How to learn to be sexy: tips for developing attractiveness


Sexologists note that we are often attracted to the opposite genotype. That is why southern men love blondes, and fair-skinned people like Asians and swarthy girls. But this knowledge is unlikely to help you in the development of sexuality, because you can’t change the color of your skin, and it’s impossible to adapt to every man.

How to develop your sexuality

According to research, here’s what men find sexually attractive:

  • Dreamy, slightly distant look
  • Tenderness and sensuality
  • Love for risk and thrills (if you like skydiving, your chances of being liked are greatly increased)
  • Easy temperament and sense of humor (many try to avoid difficulties, so they are looking for a partner who will be easy next to)
  • Positive attitude in life (happy girls seem more attractive, because relationships with them promise to be pleasant and joyful)
  • Certain professions (stewardesses, nurses, teachers and models top the list of the sexiest female professions in many countries)

And what about femme fatales? It is believed that adult men are more attracted to openness and positive, rather than «dark romance», which is more likely the lot of teenage dreams.

In addition, there are studies on «external» sexuality, i.e. make-up, hair and clothes that seem attractive to most men:

How to become a sexy woman

Since all people are different, long curls, a sense of humor and the profession of a flight attendant do not guarantee success with any man. But they definitely increase the odds. Of course, we do not offer you to change your profession, but you can experiment with appearance and behavior.

To become sexy, it is important to learn how to be attentive. If you watch a man, study his profile on social networks and listen to him on a date, you can get a feel for what he likes and what he expects from his partner. Of course, you should not pretend to be someone you are not, but you can show your best sides in time — those that he appreciates, as well as choose an outfit, makeup and styling that match his tastes. Of course, if all this does not contradict your own views on life.

In order to become more liberated and relaxed, psychologists advise dancing. Not necessarily strip plastic: any dance classes will allow you to become more graceful, as well as give you self-confidence and improve your mood.

Female sexuality comes from within, an open dress and long hair will definitely not be enough. To please others, you must first understand and love yourself. People are attracted to unique individual traits, so bright personalities, regardless of their external data, always have many fans. Try to be yourself, confident, open and relaxed, enjoy life — this is guaranteed to add to your attractiveness in his eyes.


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