Jacket-coat (35 photos): knitted, knitted or woolen


A coat jacket is a very stylish piece of clothing that looks very attractive and allows you to create many trendy bows. To achieve good results, it is very important to choose the right model for such a product and strictly adhere to all the recommendations of stylists for creating a composition.

Model Features

In the classic version, the jacket usually has a triangular neckline and buttons. Recently, this thing has become so popular that many variations have appeared.

One of them is a jacket-coat. This model is longer than the classic jacket. Of course, it cannot be worn in cold weather, but in spring and autumn, such products will be a worthy addition to the bow.

Sweatshirts-coats are especially relevant for those girls who are tired of heavy dense fabrics and strict forms. Such models are soft and cozy, which provides fashionistas with amazing comfort.

Knitted coat has a number of advantages:

  • has a feminine and sophisticated appearance, helps to make the figure of a girl more refined;
  • has a wide range of models, which allows girls to choose the best options depending on personal preferences and features of the figure;
  • characterized by convenience and softness, which allows a woman to feel as comfortable as possible;
  • allows you to emphasize the individuality of its owner.

current models

Today, in designer collections, you can find many options for such products, each of which is characterized by certain features.

No buttons

Such a product looks very unusual. However, the lack of a fastener makes this coat unsuitable for cool weather. Such models can be worn on warm days. Especially stylish look products, complemented by a belt on the hips and waist.


The hood on such a jacket will perfectly protect from the cold and help maintain a beautiful hairstyle. There are many options for coats with a hood. Products decorated with fur look especially relevant.


Lightweight and unlined, perfect for warmer weather. Also in fashion collections you can find openwork jackets-coats that go well with evening dress. This bow is perfect for a date or special occasion.

coarse knit

Such products are very popular. Sweatshirts-coats made in the oversize style or knitted with large braids in the Lalo style are especially relevant.

Actual materials

For the manufacture of such things, designers use a variety of materials, which allows each girl to choose the best option:

  • Tight jersey. This is probably the most common option. Such products do not need special care and serve for a long time. However, it is important to take into account that the dense knitted fabric fits the figure too tightly, which makes it less popular with overweight girls.
  • thick yarn. This is also a very important decision. This jacket is very warm and looks amazing. Products made of thick yarn go well with embossed patterns in the form of diamonds or braids.
  • Wool. This model also perfectly protects from the cold. Woolen jackets-coats are excellent breathable, retain heat and have high strength. However, these products require careful maintenance.
  • Textile. Materials such as cotton, polyamide, silk are very popular. A cotton sweater would also be a great option. This cotton fabric has a fleece on the wrong side. The footer perfectly retains its shape and provokes allergies.
  • Tweed. This solution is ideal for fans of the classics. Such material differs in surprising softness and elasticity.
  • Boucle. This fabric combines natural and synthetic fabrics. This material does not wrinkle and includes many knots. Boucle products are suitable only for slender girls, as they make the figure more voluminous.
  • Cashmere. This is a great solution for those who want to emphasize their status and taste. This material is amazingly durable and soft.

Selection rules

This product can be worn by owners of any body type. Elongated models help hide figure flaws — the stomach and full hips. To make the silhouette even slimmer, you should give preference to a jacket with a V-shaped neckline. A leather belt will help to emphasize the waist.

High fashionistas will suit jacket-coat of any length. Girls of small stature are not recommended to choose products to the floor.

Owners of magnificent forms are contraindicated in products made of thick yarn. In some situations, they make the silhouette more voluminous. Such products are ideal for slender girls who want to hide excess thinness.

Also, full fashionistas should not choose too tight models — for example, from tight knitwear. They will only emphasize all the unnecessary flaws.

fashion images

Jacket-coat goes well with all sorts of dresses. You can choose a sheath dress, an A-line model, a straight or fitted product. The length in this case can be any.

The same applies to skirts. With such a coat, you can wear mini-skirts, straight models, pleated products. An equally successful option would be a laconic pencil skirt and a floor-length model.

As for trousers and jeans, you should give preference to tight-fitting products. No less successful option would be shortened models. Fans of youth style can combine such a jacket with shorts.

A jacket-coat is an unusually stylish and fashionable piece of clothing. To look attractive in it, it is very important to choose the right product and carefully think over all your bows.

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