An underwired bra will make your breasts graceful, attractive and uplifted


Curvy girls know that underwired bras can provide optimal breast support. Owners of small breasts also cannot do without this practical model. It makes the chest graceful, attractive and uplifted. But this type of underwear has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Let’s try to find out everything about underwired bras.

Model specifics

The product is universal and suitable for women of various physiques.. The presence of bones does not exclude design variability. The variety of styles and colors puts the product in first place in the list of the most popular sconce models. First, let’s talk about the advantages of the model.

Benefits of underwire bras

The bodice makes the chest perfect. Each woman will be able to choose the right model according to her figure. If you need to fix sagging breasts, then products with a wide elastic band along the bottom edge will help out. Push-up bodices will add volume, lift the bust of the model with wide straps and closely spaced cups.

What ladies like most about bone models is the unlimited freedom of movement. The bodice perfectly holds the chest, which gives women comfort and eliminates the fear that the bra will slip or move to the side.

The product lifts, holds, distributes the load evenly. A properly selected bodice protects not only the chest, but also the back from overload.

Products without foam rubber are recommended for ladies with full but high breasts. Foam inserts are required in the presence of saggy breasts, insufficient volume or strongly protruding nipples.

If the mammary glands are widely spaced, balconette models or bodices with a front fastener will help out. These products pull the hemispheres of the chest to each other and create an attractive silhouette. This bra provides a secure fit and a beautiful décolleté. Boned models allow you to wear open outfits, clothes with a deep neckline, bandeau dresses, but this is if the straps are detachable or absent.


If the bra is chosen correctly, then there should be no problems. But not all women choose a model according to their feelings. Many are chasing a beautiful impression and a low price. And this is fraught with the following problems:

  • rapid bone break — such damage is more common in cheap models from unreliable manufacturers. Bones can break through over time, but if this happened a couple of days after purchase, then you have a low-quality model in front of you;
  • discomfort while wearing — if the bone is pressed into the chest, then such a bra will very soon turn into an instrument of torture. Fitting problems are usually caused by improper product selection. Some women deliberately take a size smaller bodice to emphasize the bulge of the chest. As a result — torment while wearing;
  • underarm compression — with prolonged use of such a product, blood circulation and lymph flow worsen. This leads to congestion, soreness of the chest and tumor processes;
  • rigid fixation of the chest — the bones securely fix the bust, but if the breast is in one position for a long time, then the risk of developing mastopathy increases. Underwires for a bra are a rigid element that squeezes the bust and the area under the breast. You should not wear such a product too often, and even more so sleep in it.

How to choose

There is no universal bra for all women. Some need to hide large breasts, others need to increase volume, and others need to improve their shape and hide age-related changes. Open bra with underwire is suitable for ladies with a small bust. These models are gaining popularity, but you can’t call them practical. Products with a minimalist design are suitable for creating spectacular looks for going out.

Manufacturers pay attention to bodices with a deep neckline and bras with a thin jumper under the bust. These options are suitable in cases where you need to open the chest as much as possible, but provide it with sufficient support. Ladies with a bust D and more need to think about more practical bodices.

We should also talk about push-up bras. They are worn not only by girls with a miniature bust, but also by ladies with sufficient volume. Push-up not only adds centimeters to the chest, but also improves the shape. Underwires fix the bodice and hold the bust, and silicone or foam inserts model the bust, making it lush and seductive.

Future and established mothers products with a soft cup and unfastening elements are shown. It is advisable to wear a bra with a front clasp. Such a bodice not only models the chest, but is also suitable for feeding. Women in the position especially carefully should choose a bra. If he squeezes the chest or causes discomfort, then problems with lactation are not excluded.

When choosing underwear, you must consider the following rules:

  • the bone should not stick out, much less be pressed into the body;
  • girls with a voluminous bust need wide straps;
  • in case of asymmetry or sagging, a foam-based contour bodice is shown;
  • if you need to correct your posture and evenly distribute the load, bone models with a corsage will help out.

Features of care

Delicate clothes require delicate care. Underwire models must maintain the correct shape, because it depends on this how the bodice will hold the chest. It is better to wash the bra by hand using fabric softener. Then the product will retain its attractiveness and will be pleasant to the body.

If there is no time for hand washing, then it is permissible to use a washing machine. But just putting a bra in a drum means preparing a terrible fate for him.

Washing in the machine leads to rapid wear of the sconce and a breakthrough of the bones. With such damage, the product can be safely sent to the trash can.

To the aid of women comes a hard cover for washing. It has a spherical shape and protects the bra from damage. The cover does not harm the washing machine and preserves the integrity of the linen. Molded cups and a soft bra can be placed in the container. The ball is equipped with slots that allow water and washing powder to pass through. The use of a protective container does not exclude other precautions: washing should be extremely delicate, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ᵒC, the number of revolutions should be at a minimum.

Special bleaches are shown for white linen, but not all of them are suitable for bras. In this case, time-tested folk recipes will help out:

  • for 1 liter of water at room temperature, take a tablespoon of ammonia, mix and lower the laundry for 1-2 hours. Rinse and leave to dry naturally;
  • mix a teaspoon of soda and fine table salt, dilute in a liter of water, soak for an hour, and then wash in the above way;
  • for 1 liter of water take 2 tbsp. l. hydrogen peroxide, stir, leave the laundry for about an hour, then hand wash using a powder for delicate items.

Underwire bra must not be wrung out and dried on a radiator. It is left on a straightened towel so that all the moisture is gone. Before washing, the product is not turned inside out, this leads to deformation of the cups. Also, you can not store a bra by rolling a cup into a cup. The product will last longer if you keep it in a special laundry box with separate sections. If this is not available, then the bras are simply laid out on a shelf without pressing from above.


Every lingerie company produces underwire models, because they are popular and in demand. The high quality of the product is indicated by the minimum content of synthetic fibers in the composition and an impeccable fit.

The following manufacturers delight with high-quality underwire bras:

  • Marc and Andre — French designers made sure that the woman was comfortable in underwired underwear. The product range includes busts, contoured bodices, balconette bras, molded push-up bodices. Special attention deserve products for ladies with curvy shapes. Marc and Andre offers sturdy bustiers with good support and wide shoulder straps;
  • Parfait — if you need fashionable design bodices with a secure fit, then the products of the American brand will satisfy these requirements. The perfect fit is achieved through small details. Boned bodices for ladies with luxurious breasts will please with a variety of colors and stylish decor;
  • Empreinte — luxury linen from the French fashion brand is famous for its excellent quality and high service life. In such models, the bones do not pop out after a couple of weeks of wearing. Bras of the French brand surprise with stylish performance and increased comfort;
  • Luna — the Italian brand pampers women with practical bras of laconic design. The range includes balconette style models, maximizers that increase the chest, bodices with a deep neckline and bandeau models;
  • Milavitsa — the brand attracts with an affordable price and a variety of underwear styles. Only one model with bones from the manufacturer has several items. The collection includes products with maximum open construction and underwire and lace-up bodices. The design of the models also varies: from classic to trendy fusion.

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