Styles of prom dresses (52 photos): models for short or overweight girls, unusual dresses, accessories


Dresses for prom are chosen no less carefully than for weddings. Every girl wants to look so that she will be remembered. A variety of styles of prom dresses will allow you to find the best solution for any type of figure. Learn how to choose the right outfit and not make a mistake with the palette.

The color of the dress according to the color type of appearance

The color of the outfit is determined by the tone of the skin, hair and eyes. Girls with fair skin and sky-colored eyes go for blue dresses, and owners of peach skin will suit salmon color dresses.

It is best to choose the color of the dress according to the color type of appearance:

  • spring — ivory, pear, chrysolite, sea wave, coral, golden and beige;
  • summer — lilac, blue, turquoise, cold pink, metallic yellow;
  • autumn — chocolate, nut, red, brick, marsh;
  • winter — emerald, sapphire, wine, fuchsia.

Choose the length

In order for the dress to sit flawlessly, you need to understand what length is suitable for your existing physique.

  • Tall girls should not choose a mini, and floor-length models can make the figure bulky.
  • For curvaceous girls, maxi in combination with a flared cut will not work, but floor-length dresses made of flowing fabric will come in handy.

When choosing the length, do not forget about the shape of the legs. If they are not slim, it is better to choose a long dress with a slit or a maxi model with a moderately flared skirt.

Material and textures

Noble fabrics are used for evening dresses: silk, velvet, satin. For young fashionistas, designers have prepared playful lace outfits and dresses made of metallic fabric. Even dresses of a simple style made of openwork or printed fabric will sparkle with special colors.

Tulle, taffeta, chiffon, fabrics based on rayon are used for sewing prom dresses.

Styles of prom dresses by body type

For an outfit to sit flawlessly, it must match the type of figure. The owners of the hourglass silhouette are more fortunate than others — dresses of various cuts suit them. In all other cases, you should choose your outfit carefully.

Let’s name the most successful styles of prom dresses according to the type of figure:

  • apple — owners of lush breasts can try on a “princess” dress, subject to medium height, a tutu skirt made of feathers or hard tulle will help to increase the volume in the lower part;
  • pear — a soft A-silhouette will hide voluminous hips, frills, ruffles and drapery along the chest line are also welcome in the outfit;
  • rectangle — a basque is able to visually improve the proportions, you can hide a wide waist by means of an empire cut;
  • inverted triangle — the best solution would be a mermaid cut model that perfectly balances wide shoulders.

Styles for full

Girls with curvaceous forms have to make an effort to appear visually slimmer. Styles for the full include high-rise outfits with vertical patterns or pleats. Greek-style models are considered a win-win option. A-silhouette or peplum will be able to highlight the waistline. It is possible to hide excessive fullness with the help of spare parts, maxi length, flowing and flowing fabrics. To lengthen the silhouette and visually narrow the figure help:

  • deep triangular neckline;
  • high side slit on the skirt;
  • vertical pleat from chest to floor.

Models for short girls

If a girl does not differ in model height, she will have to take care of how to visually lengthen the silhouette. Dresses with a V or U-shaped neckline, a fitted silhouette, narrow sleeves or without them at all are recognized as successful models for girls of short stature.

Large prints, puffy skirts combined with maxi lengths and midi dresses should be avoided. Volumetric decorative details are also undesirable, because they not only “eat up” growth, but also make the figure bulky.

In the wardrobe of fashionistas of short stature, there should not be dresses with horizontal patterns, tiered skirts and wide sleeves. However, a batwing knit dress with a wide armhole and narrow cuff will help smooth out the angularity of the figure.

Styles for girls with big breasts

Owners of an appetizing bust have no less problems with choosing an outfit than their friends with modest parameters. You don’t need to hide beautiful breasts, but you should “present” it correctly.

The best styles for girls with large breasts are:

  • fitted models with a wide shoulder strap over one shoulder;
  • zapashny products with a triangular neck;
  • floor-length empire cut dresses;
  • dresses with a deep V-neck in combination with a loose skirt;
  • models cut a trapezoid to the knee.

Chiffon outfits with a lowered shoulder and a wide armhole will be able to smooth out a disproportionate figure. It is worth emphasizing the waistline with a belt in the color of the dress. Corset outfits that look unusually feminine are capable of supporting magnificent breasts.

Top 10 Fashion Styles for Prom

The list of stylish dresses for graduates includes plain dresses made of glossy fabrics, chiffon products with small floral patterns, fitted lace models. Velvet sheath dresses look noble, but somewhat pretentious.

Models with tutu skirts or mini cocktail dresses with a fringed or feather skirt seem more playful. Let’s name the top 10 fashionable styles for graduation, where every fashionista will be able to choose an outfit for herself to her liking.

To the floor

Maxi models are always associated with the holiday. If in everyday life not every woman of fashion can afford a floor-length dress, such a model is indispensable for a solemn event. Long flowing dresses perfectly stretch the silhouette, hide figure flaws, look presentable and spectacular.

Details in the form of a high side slit or open shoulders will make the look even more stylish and piquant. The stand-up collar and open back are a hit in evening fashion, which has a fantastic modeling property.


