Sweatshirts Thrasher (Thrasher) (32 photos): brand history, what to wear models with


Modern youth is making adjustments to fashion by including original products of an unusual format in ensembles. Today, the thrasher jacket is in trend, characterized by brevity, simplicity and elegance.

A relatively warm thing is worn even in summer, emphasizing individuality, delicate taste and sense of style. Exquisite sweatshirt serves for a long time and reliably, performing its functions.


In the 80s, unusual sweatshirts were born, intended for fans of skateboarding. The fashion company was founded by three guys — Fausto Vitello, Kevin Thatcher and Eric Swenson, who covered sports news in their magazine.

An interesting history of the creation of the sweater is connected with the children’s passion for skateboarding and the desire to create a new fashion trend and their own clothing line. Elegant and original models attracted the attention of sports youth and over time became an integral part of the wardrobe of girls and boys from all over the world.


An attractive thrasher jacket allows you to create original street styles and youth looks, walking outfits and everyday looks. Kangaroo models with large pockets give eccentricity and expression to the appearance. Fashionable designs with a bright print allow you to stand out and attract the attention of others.

The jacket is worn by sports guys and active girls, lovers of travel and hiking. This is an excellent choice for outdoor activities and entertainment, sports and training, competitions and competitions.

The product has a company logo and may include additional bright patterns on the chest or sleeves.

Each model is unique and inimitable, able to bring a special chic to the image, emphasizing masculinity, naturalness and natural beauty. A stylish men’s sweater has a free format and does not fit the silhouette, while women’s models are slightly fitted and emphasize the beautiful lines of the figure.


  • Existence of wide sleeves and an elastic band.
  • Large front pockets.
  • Deep hood.
  • With drawings or inscriptions.
  • Muted tones or bright prints.
  • Has long laces.

The youth audience is offered a large selection of sweatshirts with a drawstring hood that shelters from rain and protects from cold and wind. Girls prefer bright models with fiery patterns, with inscriptions, and guys wear discreet samples of gray, black with bright symbols. Youth fashion welcomes innovative things that spice up the look and youthful look.

There are many analogues of the famous sweatshirt on the market, but they are all of poor quality. Thanks to the development of online stores, you can always buy the original, which is distinguished by good quality and the highest quality. Today, sweatshirts of a well-known brand serve not only skateboarding enthusiasts, but also fashionistas who want to look fresh, original and irresistible.

Color palette

How to look stylish and attract attention with your own eccentricity? For this, things of a non-trivial cut of bright and saturated colors are used. Youth fashion accepts clothes of expressive shades.

The trend is a pink and red sweater with golden letters or yellow inscriptions. For everyday wear, a gray, black, purple, blue sweatshirt is used. For a walk, you can wear emerald, chocolate or brown products.

Clothing designed for sports is practical and dominated by dark colors, so olive, green, gray, protective patterns or products with a camouflage pattern are in demand.

In the warm season, a white, blue, pink, vanilla, milky, cream jacket is popular. Such samples noticeably refresh the image and give prettiness to the appearance.


Modern branded thrasher sweatshirts are distinguished by functionality, ergonomics and high aesthetics. Due to the special composition of materials, the products pass air well and absorb moisture, are environmentally friendly for health and are favorable for the body.

Beautiful and practical sweaters are sewn from high-quality fabrics of natural and artificial origin. Cotton, knitwear with the addition of polyester, acrylic and lycra are offered to customers.

Practical sweatshirts provide freedom of movement and looseness, maximum comfort and ease of wear.

High wear resistance, strength and ergonomics of the samples are due to the properties and performance of the fabric. These are not only functional and solid things, but also highly aesthetic products of the new generation.

A beautiful female model with a hood attracts young fashionistas with perfect cut and sophistication of design. Men are impressed by laconic sweatshirts without frills, giving completeness to the image and emphasizing youthful style.

fashion images

A light jacket without a hood and jeans with holes on the knees, complemented by bright white sneakers, will allow you to create a stylish youth bow.

  • A great option for the summer is a sweatshirt + breeches or mid-length shorts + slip-ons or sneakers.
  • In the spring, you can wear unisex or skinny pants, and in the fall, insulated sweatpants with stripes will come in handy. Loafers, sneakers, moccasins or closed lace-up shoes are useful as shoe samples.
  • For girls, sweatshirts with a hood + short denim skirts or straight-cut trousers are suitable.

The choice of things and shoes depends on taste and fashion preferences, the desire to stand out and emphasize your own individuality.

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