Canthoplasty is a surgical operation designed to model the angle of the eyelid, which is performed either on the upper or lower eyelids. It takes its name from the Latin word «cantus» — the corner of the eye. This operation helps to «fix» the corners of the eyes in the desired position for the patient.

Types of canthoplasty

There are several types of canthoplasty, one of them is canthopexy, or fixation of the lower eyelid muscle to the tendon ligament, which has a stable state, and thanks to this, the stretched muscle receives support. An operation is performed when the eyeball opens slightly with age, as the muscle pulls the eyelid down, which gives an unaesthetic appearance to the face.

There are also medial and lateral canthoplasty — it is done with a narrow incision of the eyes, thereby increasing the palpebral fissure from both the outer and inner corners. This operation is carried out, including for young girls, in order to increase the palpebral fissure.

Epicanthoplasty — an incision is made in the inner (medial) corner of the eye to remove a fragment of the skin hanging over the lacrimal tubercle — the epicanthus. As a rule, this problem exists in girls of Asian appearance, in whom the fold of the upper eyelid is almost not expressed, and the skin hangs in the inner corner of the eye. This operation has become very popular, as it is part of a complex for the Europeanization of the face. Epicanthoplasty is different: Z-shaped, rhomboid — with tissue excision. The only disadvantage of this type of correction is a noticeable scar. The rest of the above operations are carried out in less visible areas, and the seams are almost invisible.

Indications for canthoplasty

Usually, a patient turns to a plastic surgeon when he wants to increase the volume of his eyes, making them more open, which is very common among representatives of Asian peoples. Or in the case when it is necessary to lift the outer corners of the eyes — for example, with age-related changes or with an innate «sad» expression of the eyes.

Sometimes the indication may be the consequences of a previous operation, when a sufficiently large flap of skin was previously excised and an eversion occurred, then canthoplasty is done.

Negative changes in the shape of the eyes are sometimes caused by pathological changes in the thyroid gland — with Graves’ disease there are very large eyeballs, they bulge forward. This greatly affects the aesthetics, so some turn to surgeons.

There are cases of eye asymmetry, injuries, burns, other diseases — in all cases, canthoplasty helps to acquire facial harmony.

How is the operation performed

The procedure is performed both separately and in combination with blepharoplasty. It can also be combined with a temporal lift and a forehead lift. In the first case, its duration is 20-30 minutes, depending on the amount of work. The procedure can be performed under both general and local anesthesia. The surgeon makes a small — about a centimeter long — dissection of the outer commissure of the eyelid. The seam becomes invisible in the future, as it will be hidden in a natural fold.

The rehabilitation period is quite short — after the first 7-14 days, swelling and bruising disappear. However, they are usually insignificant in this area. The final result can be seen within a month after the operation. In this case, the threads are superimposed, as a rule, absorbable, and due to the fibrosis caused by them, the fixing effect is maintained.

Can everyone get canthoplasty?

If there are no medical contraindications that exist for almost any surgical intervention, and the characteristics of the body, canthoplasty can be performed by almost everyone. With the exception of the age of up to 18 years, since the body is still growing, changing, and the palpebral fissure too. In addition, it is important to take into account the age and condition of the skin. There are situations when already at the age of 30 there are serious age-related changes that need to be corrected. At the same time, it is very important to choose a specialist who will correctly perform this operation, since the ligamentous apparatus is involved in it and it is necessary to know the anatomy in order to perform it correctly.

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