If a graduate wants to show others her slender legs, then a short dress will come to the rescue. For girls, designers have prepared fitted models with dropped shoulders and a boat neck. Variations with a waterfall neckline look good, which make the silhouette more feminine.

The list of fashionable short dresses includes outfits with a fluffy skirt like a tutu. Shortened trapezes seem more modest due to the correct lines and a fairly dense fabric that keeps its shape. Knitted models with a fitted bottom and a batwing sleeve look extraordinarily seductive. Knitwear with lurex will make the outfit of the graduate elegant and festive.

With a corset

The corset is chosen by those women of fashion who are ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty. Previously, corset dresses were extremely popular, now only the most daring wear them. Usually models with a corset are complemented by a crinoline skirt.

The image of a princess is considered classic, but not very practical. For this reason, women of fashion purchase two dresses for graduation at once: one with a corset, the other more comfortable. In the first, they hold the official part and appear at the photo shoot. In the second, they go to meet the dawn and light it up on the dance floor.


For those girls who love extraordinary outfits, models with asymmetry will appeal to you. Disproportions can be catchy and insignificant. Dresses over one shoulder or with an uneven skirt gained popularity.

More bold can be called products with contrasting prints. This technique looks very bold and helps to divert attention from the errors of the figure.

An asymmetrical one-sleeve dress is a way to look stylish and unusual without going beyond the bounds of decency. In this case, the dress is made of dense fabric, and the sleeve is made of translucent chiffon, lace or orangza of the same color.


Excessively puffy dresses are a thing of the past, but models with a tutu skirt are still in trend. Bulky maxi dresses are not very practical, but cropped cocktail dresses rule the roost. They are comfortable to dance in, they bare the legs and make the image more youthful and playful.

Dresses with feathers or lace tops are in trend. Retro variations from printed fabrics are gaining popularity: “in peas” or in a cage. A fluffy dress with a highlighted waist line is a great way to emphasize the grace of a female figure and balance proportions.

With open back

Fashionistas of young age do not need to expose their breasts, but you can slightly open your back. Dresses with vertical slits on the back or tear-shaped cutouts look stylish and do not show anything superfluous.

Designers offer models with an open back and a tight-fitting skirt, lace variations reminiscent of wedding models, products made of thin shimmering knitwear that envelops the figure.


For a prom, a lace dress with a rich palette will fit extraordinarily. Girls like models with a narrowed skirt, long openwork sleeves, a dedicated waistline.

No less impressive are knee-length A-line models and in bright colors: lemon, mint, turquoise. Lace is in perfect harmony with glossy fabrics, organza and tulle, smoky chiffon of a similar shade.

Side slit

Long, fitted dresses with a slit at the side are associated with the red carpet. Many graduates like the Hollywood style, because it looks elegant, feminine and outrageous. A floor-length dress without shoulders and sleeves with a high side slit will make the graduate extraordinarily attractive and sophisticated.


If a graduate wants to try on several stylish outfits at once, and there is only one graduation party, transformers will come to the rescue — models that can transform in a matter of seconds. Products with a detachable skirt gained popularity.

At the official part, the graduate appears in a spectacular floor-length dress, and she goes to dance already in a tight-fitting dress above the knee. There are other variations of transformers: with a removable bolero or chiffon cape with sleeves and a long skirt.

Crop top dresses

The term «crop top» refers to things that expose the stomach. For owners of a slim figure, crop top dresses are indispensable. The top and skirt are made from the same fabrics in the same color. There are also contrasting models, but here one should remember about moderation — a naked stomach is already enough to attract the attention of others.

Unusual prom dresses and images

If a girl does not want to look ordinary on her prom night, she will like unusual images. Retro motifs, masquerade costumes or themed outfits will be remembered by others. But the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the prom outfit will turn into a clown costume.

  • Bold can be called dresses made of metallic fabric or futuristic products with a holographic effect.
  • Dance lovers will be delighted with the shortened puffy models made of feathers.
  • Retro fans will love the A-line model with a polka dot pattern. A bright belt and shoes complete the ensemble.

What shoes to choose

For many girls, prom shoes can only be one — high heels. But there are also sandals, mules, clogs, pairs on the platform and wedges. So what shoes to choose to make them look smart and comfortable?

Some graduates go to meet the dawn in high heels, which they later regret. In this case, you should think about a spare pair or choose more stable and comfortable shoes.

Advice! Medium-height pumps, sandals with stable wedges, as well as open shoes with square or flat heels are considered universal.

A retro look will be refreshed with Mary Jane style shoes, nude pairs are recommended for a bright cropped dress, possibly made of patent leather, and for a floor-length dress, you should choose shoes of the same color as the dress.


Bright accessories will be able to complement the bow — a handbag, jewelry, a hair clip. Products do not necessarily match in color, but have a similar design. If pearls or shimmering stones are present in the decor of the handbag, they should be repeated in other accessories, harmonizing the ensemble.

A contrasting satin ribbon belt will decorate a puffy dress, and a metallic strap will be the best companion for a fitted outfit. As a handbag, a clutch on a long chain, an envelope with a slot for a hand or a metallized box are suitable.

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