetics is great, you need to quickly reconsider your lifestyle in order to remove fat on the stomach and sides and shine with a wasp waist.


The wrong mode of the day and the distribution of resources can play a cruel joke on us. Snacking on the run with questionable foods, severe restrictions and lack of fluids, lack of sleep, worries slow down the metabolism. This also has scientific evidence. In simple terms, metabolism is the rate at which the body expends energy or burns calories. The situation described above is exacerbated by bad habits. With this way of life, removing fat from the abdomen, all the more quickly, is unlikely to succeed, even if you are on a diet. It definitely needs to be rebuilt.

Sedentary work

Sedentary activity leads to the fact that the calories received from food are not consumed. It also has a bad effect on the digestive system and contributes to the development of diabetes. This is due to the fact that the insulin produced by the pancreas is consumed by non-working muscles in a much smaller amount. In addition, a stoop and a forward neck have a bad effect on the condition of the spine. Because of this, fat in the lower abdomen quickly accumulates, which, according to scientists, is quite difficult to remove.

From the very first days at school, they try to teach us to sit up straight. This is really important for posture and spinal health. Poor posture eventually leads to a bulging belly. This zone suffers due to a weak muscular frame — you simply can no longer draw it in. At home, burning belly fat is possible if you reconsider your habit of sitting for a long time without warming up and bending your back.

Binge eating

Calories, calories, lots of calories. When we taste good while watching a movie, a lot of dishes are prepared for the arrival of guests and long conversations at the table. We can’t stop and continue to «throw» food, not knowing the control. And sometimes we just prefer a fast food dinner with soda, getting a daily calorie in just an hour. In this case, the fastest way to lose belly fat is to cut down on salt, sugar, and forget about junk food. You should strive to spend more energy than receive.


Psychological stress affects our mood, well-being and attitude to the diet (it ceases to be legible). Under the influence of cortisol (the stress hormone), the body diligently deposits fat cells. It is problematic to remove such fat from the abdomen quickly at home, it takes time, and in some cases the help of specialists. We are talking about visceral fat, which interferes with the proper functioning of internal organs. It disrupts the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, cardiovascular system. We wrote how to get rid of visceral fat, perhaps these recommendations will help you.

How to get rid of belly fat fast

Without the organization of proper nutrition and physical activity, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a slender waist. For a quick return of a tightened abdomen, you need to remove both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Let’s talk about five ways that will allow you to achieve results and keep them.

Exercise before breakfast

You can quickly remove fat from the abdomen with home exercises and a walk in the air.

Many scientists advise taking a walk before breakfast. Also, light home exercises help to quickly remove fat from the abdomen, as soon as you get involved in regular promenades. If the weather is inclement outside, do simple exercises. The main thing — be sure to move the curtains so that the morning light enters the room. There is evidence that morning sunlight has a positive effect on metabolic rate. In addition, during the implementation of a set of exercises, you do not spend the energy of the foods you eat, but those fat reserves that have accumulated on your stomach. Another plus is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Eat high fiber foods for breakfast

Each ingredient in such a breakfast contains a large amount of fiber, which helps to reduce belly fat.

The best breakfast of all time is oatmeal with fresh fruit. As soon as the girl manages to realize all the benefits of this dish, it will be possible to remove fat in the lower abdomen quickly and efficiently. Each ingredient in such a breakfast contains a large amount of fiber. It also supports healthy functioning of the intestines and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Some studies show that a diet high in insoluble fiber increases the production of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Eat red fruits

The more red fruits and berries you have in your diet, the slower the percentage of body fat increases.

Nutrients found predominantly in red fruits are called flavonoids. They affect the work of the genes that are responsible for the accumulation of fat. A diet with red fruits and berries allows you to quickly remove fat from the abdomen, at least its percentage grows in the body much more slowly.

Eat an avocado

For a week of regular consumption of a green fruit, you can lose up to 3 kg and remove fat from the abdomen.

Some refuse avocados for one simple reason — high calorie content. In fact, a healthy fruit is associated with a quick way to lose weight. For a week of regular consumption of a green fruit, you can lose up to 3 kilograms. Avocados contain unsaturated fats that increase “good” cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Plus, the green fruit dampens the feeling of hunger and inhibits the accumulation of excess fat, including on the stomach.

eat eggs

Eating eggs will help to reduce subcutaneous fat and make the stomach flatter.

At home, burning belly fat is possible with eggs. This is another product that must be eaten for this. It contains a component that affects the work of the gene mechanism that accumulates fat around the liver. Eating eggs will help to reduce subcutaneous fat and make the stomach flatter.

In order not to get better while at home, for example, a long weekend, adjust portions. Eat only because of the feeling of hunger, and not because of boredom or thirst or to your favorite TV show. Drink the right amount of water every day and cook light diet dinners in the evenings.


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