Invisible bra: how to choose, wear and care


Fashion dictates its own rules and laws, requires the implementation of innovations and bold design experiments. Special requirements are put forward to the quality of underwear, the convenience of forms and ergonomics.

Modern technologies and achievements have made it possible to create a sample that is unsurpassed in execution and unusual in format. The so-called invisible bra is incredibly popular among young women who want to be on top and look aesthetically pleasing and inimitable.

Delicate and refined lingerie is used to create festive bows and evening looks, worn under open dresses.

Product Features

The main feature of the product is its invisibility, and the ability to fit into any style and image. Harmonious and attractive outfits allow you to create a pattern without straps and fasteners, which perfectly fits the shape and smoothly envelops the chest.

Putting on an invisible bra is quite simple. Cups with a special coating are moistened with water and pressed tightly against the bust. The effect of reliable gluing is created and optimum support of a breast is provided. This is necessary when using dresses with an open back and a bare neckline, so such products are widely used in the preparation of erotic bows and evening looks.

The invisible bra resembles a kind of silicone pads that act as a breast fixator and are well attached when properly applied to the body. It is not necessary to correct and change the position of the sample frequently, as the self-adhesive layer may lose its ability to stick.

Place the cups in front of the mirror, lace up if necessary, and hold in this position for a few seconds. Soft adherence and a perfect fit will be ensured, and all evening you will feel reliable bust support.

Benefits of being invisible

Demand dictates supply, and consumer demands push manufacturers to create something new and more perfect. It is not always possible to use traditional bras and it is often necessary to include weightless and invisible underwear in the bow.

It is for this reason that samples were created that can maintain forms, while remaining unnoticed. Advances in organic chemistry and textile production became the impetus for the invention of a thin, weightless bra, almost imperceptible on the body. The innovative model has become the standard of perfection and allowed to bring new design ideas to life.

Now, not a single fashion show, not a single show or party is complete without such a necessary and functional product.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the invisible bra. Soft silicone sample of small size plays an essential role in shaping the female image and modeling the silhouette. A comfortable product allows women to feel relaxed and at ease, to be confident in their own beauty and irresistibility. There is an opportunity to wear open dresses with bare shoulders and back, to demonstrate ideal shapes and a luxurious neckline.


  • Smoothes the relief of the chest.
  • Adds aesthetics to the look.
  • Fits the silhouette perfectly.
  • Good bust support.
  • Allows you to wear revealing outfits.
  • Favorable to the body and comfortable to wear.

The environmental safety of the components — helium filler, silicone, adhesive coating makes it possible to preserve women’s health and ensure comfort during operation. Functional and ergonomic underwear not only gives aesthetics and beauty to the appearance, but also provides comfort and convenience to wear.

The fashionable novelty has become widespread all over the world and is popular among young people and women of all ages. In the circles of fashionable bohemia, the “invisible” model is popular, as it provides great opportunities for self-expression, demonstrating one’s own individuality and extraordinary external data.

Girls of different professions use translucent samples without straps and fasteners, invisible on the body and effectively transforming the image.

Models are used with and without lacing, with a thin organza chest girdle or without fasteners. Each model is exclusive and authentic, has special properties and performs certain functions.

Who suits

It is believed that the «invisible» model is more acceptable for medium toned breasts, although many women with curvaceous forms are happy to wear an innovative model. With the right choice of size and shape, the sample perfectly adheres to the body, smoothly fits the bust and adds naturalness and seductive appearance.

A small product can work wonders — bring a special zest, mystery and romance to the image, add charm to the appearance and emphasize the beauty of the female body and natural charm. Girls with a luxurious bust become even more desirable and attractive, and the owners of a small bust look more feminine and sexy thanks to models with a push-up effect.

For small breasts

How to choose an invisible bra for small breasts? Ideal are models with a helium seal, which take the shape of the body and at the same time effectively model the silhouette, visually adding volume and splendor to the bust.

Women with small breasts should not wear lace-up designs as the cups may slip off, causing inconvenience and discomfort. The best option would be a silicone model with a push-up effect, which performs the function of modeling and body shaping.

For big breasts

Fat women can wear invisible silicone models, provided they are supported by a chest belt made of transparent materials. Silicone straps are provided for these samples, strong enough to support the chest and reduce stress on the back, shoulders and spine. These are ergonomic and comfortable products with great capabilities and high aesthetic performance, giving grace and stateliness to the female appearance.

Today there are many models for a large bust, providing a secure fixation of the chest and an optimal fit on the body. These can be products with or without lacing, with wide or narrow silicone straps, without a strip, or with a chest band made of thin transparent guipure or silicone.

Criterias of choice

When choosing an invisible bra, it is important to take into account the structure and shape of the breast, then you will look perfect, aesthetically pleasing and very beautiful. The market offers products of different formats and sizes, so you can choose the ideal model with high technical and aesthetic performance.

When going to a secular party, pay attention to the cast copy without a jumper and fasteners. The best choice for a perfect neckline is a sample with cups without straps, matching in color with the main outfit. It can be a light or dark solid color product with a glossy or matte finish.

When choosing a model for a medium toned chest, you can opt for a product with lacing, which acts as a retainer and volume regulator.

Optimization of the parameters gives the effect of firmness and firmness of the bust, increases the ability to keep the shape and makes the female image spectacular. Soft invisible laces become an integral part of the product, increase the ergonomics and functionality of underwear.

Advice from doctors and stylists

When creating fashionable bows, consider every nuance and detail, then you will look attractive and stylish, conquering the beauty and originality of those around you. An important role in shaping the style and image is played by underwear, which can transform women and focus on the best aspects of appearance.

Stylists advise to wear flesh-colored invisible bras under revealing outfits, which will not give themselves away and perform the main functions. An excellent choice would be a beige, milky, vanilla or cream sample. Light products are suitable for clothes of any shade, and dark ones are best combined with bright and expressive things.

When using non-traditional underwear, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Doctors do not recommend wearing invisible bras based on silicone and helium during the warm season, as this can lead to irritation and loss of stickiness of the product.

Sliding off the chest will bring inconvenience and cause discomfort. Short-term use of transparent underwear is quite suitable and will not lead to emergency situations.

Care rules

How to care for a bra made of soft and elastic silicone? Today, high-quality cleaning is possible without much difficulty using special detergents.

Care must be taken with a delicate product, so it is recommended to wash the linen by hand in water at room temperature. Dry the products on a soft cloth away from a heat source or heating device and do not iron.


Purchasing good and quality underwear is an important task. You can choose a strong and durable product in pharmacies or stores with a good reputation.

Internet sites advertise Fly bra products with a high rating, which have proven themselves in the market from the best side. The products of the well-known brand are certified and meet all standards and international requirements.

The market offers authentic models of the brand Invisible bra with high quality and technical performance. You can trust a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and extensive experience, as he cares about women’s beauty and health and presents really good products at an affordable price.

Having its own developments and introducing innovations in production, the company produces high-quality goods with an original design and impeccable quality.

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