High waist skirt (65 photos): the most popular models and styles


Fashion, as you know, moves in a spiral, so long-forgotten trends periodically return to the catwalk, and then to the streets. For example, high-waisted skirts are again very popular today. This model gives a femininity to the figure, focusing on a thin waist and a beautiful line of the hips. In this case, the model can slightly correct the existing shortcomings, including a slightly protruding tummy.

A bit of history

The high waist periodically came into fashion, the first known skirts of this cut were worn by the beauties of antiquity. On ancient Greek frescoes, you can see a similar style of clothing on girls.

A new heyday of the high waistline came a few centuries later, in the Empire era. The skirt in fashionable dresses of that time began immediately below the bust line, which makes the silhouette taller and slimmer.

In recent fashion history, high-waisted skirts were in trend in the forties of the last century. Moreover, such a detail could be on a model of any silhouette — straight or flared. Modern models of high-waisted skirts are even more diverse. Designers offer a wide variety of options that differ in length, cut and silhouette.

Who are they going to?

Let’s figure out who suits a high-waisted skirt, and who should avoid such a cut of clothes.

Best of all, the selected model suits women of fashion with a proportional physique and a slender figure. But growth in this case is unimportant. Skirts will adorn both tall and petite girls. For those who are dissatisfied with their short legs, this model will easily correct the shortcoming. By choosing a high-waisted skirt and matching it with a contrasting top, you can visually lengthen your legs.

This style is perfect for slender girls with a “smooth column” or “rectangle” figure. With this physique, the waist is unexpressed, and a high-waisted skirt will hide this flaw. To do this, it is recommended to choose a model in which a wide belt is cut out of a fabric of a darker shade than the hem of the skirt. This visually narrows the waist.

If, with general harmony, a fashionista has a slightly convex tummy, then a high-waisted bell skirt is perfect for her. This style will mask the flaw. It will allow you to hide the protruding belly and the model, in which the wide belt is made in the form of a dragging corset, it can be laced or not.

If a fashionista has a pear-shaped physique, then a straight or slightly tapered skirt with a high waist will suit her. This style will make the figure more slender and sexy, diverting attention from flaws.

With a “carrot” body type, when the line of the shoulders is wider than the line of the hips, a puffy skirt with a high waist will do. This style will make the figure more harmonious and proportional.

Who is not suitable?

Unfortunately, high-waisted skirts are not for everyone. Such models are not recommended for full fashionistas with a pear or apple body type. If a girl has massive hips, a protruding belly and folds on her sides, then such skirts should be avoided. Moreover, neither a tight skirt, which will only emphasize all the existing flaws, nor a flared model that can turn a full figure into a kind of “woman on a teapot” will suit such women of fashion.

This style is not recommended for fashionistas who have a disproportionately short torso, as a high-waisted skirt visually shortens the upper part of the figure.


Almost any model of a skirt can have a high waist. Consider the most popular and fashionable.


A universal solution is a high-waisted pencil skirt. Having this element in your wardrobe, you can create a variety of images from strict and business to festive ones. This style visually slims, focusing on the chest and thin waist.

The classic length of a model of this cut is up to the knee, but you can choose the midi option or a cropped skirt. To make a narrow skirt with a high waist comfortable to wear, it is provided with a low slit, it can be located in the back seam, on the side or on the front panel.

In the traditional version, the pencil style model does not have decor, but you can find options decorated with peplum, leather or lace inserts, lacing on a high belt, patch pockets or other decorative elements.

The the style is universal, it will suit not only slender girls, but also plump fashionistas with an hourglass body type. Stylists recommend buying a skirt strictly in size, if you choose a model that is too tight, it will only emphasize the fullness. Give preference to plain fabrics and dark tones. You can choose a plaid skirt, provided that the size of the cage is medium and its location is diagonal. A model in a discreet vertical stripe is also suitable. For such a skirt, you should choose the top of a semi-fitted silhouette with a deep V-neckline.


A feminine and elegant option is a high-waisted tulip skirt. Such a skirt has a small volume on the hips, without fitting them, and narrows down. This style provides complete freedom of movement. In addition, it is well suited for women of fashion with a «carrot» or «pear» type physique, since one can only guess about the true volume of the hips «hidden» under such a skirt.

Models of tulip-style skirts are diverse, they can have a smell, and draperies, as well as very different lengths. Skirts of this style with an asymmetrical hem look especially interesting, which are much shorter in front than in the back.

Skirts of this type with large pockets in the side seams are also popular. The pockets are sewn at an angle, so they create textured pleats that decorate the skirt. This cut option can only be recommended for women of fashion with narrow hips.

