How to apply gel polish at home?


Gel polish has many advantages over conventional polishes. This is a more resistant coating, does not give cracks and chips, pleases with all shades of color from delicate pastels to bright, artsy colors. But there is also a minus: the cost of a manicure with gel polish in the salon is quite high. But if you purchase all the tools necessary for the procedure and learn how to do a manicure at home, you can significantly save the family budget in the future. How to apply gel polish — tells MedAboutMe.

Basics of manicure: soft or hard?

Basics of manicure: soft or hard?

Gel nail polishes contain a substance that cures under the influence of a light emitting diode or ultraviolet radiation. It also provides high resistance to the coating, for which the fair sex turn to gel polish.

Of course, this does not mean that you can not take care of your hands and nails, wash dishes without rubber gloves and do not protect your hands in cold and heat. To prolong the durability of a manicure, hands should be carefully looked after. And beauty can be applied with gel polish. It comes in two types — soft and hard, the difference between them — in the degree of porosity of the product and the preferred method of its removal.

Soft. Inferior in strength to a hard coating, but has its advantages. It is usually removed with a special liquid that is applied to the nails, fixed with cotton pads and foil. The undoubted advantage of this variety is that with the correct removal technique, it practically does not damage the nails. Minus — sometimes the gel polish peels off, but in no case should you peel it off the nails with sharp tools.

Solid. It has less porosity, and therefore stays on the nail plates longer. There are also disadvantages. It is impossible to remove the coating without a special tool. If you neglect this rule and try to get rid of varnish at home, problems cannot be avoided. Improper removal will damage natural nails. This polish will last for about four weeks. You should not overwear it, because the longer it is on the plates, the stronger it adheres to them.

Tools for a beginner: a list-minimum

To create a beautiful coating, you need quality tools. In order to save money, you can buy starter kits, which include a lamp for drying nails, several varieties of varnish and base, and nail care tools. Then the collection can be expanded by buying the missing and changing the worn out.

It is not enough to come up with a beautiful design for a gel polish coating, how to apply it correctly and what tools to use — it matters more.

To create the right manicure with gel polish, you will need: a gel base and a top (finish) layer, a product for cleansing and degreasing nails, a colored polish that strengthens the gel (if the nails are thin and weak), disposable nail wipes (lint-free), a buff, cuticle oil and UV lamp.

How to apply gel polish correctly?

Check out the step by step guide!

  1. Prepare your nails for the procedure. Remove the old cover. Gently move the cuticle to the base of the nails with an orange stick, sand the surface of the nail plates. This must be done with a buff that has four functional sides.
  2. Give your nails the desired shape. To do this, use a nail file of medium hardness. Remember: the same length of nails and an identical shape on all fingers are signs of a quality procedure.
  3. Get rid of everything superfluous. Carefully polish your nails, remove dust from the plates, degrease each nail for better adhesion to the base.
  4. Apply the base. If the nails are thin, cover them with a strengthening composition and dry under the lamp. If not, it is enough to apply a thin layer of gel base, sealing the edges of each nail plate. If the product gets on the cuticle, it should be removed immediately. Dry your nails under a lamp.
  5. Apply the color polish in a thin, uniform layer. Usually, when creating a manicure, two layers of varnish are used, each of which is dried separately. Do not forget to bring the varnish to the edge of the nail and seal the edges, if this is not done, the varnish will chip very soon.
  6. Lock in your efforts with a top coat. Dry it under a lamp. If the coating has a sticky layer, get rid of the stickiness with a degreaser.
  7. Put on the final chord. Apply a cuticle care product and massage it into the skin with massage movements.

Now you know how to properly apply gel polish, good luck with your images!


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