Pink Pleated Skirt — Perfect for Spring/Summer


Many consider pink to be a doll or childish color, although stylists are sure that the right shade will be able to transform the wardrobe and refresh the image. A pink pleated skirt is perfect for spring and summer. Depending on the cut and length of the product, both young women of fashion and mature women can wear this option. Recently, not pure pink shades are in fashion, but smoky colors that look great on women with any figure.

Who will suit a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts in thin fabric wrap the figure and create an attractive silhouette. Cropped models in pink and beige tones will help out girls with a good figure. If you have massive hips, you should pay attention to a maxi skirt made of pale pink or gray-pink chiffon.

Bright pink is undesirable in the wardrobe of mature women, although muted shades of pink can replenish the wardrobe of a lady over 40.

Girls with an inverted triangle figure will be helped out by a pink pleated skirt with a yoke. This model improves proportions and balances broad shoulders.

In the presence of low growth, lush pleated models to the floor are contraindicated. In this case, French-length skirts and even shortened models of a not too lush cut will help out. A long skirt can appear in the wardrobe of a short girl, but only if her figure is slender. In addition, these models should always be worn with shoes with heels.

Pink is an attention-grabbing color, so skirts in various shades of pink will always be the centerpiece of the look. If you do not want to draw attention to the hips and buttocks, it is better to choose a model in a dark pink hue or completely abandon this color.

Combination options

Pink skirts are in harmony with clothes in white, gray, silver and beige tones. Puffy pleated skirts should be worn with a fitted top. If the body is thin, then blouses with frills, puffy collars or high shoulders will help out. In this case, the waist line should be emphasized with a wide belt. Yoke skirts look good, although girls with a columnar figure are better off choosing a pleated skirt with an elastic band, which will divert attention from a wide waist and visually improve proportions.

A pink pleated skirt is in perfect harmony with such things as:

  • natural blue denim shirt;
  • white or milky fitted blouse;
  • gray longsleeve or crop top with contrasting lettering;
  • a black lace top with thin straps or a strapless lace corset.

A pink skirt is combined with other clothes in pink, provided that both models are in the same tone, but differ in saturation. For example, a light pink skirt will complement a dark top or blouse and vice versa.

Girls with a good figure fit skirts of any length in combination with knitted sweaters and T-shirts with a horizontal pattern. Blousons of a straight or loose cut look good, which are worn tucked in or complemented with a wide belt.

What to wear with a mid-length skirt? In this case, classic blouses, fitted shirts, knitted sweaters with a waterfall collar, as well as retro-style blouses will help out. Midi models harmonize well with plain turtlenecks and T-shirts, complemented by cropped blazers.

If you have a lean physique, print skirts or a patterned top will help out. It is not worth wearing several things with a pattern in one image. If the skirt is designed in muted pink tones, then you can wear a blouse or knitted sweater with a large pattern. Such an ensemble will help out girls of high stature and slender physique.

Choice of shoes and accessories

Shoes in beige, milky, gray and silver tones are suitable for a pink skirt. Classic black pumps are a good solution for everyday wardrobe. If the skirt is designed in muted pink tones, then bright boats, for example, a shade of fuchsia, will be able to diversify the ensemble.

Tall girls can wear a pleated skirt with low heels. The length of the model does not really matter. Ballet flats, chelsea boots, paramilitary boots, or punk rock shoes go well with mid-length skirts, maxi dresses, and cropped pleated skirts. Which shoes to choose depends on the preferred style of clothing. Studded boots diversify the ensemble, which features a soft pink skirt, biker jacket and a fitted top. Ballet shoes or moccasins will decorate the everyday look of an urban fashionista.

With regard to the bag, the general rule applies: the more magnificent and longer the skirt, the more elegant and miniature the handbag should be. Girls who prefer comfort in everyday life can choose small rectangular or rounded shoulder bags. For an evening out, a lacquered reticule or clutch on a clasp is suitable. A medium-length skirt will be complemented by a bag of laconic design and small size. A short pleated skirt can be worn with trunks, a bag, bags with a bright print. A pleated skirt in flowing fabric is complemented by bags in reptile skin, soft suede and patent leather.

Pleated skirts go great with hard flatbeds, handleless envelopes, and even backpacks. The latter are appropriate if the image is based on a moderate sporty style or deliberate naivety in the spirit of Lolita.

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