The first meditation, most likely, took place in the lotus position with hands on knees, as in pictures with yoga. The fingers are connected in the traditional way: the thumb, index and middle fingers are together, the ring and little fingers are free. This, by the way, is one of the very mudras that we are talking about today. It is called «Knowledge» and is considered basic, easy to perform and extremely effective.

Mudras are also called finger yoga. These are special gestures that have come to us from ancient Hindu teachings. On the one hand, this is a good physiological practice: by stretching our fingers in unusual combinations, we improve blood flow, stretch the ligaments and have a beneficial effect on the entire body. From a spiritual point of view, these are special energy channels that allow a person to connect with the Universe and take what they need from it. It all depends on what the gesture will be and how much you concentrate. Yogis explain that all mudras are very effective and even able to fight chronic diseases, but not on the day of application, but during the first week of practice. But they attract love, strength, luck and wealth much faster than recovery.

We will share with you the mudra, which is called «Breakthrough in the material sphere.» It should be used only by those who are really “stuck” and cannot move forward, earn more. But for those who feel stable growth, it is not recommended to practice this gesture so as not to harm the already well-established flow of energy — there are other mudras for such cases. To perform the “Breakthrough”, you need to raise your hands to chest level, connect the bases of the palms, the pads of the little fingers and middle fingers, bend them slightly. The thumbs are fully in contact with each other, the ring and index fingers are even.

In this position, we close our eyes, calm our breathing and mentally imagine how our coccyx is connected with the earth by an invisible thread, how the center of the planet gently attracts us to itself. We keep this position for a minute and practice for exactly a week, and then we need to take a break, if necessary, returning to the «Breakthrough» after 7 days.

Photo: Patrick Malleret, social networks

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