Styles of home dresses (14 photos): sundress, shirt, bathrobe, tunic, kimano, t-shirt


Every girl wants to look beautiful in any setting. That is why fashion designers offer modern fashionistas many beautiful styles of home clothes. This allows you to choose models depending on your preferences and ideas about comfort.

Model Features

The main advantage of such a dress is the ability to feel confident and comfortable. Such clothes are characterized by a free cut and lack of decor. Sometimes things are decorated with an unusual pattern or applications. However, the abundance of details in this case is not used.

The colors are always quite vibrant. In this case, shades are most often used, on which small pollution is not visible. Looks good variegated colors, which has many small inclusions.

Usually lightweight fabrics are used. Most often, designers use natural materials. Thanks to this, you can feel comfortable even with active movements. This fabric is pleasant to the body and does not provoke irritation on the skin.

Home dresses help to give the figure femininity and sophistication. Thanks to such clothes, you can emphasize your individuality.

Actual styles

There are many styles of such dresses, each of which is characterized by such features:

  • Sundress. This cut is perfect for hot weather. Sundresses are versatile. They can be worn at home or worn to go shopping or to the beach.
  • Shirt. This is a comfortable model that is considered functional. It has a full button fastening. The outfit can be straight, loose or fitted. It is made from different materials — silk, baize, cotton.
  • To the floor. Girls rarely choose maxi dresses for home. Such clothes are considered not very practical, because they do not allow you to actively engage in household chores. Elongated styles are more in demand in the cold season, as they provide amazing comfort. This dress looks elegant and sophisticated.
  • Robe. Today, such styles look very modern. They allow you to create feminine and even elegant images. They are completed with a belt at the waist. Such clothes have a length not lower than the calf.
  • Tunic. Such clothes are considered surprisingly versatile. In warm weather, this style provides complete freedom of movement. In winter, a stylish tunic can be worn with knitted leggings. Cropped dresses often have a straight or trapezoid silhouette.
  • Kimono. A characteristic feature of the outfit is considered to be a free cut. Often it is made asymmetrical. Kimonos are comfortable. They look very nice. Home dresses are often complemented with a beautiful print. They are sewn from shiny materials — silk or satin.
  • With a zipper. This is one of the most comfortable solutions. Designers offer seductive outfits made of chiffon, silk or lace. They are often complemented with a thin or hidden zipper. Often such a clasp is combined with a belt, which makes the figure more feminine.
  • T-shirt. The long t-shirt makes you feel comfortable. Free straight models are well suited for the home. The A-silhouette also looks great. It is important that the item is made from natural fabrics. Fashion designers offer summer products with short sleeves and insulated closed outfits. Such clothes can have a flat or asymmetrical cut. It is made plain or decorated with a bright print.

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