Peplum trouser suits (35 photos): for full, festive lace


For overweight women, choosing the right clothes sometimes becomes a real challenge. Meanwhile, a lady with a plus size size cannot afford negligence in her image, on the contrary, she must always, in all situations, look perfect. A good solution would be a trouser suit with a peplum.

Benefits of a peplum suit

A thing that sits on the figure, like a glove, not only delivers aesthetic pleasure, it also corrects the figure, corrects proportions, successfully masking flaws and emphasizing the merits. That is why a women’s trouser suit equipped with a peplum has become so popular among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

A peplum is a flared cut of matter, a frill stitched to a jacket or trousers.

This fashionable design solution can solve two problems: emphasize a thin waist and add volume to the hips. Moreover, the lower the peplum is sewn, the better it hides those extra pounds.

In combination with additional design tricks — an asymmetrical cut of the jacket, original buttons, stylish trimming of the seams — the effect is amazing.

The idea of ​​sewing a piece of cloth to men’s raincoats belongs to the Spaniards, or rather the Spanish Basques. This was the name of this element of clothing. Subsequently, the peplum, which migrated to the women’s wardrobe, began to decorate the luxurious dresses of ladies from the upper class.

In the 20th century, couturiers, in particular, Cristobal Balenciaga and Dior, began to use peplum to design women’s clothing.

Today, eminent designers are happy to use this element, breathing new life into it and adapting it to modern trends, experimenting with cuts, colors and textures.

That is why peplum suits of various sizes and shapes (cut-off, one-piece, two-tier, imitation in the form of frills, pleats, etc.) are quite common in seasonal collections.

A set in the Spanish style is able to transform any girl, making her look elegant and sophisticated. As a rule, the peplum is sewn at the level of the hips, which makes the figure look like an hourglass.

Choose a suit with a peplum according to the figure

So, we found out that the peplum can visually balance the proportions of the figure, and its advantage is that it suits any type of figure, regardless of the age and social status of the woman. However, there are a few subtleties, knowing about which, you can avoid stylistic mistakes.

A girl with a figure that visually resembles inverted triangle (broad shoulders and narrow hips), the lucky one is the peplum, located at any height. She will give the figure a seductive roundness and make it perfectly proportioned.

If your shoulders are too massive, discard the shoulder pads. If the shoulder line is too wide, jackets with puffed sleeves and raglan will suit you. Pants in the set should be slightly flared or straight.

But the owner of the apple figure (vague or absent waist, wide hips, massive shoulders) it is desirable to give preference to models in which a not too voluminous peplum ends below or slightly above the widest point. Ideally, if the trousers are slightly flared. A good option is a skirt-pants.

Ladies with a pear-shaped figure you need to choose such a style so that the drapery rises as high as possible to the chest. The dignity of the figure is a beautiful chest, it is on it that you need to focus. From lush hips that do not need visual expansion, on the contrary, attention needs to be diverted.

H-shaped girls (rectangle) it is better to dwell on a model with a voluminous peplum, which expands significantly towards the hips. Thanks to this technique, the waist will look more elegant.

When choosing a peplum suit, you need to take into account that this detail of the cut is the main one in the ensemble and does not tolerate competition.

So that the image does not turn out to be tasteless, the rest of the things should be chosen as simple as possible in terms of cut. The same applies to shoes, accessories and hair.

Do not forget that when choosing a suit, you need to focus not only on the type of figure, but also on the features of your style. Think about the purpose of the suit, where you plan to wear it.

  • If it’s a business suitethen it should be as concise as possible in cut and restrained in color.
  • If the suit is intended to go outyou can consider elegant, creative models.

Also, do not forget that the peplum should not be too long, otherwise it will look like a skirt worn over trousers and spoil the overall impression.

Fashion trends

Peplum is far from the only, but a very popular cut element among modern designers. It can be made from the same material as the entire suit, in evening versions — from a different fabric, for example, a satin set with a lace peplum looks luxurious and festive.

Wool, tweed are used for sewing business suits, smart ones are made of silk, satin, velvet, lace.

If we talk about the fashionable colors of costumes, then the most trendy colors are achromatic black, gray, white. They are suitable for both business and evening wear.

In addition, blue is in demand, which designers call the “new black”, beige, emerald, burgundy and, of course, red — a favorite of recent seasons. The spring-summer collections are dominated by pastel shades — pink, cream, light green, blue.

The trend is not only achromatic, but also a variety of prints that add chic and charisma to the outfit. The most popular ornaments include floral, abstract, geometric, and peas.

However, you need to take into account that the larger the print, the more fat it is. For this reason, it is better for a woman with luxurious forms to focus on small prints.

We select a shirt, shoes, accessories

A peplum jacket, as a rule, is worn buttoned up, so there is no need to match blouses, shirts and turtlenecks to it. However, if you do not go to wear a jacket on a naked body or the neckline of the jacket is too deep, you can use a translucent top. An open jacket is considered bad manners.

As mentioned above, the peplum is a key element of the bow, and it is on it that attention should be focused.

In order for the image to be perfect, you need to responsibly choose shoes and accessories.

Shoes are preferable to closed stilettos, classic laconic design, not burdened with decorative elements. The exception is a thin ankle strap.

In summer, high-heeled closed-toe sandals are allowed. Flat shoes will greatly forgive the image.

The bag is selected based on the overall style. At the same time, it should be taken into account that overweight women should avoid too large and voluminous bags.

The ideal option is a briefcase made of expensive leather (for an image in a business style), a clutch of an original shape or a small handbag (for going out).

As for decorations, they are allowed, but it is better to observe the principle of moderation. Necklace, bracelets will be redundant in this case. It is advisable to do with gold or silver earrings without stones, a thin chain and a pair of rings.

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