11 things to know about women with large breasts

  1. Big breasts do not mean that this is the main erogenous zone of her mistress. Sensitivity is independent of size. So don’t forget, dear, that we have other points waiting for caress.
  2. Practice shows that other women are even more obsessed with an impressive bust than men. Of course, the guys always have to be reminded that your eyes are not on your blouse, but questions from the series: “Real? Did you do something with it or is it natural? Does running hurt? You hear more from ladies.
  3. Do not think, dreamer, that the young lady is fiddling with her magnificent roundness specifically in order to seduce you. The thing is that a rare fifth size bra will last until the middle of the day without the straps weakening and slipping under the weight of responsibility, and the bones do not crash. That’s what needs to be corrected, whether it’s decent or not.
  4. Yes, they are like bonnets for Siamese twins. Haha. I hear it for the 500th time.
  5. Summer, sea, beach… You have to sunbathe either on your back or by digging two holes in the sand.
  6. Don’t say «it’s good to sleep on a hard» busty friend who is used to immersing herself in the world of Morpheus while lying on her stomach! A mattress is not sand; you cannot dig a hole in it.
  7. Do you have an expander, my strong man? Pump up your brushes. These things are really heavy.
  8. Yes, the hem of a dress or tunic is always noticeably longer in the back. Do not mock the style, it has nothing to do with it: it’s elementary geometry.
  9. Of course, we are capable of this intimate trick with a member between the breasts. Why not do something nice for your loved one and add a touch of variety to our nightly fun? But still, this is not the way we get physical pleasure. And we hope for a response 😉
  10. As the heroine of the film “It doesn’t get better” said, a compliment is something that is pleasant to the interlocutor. Who will be pleased to hear over and over again comments on the topic “nature has endowed you with large mammary glands”? But what about our mind, kindness, sense of humor and the ability to whistle with two fingers?
  11. Yes, honey, I left my bra in the living room watching TV again. (on the table by the computer, on the bedside table in the hallway). Because you have no idea what a relief it is to finally get rid of him and take a deep breath! (Oops, that’s not what I meant).


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