Sports sweatshirts (50 photos): cropped, with a hood or tight


Sweatshirts are considered to be the most sought-after items in a women’s wardrobe. Products designed for training and sports have excellent air exchange and moisture permeability, environmental safety and hygiene. A distinctive feature of the samples is the optimal composition of the fabric, which provides a favorable temperature regime and comfort for the body.

In practical and functional products, sweating, discomfort, irritation never occur, there is complete freedom and looseness. They are used not only for sports events, but also for everyday wear, walking, outdoor activities and travel.


A practical women’s sports jacket has increased elasticity, strength, resistance to deformation, and even after numerous washes it remains in excellent condition, does not fade or lose its shape. Due to the optimal ratio of natural and synthetic fibers, the products are pleasant to the touch, practical to wear and very comfortable.

In sportswear, you can perform exercises and stretches of any complexity. In training, no load is terrible, since sweatshirts keep the shape well and reduce pressure on the muscles.

  • For the cold season The ideal choice would be a warm sports jacket. In a thick woolen or fleece product, you can ski or sled, figure skate, snowboard. Warm clothes will reliably protect from the cold and help in any unforeseen situation.
  • In the off season for a run, knitwear with a zipper will come in handy, moderately fitting the silhouette and giving looseness and self-confidence.
  • Summer use lightweight nylon products with short sleeves that protect against overheating and are perfectly combined with any clothing.
  • spring a viscose or bamboo model resembling a sweatshirt is relevant, and in the fall a fleece-insulated jacket with a large hood is used.


Active young people choose practical and functional things that are comfortable, warm and cozy in any conditions. For long hikes, a long sports jacket will be an excellent choice, which will cover the most sensitive parts of the body and provide optimal temperature conditions. Widely used are products with a lock on the collar, made of cotton or supplex with the addition of polyester and acrylic.

Half-woolen models with fur will be useful for walks in the snowy forest or winter fishing. Practical products with roomy pockets, leather inserts on the shoulders, patches on the sleeves or tight cuffs are always appreciated.


The most popular in the youth environment are sports style sweatshirts. Beautiful and comfortable things add freshness to the image and emphasize the youthful appearance.

Widely used cropped sports jacket, demonstrating the harmony of the hips and the beauty of the female body. In such things, the figure visually becomes more elegant and toned, and the female image is noticeably transformed.

Doesn’t go out of fashion hooded knit sweaterperforming protective and decorative functions. You can wear such a thing on a long trip, for a walk and be confident in your abilities, since the hood will cover your head from precipitation and help prevent hypothermia.

Criterias of choice

If you lead an active lifestyle, then you can not do without sportswear with high strength, elasticity and functionality. A stretch model with long sleeves is always useful, moderately fitting the silhouette and providing freedom of movement.

  • Professionals choose corrective things that keep muscles in good shape and reduce the load on the body.
  • Fans of yoga, Pilates, aerobics prefer innovative nylon samples that fit perfectly on the figure and effectively model the silhouette.
  • For dancing, a sleeveless viscose sweater, decorated with sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, satin and lace appliqués, is useful.
  • In the fitness center, you can wear a thin knit model with a round neck

If you are going on a trip, take a warm jacket without a zipper, which will be comfortable to sleep in a tent and spend a lot of time outdoors. Loose models with a hood insulated with terry or fleece will be needed by lovers of fishing and mushroom “hunting”.

For those who prefer active rest in the mountains, products with a hood, leather sleeves and bologna inserts on the shoulders will come in handy. For orienteering, the best choice would be a jacket with large pockets in which you can store keys, a navigator or a compass.

Fashionable youth for everyday wear chooses practical patterns with a button-down or zipper collar.


Modern sportswear is made from durable and mechanically resistant materials with high aesthetic values. Knitwear, wool, supplex, cotton with the addition of acrylic and polyester are widely used. They knit cashmere and mohair, creating original and sophisticated high-class designs.

Among young people, nylon sweaters are popular, fitting the silhouette and showing the best sides of appearance. A viscose, velor model with leather details on the pockets or suede inserts on the sleeves is always in fashion. Older women prefer solid knitwear with increased elasticity or knitted sweaters that provide maximum comfort to wear.