Tulip-style skirts with an oversized fit can be both winter and designed for the warm season. The models differ only in the types of material. So, the summer skirt is sewn from cotton or mixed fabrics, the models are distinguished by bright colors, they can be sewn from fabric with a floral or geometric print. For tailoring the winter version, woolen fabrics and more restrained colors are used.


A distinctive feature of the skirt of this style is that it practically does not fit the figure. The extension starts from the waist line. In order for the skirt to keep its shape, a sufficiently rigid fabric is chosen for its tailoring, otherwise it will not be able to keep its shape.

The original version is a floor-length bell skirt. This option is suitable for the evening, as well as for summer holidays. Skirts of this style, which have an average length, are universal and widespread; young people often prefer shortened versions of the model.

A bell-bottom skirt with a high fit will be appropriate in any situation. By choosing the right length, colors and additional accessories for the skirt, you can use the model to create both a strict and romantic look.

The bell-shaped model with a high waistline helps to adjust the silhouette, giving it a more feminine shape. She goes to slender women of fashion with body types «carrot», «smooth column» or «pear». If there is a small tummy, then you should choose the option with a wide belt resembling a corset. Such a detail will help to give the silhouette the perfect outline. But full fashionistas should avoid this style, they will make the figure visually even more cumbersome.

With pleats

Skirts that have a high waist and pleats are a great option for creating casual and business looks. Such models, as a rule, have a wide belt, and folds can start both from the waist line and from the hip line.

The main differences between the models are the size and direction of the folds. They are oncoming or one-sided, wide or narrow, stitched, smoothed or soft. In some models, the folds are located over the entire surface, in other versions, the folds are laid only on the inserts. There are also models with one fold located in the middle of the front panel.

For tailoring models in a pleat, plastic fabrics are used, most often, plain or in a cage. Other prints are rarely used, as the presence of folds will distort the pattern.

A high-waisted skirt with a pleated bottom looks original. The pleated effect is achieved by a special treatment of the fabric, which results in the formation of many smoothed vertical folds. Unlike pleated skirts, pleated models are often sewn from very light fabrics, such as chiffon.

Pleated skirts suit girls with narrow hips. If the hips are wide, then it is better to choose a model with a small number of pleats or with pleats located only at the bottom of the skirt.

sun and half sun

Puffy skirts with a high waist are a fashionable outfit. The skirt successfully hides the true volume of the hips, so it is perfect for women of fashion who have a pear or carrot body type. Well, such a skirt will make beauties with a guitar-shaped camp even more attractive, demonstrating the beauty of their figure. The presence of a high belt will make the waist visually even narrower, and the lush bottom will emphasize the femininity of the forms.

A feature of the skirt is the most simple cut. The pattern of the sun model is an even circle with a hole in the center; for the half-sun variant, the pattern will be in the shape of a semicircle.

The diameter of the circle determines the length of the model. In addition, the high-waisted sun skirt has a wide yoke belt. The belt can have several rows of elastic bands, sometimes it is made with lacing or a zipper.

Skirts of this cut are sewn mainly for the summer. Therefore, they choose light fabrics of bright colors for them, often using floral and abstract prints.

The length of the models can be different — from mini to maxi. The original solution is skirts with a train. In such skirts, the back is much longer than the front and can drop almost to the ground.


A-line skirt can also be attributed to universal models with an overestimated lily. The main distinguishing feature of this skirt is its shape, the model tightly fits the waist and expands to its lower part.

Models of a trapezoid silhouette are diverse, a variety of fabrics are used for their tailoring, they come in very different lengths. A high-waisted A-line skirt is perfect for creating almost any look. A knee-length model can be chosen by a business lady. The mini option is suitable for young ladies, it fits perfectly into youth bows. Such a model with an overstated fit is also suitable for free time or a solemn exit.

Due to the peculiarities of the cut, the A-line skirt is rarely decorated with pockets or inserts. But on the other hand, you can often see models on a through fastener from top to bottom. Buttons or a zipper can be used as a fastener.

The color of the skirts can also be different. For summer, bright patterns are created, in winter, calm tones are a more preferable option.

Additional details

Skirts that have a high fit can be harmoniously complemented by decorative details. For example, the option with straps or suspenders looks interesting. In the first case, the details are cut out from the same fabric as the base of the skirt, the suspenders are made of elastic material.

Models with straps and suspenders are recommended only for slender girls; if there is significant excess weight, this part should be avoided. A skirt of any style can be equipped with straps and suspenders. An element such as straps or suspenders fits well in both business and romantic ensembles.

Another noticeable detail will be a wide belt with a buckle or resembling a corset. Wide belts with lacing or with metal fasteners look spectacular.

The presence of a peplum on a skirt that has a high fit will allow you to adjust the figure if the hips are too narrow. But fashionistas with a pear-shaped physique should avoid this detail. If there is a protruding tummy, then you can choose a variant of the model with a semi-basque, in this case the shuttlecock is located only on the sides and back.


