Choosing eye shadow: how to use them correctly?


It’s hard to imagine the makeup of a modern woman without eye shadow. They give it expressiveness, besides it is an excellent tool for adjusting the shape of the eyes. From the existing variety of such cosmetics, you can always choose the appropriate option, and it is the type of shadows that determines how to apply them correctly.

compact shadows

This is the most common variety, which is made by pressing colored pigments with binders. Today on sale you can find both single compact eye shadows and huge palettes in which one color is represented by several shades at once. As a rule, they are delivered immediately with an applicator for application, but experts advise purchasing a special brush in addition.

Liquid and cream shadows

And although these are two different products, they can be placed in one review item. Liquid shadows look like lip gloss and come in the same tube with an applicator, which, in fact, are applied. There will be no problems with their shading, and as a result, you can get a beautiful radiance effect on the eyelids. Cream shadows also have a soft, plastic texture that creates the so-called «wet» effect, which is in an incredible trend today. However, both the product cannot boast of special durability and quickly forms folds, rolling down on the skin of the eyelids. So you can’t do without a good primer when using them.

Pencil stick

Shadows in eye makeup play a major role, especially if it is smokey eye makeup. Fans of this technique are delighted with pencil shadows, because with its help you can create a beautiful haze in just two strokes! To apply these shadows do not need any tools. The stick will do everything by itself, thickly painting over the upper and lower eyelids.

Loose eye shadow

Loose eye shadow

With the advent of the compact variety, their popularity has faded, but today they are back in trend. Loose shadows have a loose, powdery consistency and require careful, targeted application and high-quality shading, therefore they are mainly used by professionals. Supplied in tubes with a screw cap and require the purchase of an application tool — a brush.

Baked eye shadow

Having appeared on the market a couple of decades ago, these shadows immediately gained popularity among women. They are beautiful both on their own and when applied to the eyelids, and they have one undeniable advantage and advantage over other types — they can be applied both with a dry and wet brush. In the first case, they will give only a slight sheen, and in the second they will provide a metallic effect on the eyelids.

Mineral eye shadow

The beauty industry has been familiar with such cosmetics since the 70s of the last century. For their production, minerals are used — silicates, oxides of iron and zinc, titanium white, which are micronized or crushed into crumbs. Mineral shadows are chosen by women with allergies to such components of cosmetics as oils, waxes, flavors, preservatives, which are not present in this type of shadows.

Other types of shadows

Performing a make-up, you can use a lot of other varieties of such cosmetics — mother-of-pearl, matte, shadows with sparkles. The latter are the best suited for carnival, theme parties, and matte varieties are used to create daytime makeup and nude make-up.

As you can see, modern women have huge opportunities for choice, and they are not constrained in the methods of applying shadows. To do this, you can use the applicator, brush, as well as your own fingers.


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