How to choose clothes so that they match the features of the appearance and the purpose of the bow? You should take into account your own desires and mood, taste and fashion claims.

For everyday life, concise and functional things in muted shades are perfect. It can be a black, gray, blue, brown, purple jacket without decorative frills. For friendly meetings, you can wear bright lemon, turquoise, light green products, decorated with colored nylon inserts.

For a morning run, a red, blue sweater or a two-tone American model is useful. It is better to wear a non-markable green or olive thing for competitions, and for a fitness club you will need a bright model with stripes, stripes or inscriptions.

For walks, the best choice would be a white jacket with a black zip, and for a romantic date, you can wear a bomber jacket in pink, lemon or blue. Each thing is authentic, has its own characteristics and advantages, so it is important to make the right choice in favor of the product that will perfectly decorate the image and transform the silhouette.

Examples of fashionable images

How and with what to wear fashionable things depends on your taste, fashionable claims and the purpose of the bow.

Sports bows

What to combine with a sports style jacket to look inimitable, elegant and harmonious? It is appropriate to use elastic pants, stretch leggings, compact leggings, practical bike tracks.

  • When going to a workout, you can wear a thin sweater without a hood in combination with jeggings at the waist.
  • For a walk, banana or chinos combined with an attractive American zip-up jacket in two colors (blue and yellow, green and red) will come in handy.
  • A fleece model complete with jeans or slices will provide convenience on a hike or a walk, and a knitted warm sweater with a lined hood should be taken for training camps.
  • For gym classes, a tight-fitting nylon jacket and tight-fitting sweatpants with an elastic band are suitable.

Youth images

For everyday life, laconic things of muted shades, made in a classic style, are suitable. Products with increased comfort are widely used: sweatshirts with a hood + jeans or knitted models with a collar + fleece pants.

For study, they put on beautiful products with a zipper with colored cuffs, complementing them with straight-cut trousers. For entertaining events, fitted models with batwing sleeves, combined with leather leggings or stretch leggings with holes at the hips, will come in handy.


As for the harmonious combination of colors, it all depends on your imagination. You can safely combine black trousers with a yellow or red jacket. Combinations of a blue top and a blue bottom, a white sweater and a black skirt, pink knitwear and lilac trousers are acceptable.

The combination looks interesting: a discreet pencil skirt + a bright knitted product of a sporty style. You can combine plain trousers and a catchy jacket with inscriptions, emblems or logos, drawing attention to your own eccentricity.

Paint splatter jeans and a two-tone American model make a harmonious tandem, giving a zest to style and a special charm to a woman’s look.

fashion brands

There is a large selection of products from well-known companies on the market. You can buy Adidas and Reebok branded goods, the priority of which is to take care of the health, beauty and youth of women. Fashion collections include ergonomic, functional and hygienic products that meet European requirements and international standards.

Practical and sophisticated Nike sweatshirts effectively transform the female image, give aesthetic appearance and noticeably correct the silhouette. Functional and comfortable samples allow you to reduce the load on the body and improve the functioning of the heart and musculoskeletal system.

Good Bosco products are sold in specialized stores, which guarantee the authenticity and impeccable quality of products. You can buy long or short models, with or without sleeves, with pockets or a hood, patches or leather inserts.

Aesthetic jacket Lacoste is in particular demand because it allows you to create elite and very attractive images. A wide range of products is presented for every taste and color, so every woman can choose the ideal option for herself that meets consumer needs and fashionable claims.


When choosing accessories for sports ensembles, one should take into account not only taste preferences, but also seasonality, appearance features and the purpose of the bow. Umbrellas, bags, hats, baseball caps and sunglasses will come in handy for walks and hikes in nature.

A bracelet or headband will become an accent of street style, and youth bows will help create leggings, gloves or youth caps. Watches, gadgets, leather shoulder bags will come in handy for everyday life, and pedometers and watches with the function of monitoring the physical condition of the body will be useful for training.

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