Preparing hair for winter: 10 balms, shampoos and masks for the cold season


We have collected hair cosmetics from different price segments, which are created specifically for winter hair needs.

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Winter frosts are about to descend on most of Russia. So, it’s time to pay special attention to the hair! At sub-zero temperatures, their quality suffers greatly — so much so that sometimes by the spring one cannot do without shortening the length.

If during the cold season you are faced with dryness, brittleness, tangles and even the appearance of tangles, be sure to update your beauty stocks with nourishing products with intense formulations. Look for effective products in our new selection.

Nourishing mask Mythic Oil, L’Oreal Professionnel — for thick and unruly hair

Nourishing mask L’Oreal Professionnel, 1809 rubles.
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This mask was inspired by traditional Indian beauty rituals with an abundance of precious oils, so its rich composition will definitely surprise you! The tool instantly disciplines the hair, facilitates combing and intensively moisturizes — so that the curls shine with a healthy shine.

Revitalizing Nutri Protein Mask, Vichy Dercos — for split ends

Revitalizing mask Vichy Dercos, 1790 rubles.
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The composition of the Vichy Dercos mask is enriched with vegetable proteins that help restore the damaged hair cuticle and, as it were, “seal” split ends. In addition, thanks to the caring formula with oils, the curls become silky — easier to comb and seem incredibly soft.

Keratin mask, Kensuko — for weakened hair

This mask is a real SOS remedy for weak, porous hair prone to excessive damage. The formula based on a keratin complex with amino acids fills the empty areas of the cuticle, increases elasticity and adds volume and thickness to the hairstyle. It does not contain any silicones or parabens!

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Mask Deep Treatment Smoothproof, Biolage — for naughty hair

Biolage natural mask-concentrate has a cumulative effect — but at the same time instantly smoothes the hair, nourishes it and facilitates combing. The formula is enriched with ecological camellia and buriti oils, ideal for the care of unruly and frizzy hair. Particularly pleased with the road format of the mask. It does not take up much space in the bathroom, but it is very economically consumed.

Leave-in mask for molecular hair restoration K18 — a beauty legend

This tool appeared on the beauty market not so long ago — but instantly won the hearts of bloggers and professional stylists. Behind a small jar of K18 lies serious potential — with a unique peptide technology that improves hair in any situation: dry, brittle, after bleaching or constant heat styling. And most importantly, you will notice the visible result immediately — within four minutes after applying the indelible mask.

Balm Elixir, Prosto Cosmetics — for very dry and coarse hair

Balm-mask for hard hair Prosto Cosmetics, 1290 rubles.
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Elixir Intensive Balm is so rich in composition that it can be used instead of a mask. Hair will become soft, obedient, nourished, without the risk of excess weight. Coconut oil is responsible for nutrition in the product, and silk proteins and keratin are responsible for improving the structure. The balm is also enriched with the innovative Greasy Hair complex, which prolongs the feeling of freshness.

Moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo Green Queen, Epsom Pro — for all hair types

Epsom Pro sulfate-free shampoo with salt, 550 rubles.
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Epsom Pro universal shampoo is just a godsend for the winter period. It does not contain silicones, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and other harmful components that destroy the skin’s barrier layer. Instead, it is based on a natural mild surfactant extracted from coconut oil. Also, the shampoo is enriched with tonic Epsom salts (here we talked in detail about its beneficial properties), healing allantoin, as well as extracts of tea, rosemary and cucumber.

Shampoo-cream Anna Sharova — against dandruff

Shampoo-cream with selenium disulfide Anna Sharova, 800 rubles.
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The main secret of the new shampoo from the dermatological brand Anna Sharova lies in selenium disulfide in its composition. This component is the most functional, but rarely found in cosmetics. It effectively fights the primary source of dandruff (Malassesia fungus), but at the same time gently cares for the hair, reducing the need to wash it. And this is an important advantage in the harsh winter period!

Balm conditioner with burdock oil «Cynovit» — additional protection

Balm conditioner “Cynovit”, 227 rubles.
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Balm conditioner «Cynovit» is just a godsend for owners of hair prone to dandruff. It combines the action of antimicrobial and antifungal substances (zinc pyrithione and climbazole) with hair care components: burdock oil, D-panthenol and lactic acid. Thanks to this, the tool also facilitates combing — and prevents unpleasant static electricity.

Strengthening conditioner Diamond Strengh, Tresemme — for brittle hair

Tresemme Firming Conditioner, 349 RUB.
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The Diamond Strengh line from affordable hair brand Tresemme is a great way to take care of brittle hair, strengthening it from root to tip. The unique Diamond Strength system with 18-MEA cosmetic active revitalizes the hair fiber along the entire length, fighting the causes of breakage and loss.


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