Sweatshirts Supreme (Supreme) (27 photos): female and male models, what to wear


Recently, on the streets of the city, it is increasingly possible to meet guys and girls in stylish clothes with inscriptions. Special attention is drawn to the Supreme sweatshirts. Young people are happy to use a cool product in youth and street fashion, as it reflects the principles of leadership and freedom, allows you to stand out in the crowd.

Supreme sweatshirts are distinguished by the fact that they are a parody of certain social phenomena, fashion brands and popular Internet culture. Funny and ironic drawings on things are a hidden mockery of public opinion. This style is actually saturated with street subculture and today it has become an important player in the fashion field.

Brand history

Supreme is an original and stylish brand that was born in the spring of 1994. The trademark originated in New York and was dedicated to hip-hop, punk rock and youth culture. The offer of this company is limited, and the demand is high, so Supreme items and accessories are widely used for the second time. Finding the original is not easy.

The founder of the company was the Englishman James Jebbia. The author of the brand was born in America, but until the age of 19 he lived in England. The founder didn’t skate himself, but he always loved the outdoor vibe of boarding. Exclusive street-style clothes appealed not only to fans of street style and hip-hop, but also to other representatives of subcultures, as well as ordinary guys and girls.

The first clothing boutique opened in midtown Manhattan in 1994. After 10 years, the next, larger store appeared in the state of California. A couple of years ago boutiques appeared in Paris, London, Milan and Brooklyn.

At first glance, one may get the impression that the trademark logo is simple and ordinary, and any schoolchild can embody it. The usual inscription and background for representatives of street culture were not invented by chance: the creators of the brand were inspired by the work of a famous artist. Barbara Krueger, who began her career in the sixties, conveying the ideas of pop culture and feminism, just became the inspiration for Supreme.

Supreme clothes have absorbed the love of flight and freedom of the youth of America, and have become the epitome of New York street fashion. Today, the brand logo is so popular that it is also found on gloves, bicycles, and skating boards.


Supreme women’s sweaters, as well as things for the stronger half, are models of various styles, the main highlight of which is the inscription of the same name.

Since the products reflect a hooligan and sporty style, they are most often made in the form of a sweatshirt or sweatshirt.

May have a hood, ties, zipper. The conciseness of the product is compensated by bright colors and a meaningful print.

The Supreme branded sweatshirt comes in a range of colours, cuts and materials. It will suit sports, active and modern guys and girls who are not afraid to go against the crowd and emphasize their style.


White sweater universal, suitable for both young girls and boys. She makes the girl more tender and feminine, gives romanticism and refreshes. White color is appropriate at work (if there is no strict dress code) or for a walk.

It is better for lush girls to choose products from thin material, as well as loose models, since white fills the figure. A white sweatshirt is suitable for a man if he has a toned abs.

Black color is always relevantSuitable for all, without exception, both men and women. A variety of finishes and styles of the jacket allows you to use it in any situation. The big advantage is that it stretches and slims the figure well.

gray products many consider it not too saturated, they believe that they lack gloss. However, the color does not go out of fashion for a long time, and is often used by famous designers to create luxurious and stylish collections. If you like black, take a closer look at gray: it will perfectly replace boring cloudy bows.

Gray looks more gentle and fresh, gives the image lighter and weightless notes. The main thing is to correctly combine it with brighter and more saturated colors, then the image will become more interesting! By the way, Supreme gray and blue men’s sweatshirts are especially versatile, so they are very much in demand.

Nude, pink tones are actively coming into fashion. They give the girls a special freshness and well-groomed. The only exception is that women of mature age should not get carried away with this color. Pink-lilac, powdery, pearl, crimson, pale pink — the palette is so diverse that it will suit even the most demanding fashionista! The burgundy model, which looks very impressive, has been relevant for several seasons in a row. Stylish ladies will also love samples with the Louis Vuitton logo, polka dot models.


  • An opportunity to stand out from the crowd. An interesting thing looks especially, emphasizes your individuality.
  • Choice of stars. Supreme products are preferred by Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jessica Alba. Those who do not want to lag behind trends should choose stylish models, focusing on the preferences of famous personalities.
  • An essential item in any wardrobe. The main advantage of the products is their versatility. They go great with leggings, shorts, jeans and even skirts. Combining a sweater with different clothes, you will always look new.
  • Comfort and coziness. Sweatshirts are made of materials with a high content of cotton. Such products are soft, pleasant to the body and retain heat well.

fashion images

For women

  • Cozy black women’s jacket with a cat + jeans + black men’s boots. It turns out an authentic and quite calm image.
  • Tight-fitting jacket with a small red print + black trousers + sneakers. Complete the look with a sports bag and your everyday look is ready.
  • Stylish look: Women’s Supreme padded sweater with white 7/8 length pants and white moccasins. Great walking option for spring or cool summer!
  • Black leggings + dark ankle boots + long red or pink sweater. An interesting option for walking and meeting with friends.

For men

  • Men’s suit: a gray sweatshirt with gray pants made of the same material looks great with white sneakers and a wristwatch.
  • Supreme sweatshirt with Louis Vuitton print + white T-shirt + black cap + black sweatpants with stripes. A suitable option for a real hip-hoper!
  • A camouflage hoodie with blue jeans and white sneakers looks very sexy and manly.
  • White and black hooded sweater + brown suede trousers + brown suede shoes. A great combination, including on the way out!

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