High rise skirts can be any length option. When choosing the right option, you should take into account the features of your appearance.

  • Mini. A provocative short skirt with a high fit is only for slender young girls. For mature ladies, even if they have retained an excellent figure, the length of the mini does not suit. The skirt can be fitted, straight, flared or pleated. On young girls, such skirts, complemented by straps, look cute.
  • Knee and midi. This is a more versatile length option that suits both young girls and older ladies. A skirt with a high waist length to the knee and just below will be appropriate in any situation. The model is suitable for creating business and romantic images. However, with a length below the knees, low fashionistas need to be careful, as it visually shortens the legs.

  • elongated. An ankle-length or floor-length skirt with a high waist is a great option for an evening or for light summer ensembles. Skirts can be flared or straight. A long skirt with a high draft is also suitable for work, if you choose the option of a straight silhouette up to the ankle line.

Fabrics and colors

For tailoring skirts with a high waist, a variety of fabric options are used. Suit fabrics of strict colors are used for work and official events. To make tight-fitting skirts comfortable to wear, fabrics with the addition of elastic fibers are used for their tailoring.

Universal option for free time, this is a high-waisted denim skirt. Such a skirt can be straight or have an A-line silhouette. There are also flared denim skirts.

original solution — leather skirts with a high waist. This knee-length pencil style model is also suitable for the office. A short leather skirt with a wide belt is a great option for visiting a club or a friendly party.

Summer models sewn from natural (linen, cotton) or mixed fabrics. A good option for warm days is long, high-waisted skirts made from chiffon and other light and plastic fabrics. Tutu skirts with a wide belt are sewn from light but stiff fabrics, most often from tulle.

Exquisite option — A high-waisted skirt made of lace. Such a model can have a straight silhouette or be flared.

Colors of fashionable models can be varied. The most popular options are:

  • Black. This color is the most versatile, a black skirt will be appropriate at work, in the theater, and at a party. In addition, it is easiest to pick up a top for such a skirt, since black goes well with any things. Another advantage of this option is the ability of black to visually slim.
  • Blue. This color is no less versatile than black. In the office, a dark blue skirt would be appropriate; for free time, you can choose a bright model — azure, cornflower blue or turquoise.

  • Gray. A gray high-waisted skirt is another wardrobe staple. It is suitable not only for creating office bows, but also for creating other images.
  • Red. A bright red skirt with a high waist will instantly attract the attention of others. For those women of fashion who find a bright shade of color defiant, you can choose models of more restrained shades — burgundy, coral, dark crimson.

  • White. An elegant white skirt will be appropriate in a summer wardrobe. Such models look very gentle, especially if light fabric is used for sewing.
  • Printed. On winter models of high-waisted skirts, most often, a geometric print is used — a cage or a strip. Summer models can be decorated with floral or fantasy prints.

Rules for compiling fashionable ensembles

Let’s figure out what to wear skirts with a high waistline to make the image harmonious.

Key Recommendations:

  • if the skirt has a high waist, then the upper part of the ensemble should be either shortened or neatly tucked under the belt;
  • for skinny skirts, you can choose a voluminous version of the top, for lush — only tight-fitting;
  • long skirts will look more impressive in combination with high-heeled shoes, only tall girls can afford ballet flats;
  • for long skirts, you can tuck the top with a neckline, if a short skirt is chosen, then it must be combined with a deaf top.

Choosing top options:

  • Turtleneck. This is a versatile top for a high waisted skirt as it will look good with any style of skirt. You can choose a turtleneck with long or short sleeves. As an addition to the ensemble, it is recommended to use a short fitted jacket. If the skirt is flared, then instead of a jacket, you can wear a bolero.

  • crop top. A short top is recommended for summer models of high-waisted skirts. This option is perfect for walking or a party. You can complement the ensemble with a cardigan or jacket, this will make the ensemble more formal. Fashionistas should remember that a short jacket complete with a skirt with a high waistline will look good only on a slender and toned body.
  • Blouse. Combining high-waisted skirts with blouses, you can create a variety of ensembles. A classic blouse and pencil skirt is a strict office bow. And if you wear a lace blouse in combination with a short leather skirt with a high belt, then the image will turn out to be feminine and sexy.

Image examples:

  • business style: A high-waisted black and white plaid pencil skirt makes a great ensemble with a simple black shirt that needs to be tucked into the waistband. Ensemble additions: black dress shoes, a thin black strap and a black bag.
  • Romantic look: A peach flared chiffon skirt and a dark cherry off-the-shoulder corset top will look like a sophisticated evening outfit together. We complement the ensemble with nude heels, a black clutch, a black belt and a delicate necklace with pink crystals.

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