Bra bra — fashionable and functional option


Stylish girls prefer to wear elegant and fashionable clothes that emphasize the advantages of their figure. Underwear helps to complement outerwear and highlight individuality, to demonstrate attractiveness and femininity.

One of the interesting and functional options for lingerie is the bralette bra, which can emphasize all the best in female forms.

This part of the woman’s jewelry will be invisible even under highly open outfits. Visually, it seems that you are a lady with impeccable forms, because the bra lifts the bust and makes it tall and beautiful.

History reference

It is known that the first bras appeared in ancient Egypt and were available to rich and noble women. Since then, shapes have changed and models have been transformed, and today a huge number of copies are offered that can transform the appearance, focus on the most beautiful parts of the body and slightly adjust the silhouette.

Modern models of bras effectively support the chest and noticeably decorate the figure.

For every taste and color, you can purchase products with closed or open cups, with or without straps, with or without bones, with fasteners in front or behind, with foam pads or helium inserts. The fashion collections of well-known brands include corbeils, angelicas, braces, balconettes, classic and sports models.

For any outfit and for any event, there are many copies, each of which has its own zest and special style.


The shape of this sexy lingerie model for women can be semi-circular or rectangular. The product is similar to «Angelica», the sconce is open, the upper part of the cups is too small or practically absent.

The sample is perfect for owners of medium breasts. At the same time, girls with neat breasts will also like it, because it tends to visually increase the volume of the bust. Based on the parameters, it is possible to choose a bracer with the required degree of frame support.

This bra is made from a variety of materials. It can be decorated with guipure and other elements, for example, ribbons and bows.

The decor creates a sense of coquetry and emphasizes sex appeal. Bras made of smooth material are great for tight-fitting clothes.

How to choose a bracer?

Before making a purchase, you should consider some subtleties of choice:

  • Comfort. During the fitting, you should feel comfortable and convenient. Lower and raise your hands in underwear, move and bend over. The bracer must not move or move out.
  • Correctness of putting on. When trying on a product, do not put it on backwards in order to turn it over.
  • Shape and color. Choose a bra that highlights your bust. If you are planning to wear a bra to work, use casual outfits, look for seamless models and made from smooth materials. The shade is selected based on the color of the skin and the wardrobe used.
  • The size. An important criterion when choosing bras is the size, since the fit on the body and the ability to support the chest depend on it. There are models that are more acceptable for one form or another of the bust. It is better for owners of a magnificent physique to wear samples on a metal frame, in which it is convenient, and unaesthetic folds do not appear on the body. Britted bras are quite suitable for girls with elastic and toned breasts, and those who want to visually add volume to the bust can use samples with a push-up effect and cups lined with foam rubber or helium.
  • Material. When purchasing a product, ask what materials the item is made of. It is important that the textile sample meets the norms and quality standards, provides convenience and performs the main functions. It is better to buy samples based on natural materials with the addition of synthetic threads, since such products are elastic and practical, body-friendly, hypoallergenic and hygroscopic.

The right choice of underwear will be the key to your convenience and comfort, good mood and excellent health.

Color content

Today, there are bras of various sizes on the market for women of any age. You can choose a bright or discreet pattern, solid or multi-colored, with or without a print. For every taste and color, models of different colors and shades are offered.

Young people choose blue, crimson, red patterns, while older women use chocolate or brown products. Beige, dairy or cream products are worn for summer walks, and open bodied bras with wide-spaced straps are suitable for secular parties.

A black bra with sheer lace along the edge looks stylish and sophisticated, and a nude pattern with silicone straps gives sexuality.


Modern designers offer women a wide range of bodices made of materials of different textures and colors. Stretch samples with transparent guipure applications, satin samples with nylon details, cotton products with linen embroidery are in demand.

Mesh, organza, chiffon, silk are used to decorate products. Metal hooks, silicone removable pads and foam inserts are used as accessories. The most luxurious and chic is the lace pattern, embroidered with silk thread and decorated with guipure ruffles.


Brasière is presented by many well-known world trade marks. The Italian company Charmante offers bras that are distinguished by impeccable cut and luxury. The lingerie of such brands as Chantelle, Intimissimi, Calvin Klein deserved no less praise.

Brassiere bra is very popular among famous people. It is precisely the right models of such a bra that allow the stars to look like they are not wearing underwear, while having an impeccable breast shape.

This type of bra is perfect for any bust parameters, and will become an indispensable assistant in creating fashionable looks!

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